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Bamboo Sheets – The Ultimate Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide!

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When I say the phrase “bamboo sheets” or “best bamboo sheets” you either have two reactions: you either get excited because you already know a lot about these products, or you will say, “what the heck are bamboo sheets and why would I want those”.

But soon, you’ll be figuring out how and what the best bamboo sheets for you are! If your response was more of the second option then you aren’t alone!  I was once in your shoes and I had no idea what bamboo sheets were.

To give you a short summary of what bamboo sheets actually are:

Bamboo sheets are natural bamboo that has been spun into a thin material that is manufactured into bed sheets and other bedding products.  This material has been proven to be much softer than cotton and silk as well as being more durable than artificially made products.

Bamboo bed sheets are a new craze in the United States but they have been very popular all around the world for many years now! They first originated in Central Asia but soon made their way across to Europe and eventually North America.

These bed sheets are not only softer than any other bed sheet on the market they are also 100% natural without any chemicals that makes them 100% hypoallergenic which provides the sleeper with the most comfortable sleep possible.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets have been proven to be softer than silk or cotton bed sheets!  And I guarantee that these sheets will be the softest and most comfortable sheets you have ever felt!  These sheets are undeniably the softest bed sheets on the market!

These sheets are extremely durable!  Bamboo sheets are not only more comfortable and softer than your typical silk or cotton sheets, they are also more durable and stain resistant!

I have tracked mud, dirt, dog fur, and even spilt red wine on my bamboo bed sheets and I have been able to clean all of it up!  And the best part is the sheets looked brand new after cleaning them!  They are very durable and stain resistant!

Bamboo sheets are 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Antibacterial!  Since these sheets are made out of natural bamboo, they aren’t processed in a dirty chemical factory like most cotton and silk bedding.  These sheets will be perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone with allergies!

Bed furniture with white pillows

These sheets are Eco-friendly!  Most cotton and silk bed sheets are made in gross factories that pollute and destroy the environment.  However, bamboo sheets are made without chemicals and pesticides which makes them a green product.  As well as making them better for the environment as well as better for the consumer!

These bed sheets are so easy to take care of!  When I first bought these high quality bamboo bed sheets I was expecting it to be a nightmare to wash.  But to my amazement, it is actually incredibly easy to wash and take care of!  

These sheets are 100% machine washable!  So you don’t have to take them to any fancy dry cleaners to get your sheets washed!  All you have to do is throw them in the washing machine at home!

Bamboo Sheets: First Encounter

So here is the story about how I first heard about bamboo bed sheets. I wish it was a cooler and more interesting story but here it goes!

I was watching late night television one night because I couldn’t sleep and I was watching one of those corny television shows where celebrities take you on a tour throughout their home.

(Don’t judge me too much!) But I was watching this show and one of the celebrities was talking about their huge extra large king sized mattress and they said “This bed is the most comfortable bed in the world! It even has the highest quality bamboo sheets.” And this was what started my obsession with bamboo bedding and bamboo sheets!

I have since bought, used and reviewed many different kinds of bamboo bed sheets!  And I have absolutely loved this experience! It sounds like these bed sheets are not that important, but I have fallen in love with bamboo bed products!

These bed sheets have instantly given me a more comfortable and deeper sleep every single night!  It is incredibly important to me and has changed my life for the better and my whole point for writing this bamboo sheets buying guide is to help you!

Bedroom with bed sheet on bed and flamingo painting on wall

Softness of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets.  How do I even describe how soft these sheets are?  I’m not sure if its possible to put into words how comfortable and soft these bed sheets are!

I have personally tried out many, many different kinds of bed sheets and I have never come across a set of sheets that come anywhere close to the quality and comfort of bamboo sheets!

These bed sheets come in multiple different styles. Depending on the quality and price of the product, you can purchase rayon bamboo, viscose bamboo, tencel bamboo, or even lyocell bamboo.

These are all different types of bamboo material, and all of them are different in someway but they are all very similar!  And I guarantee you that all of these materials will be softer than any silk or cotton material!

Bamboo bedding has been around for sometime, but has just recently gotten popular in the United States. I have seen these sheets all over the world and they have a mass following around the world. If you got to high quality hotel resort in Europe, the chances are that you will be sleeping on high quality bamboo sheets!

There is a reason that so many high end resorts use these sheets!  Its because they know that their customers will absolutely love how soft they are, and they know that they are durable and will withstand many machine washes and new customers.  

When I say that these sheets are soft is an understatement. I know it is very difficult to trust everything you read on the internet these days. But I truly am adamant about providing the customers with the best information about different products so that they can make the best purchase for them!

I have personally been the customer who knew I need to purchase a product for myself or for a loved one, but I didn’t want to waste my time and money on a product that wasn’t the right fit for me.  

And that is the hard part about it.  Everyone has different tastes and preferences for every product. So it was difficult to trust the 4 star review someone left online.

An open windowed bedroom with bed sheets and pillows

I had always wished that there was a website that would give detailed and length reviews of different products and industries so I could make the decision myself, without someone selling to me the whole time.  And that is what I want to do with this website!

Taking Care of Bamboo Sheets

When I purchased my first ever set of bamboo sheets, one thing I neglected to research was how do you clean a set of bamboo sheets.  It was something I never even thought about..  

I knew everything about these sheets! I knew all about how soft and comfortable they were and what they were made out of but I didn’t know how to clean them.

At first I was petrified because I had just bought a brand new set of high end sheets and then I didn’t know how I was going to maintain the fresh out of package feel of the sheets.  I told myself that I was going to be extra careful and make sure that I don’t ever get the sheets dirty.  It sounded simple enough.

And then disaster struck.  I was writing a blog post while sitting on my bed side desk.  And I thought it was a good idea to drink a nice glass of red wine while I wrote my blog post.  

This seemed like a good idea, until i mistakenly knocked over the glass all over my brand new bed sheets! I started to freak out because I had just spent a good amount of money on these sheets and now there was a huge red stain all over them!

But then I remembered something that I read during my hours of research on these bed sheets. And what I remember is that a website claimed that these sheets were nearly stain proof and also that they were machine washable.

I put these two things to the test not even a week in to owning bamboo sheets! The first thing I did was looked at the owners manual that came with my packaged sheets, and sure enough there were instructions for washing the bamboo material.  And to my surprise, all I had to do was stick it in the washing machine!  

The bamboo fiber that is used to produce these sheets are incredibly non absorbent, which may sound like a bad thing for a comfortable bedding material.  But let me tell you that this is a heaven sent!

A brown colored bed furniture with messy bed sheet

This means that if you spill a liquid on your sheets, the liquid will have a hard time remained stuck into the fibers of the material.  Which will allow it to be washed out of the bamboo fibers and will look as good as new once machine washed!

Many people will find it hard to believe that you can machine wash such a high quality material without it shrinking or losing its softness.  But I know first hand that this material is capable of being washed many time in a washing machine without it being damaged in any way!  This is just one of the many benefits of this incredible product!

Bamboo Sheets: Good For the Environment

Bamboo is a much different material then cotton or silk.  Its kind of an obvious statement but I don’t believe many people truly think about this statement.

First of all, cotton and silk are some of the most popular choices for bedding worldwide.  But not many people understand that both cotton and silk that are manufactured in these factories are actually pretty terrible for the environment.

Cotton and silk themselves are not incredibly harmful to the ecosystem but the way they are chemically created inside these factories makes it much different than natural cotton or silk.

As far as bamboo is concerned, bamboo is one of the most abundant and easily replaceable plants in the world.  Which makes it perfect to use for making products without having to worry about riding the world of a natural resource.

Bamboo stocks grow at exceptional rates.  It has been reported that a single bamboo stock can grow more than two feet in a single day!  While some stocks will grow up to more than thirty feet tall within a two month long growing season!

This material is amazing for creating bed sheets because it is nearly impossible for manufactures to product bamboo materials in correlation with chemicals. The bamboo doesn’t react well with the synthesized chemicals which makes it difficult to produce.  

So it is actually easier for the manufactures to product natural bamboo sheets rather than figuring out a way to make synthetic bamboo sheets.

A brown toned bed furniture with bed sheets and distinct lights

All of that may sound unrelated, but this all means that the majority of bamboo sheets on the market are 100% natural products without any chemicals or plastics which makes it easy to recycle these products without polluting the environment!

For thousands of years bamboo has been on this earth, and it will remain this way without having to worry about destroying the ecosystem!  This is why I absolutely love these bed sheets!

Bamboo Sheets: 100% Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

You have probably learned an incredibly amount about not only bamboo sheets but about bamboo as a plant as well!  Bamboo really is an amazing thing and it has so many different benefits.  This is why I believe people have jumped at the chance of harnessing some of these benefits for bedding and sheets!

Bamboo is an incredibly all natural product that is very difficult to compromise with chemicals and synthetics which means that the majority of the time it is 100% all natural. Which is very rare in this day and age. Most products are becoming more and more synthetic and chemical filled, however bamboo products will remain natural for a long time!

So with this material staying natural during manufacturing and production it means that these bed sheets will remain 100% hypoallergenic and 100% antibacterial!

I have always been someone who has struggled with allergies and sensitive skin.  Which is a terrible combination.  

But what makes it worse is that bed sheets are something that I have always had trouble with because it has to be soft enough to not aggravate my sensitive skin, but it also couldn’t have tons of chemicals or bacteria on it because that would annoy my skin as well!

I thought I was trapped without any solutions and I knew many people were in the same boat as me. But then, one day, I stumbled upon bamboo sheets! And my life was drastically changed for the better!

A white toned bedroom with bright windows and blue marked bed sheets

I had never really been able to lay in a bed without having to worry about my sensitive skin and allergies, but with these sheets I was able to enjoy my sleep. Not to mention I was able to sleep better than I have ever slept before!

These sheets are amazing and are guaranteed to provide anyone with the best sleep of their lives! Even if they have terrible allergies or incredibly sensitive skin!  These are the sheets for you!

Bamboo Sheets: Great for Temperature Control

I don’t know about you.  But I have always had a hard time staying comfortable while I sleep.  Not only was it because my bed sheets weren’t the softest, but it was also because I would wake up in the middle of the night really warm.  

I know a lot of people have this same problem!  The human body has a tough time regulating heat and cooling while the body is resting, especially if there are sheets and a comforter on top of you.  

This is why it is so incredibly important to have high quality sheets that will help regulate you body temperature!  

A bedroom with white bed sheets and pillows
Marriot Hotel

Most cotton and silk sheets won’t be able to regulate the heating and cooling that the body needs because of the chemically adaptive material it is made out of.  This is why all natural bamboo sheets are the best option for allowing your body to have a full range of temperatures while it is in resting mode.

If you are someone who struggles to stay warm while sleeping then these sheets will provide you with a warm and comfortable sleeping temperature.  And if you are someone who struggles to stay cool enough when you are sleeping than I know for a fact that these sheets will provide you will a cool and comfortable sleep!  I have been in that situation myself and these bamboo sheets helped me stay in the optimal cool temperature for me to get a quality nights rest.

The Differences Between the Different Bamboo Materials

There are many different kinds of bamboo materials these days.  And I know I was confused about what the difference between the different materials were when I was going to purchase my first set of bamboo sheets.  So I will try to explain it!

I will be the first person to admit that I don’t know everything and there are lots of things I don’t know and I have never worked in textile manufacturing so I may use some of the incorrect terminology but I will do my best to explain this!

Bamboo is a plant that is found in nature, mostly in central Asia.  That part is pretty easy to comprehend but during the manufacturing process, companies will combine the bamboo with 100% natural rayon or viscose material in order to spin the bamboo into bedding.

The spinning process is what turns the stalks of bamboo into extremely soft material which is used for sheets and bamboo pillows and other bedding.

So when I get asked what the difference between Rayon bamboo and Viscose Bamboo is, its never the quickest answer.  There are a lot of details that go into it but the simplest way to put it is that they are both incredibly similar.  They both are manufactured in the same exact process and don’t differ in many ways.  However, there are a couple differences.

A bedroom with sunlight on bedsheets

Firstly, Rayon comes from the cellulose of plants while Viscose comes from the Cellulose of wood and stems.  So pretty much Rayon comes from the leaves and the green parts of the plants while viscose comes from the stems and bases of the plants.

The second main difference is that Viscose can be considered less durable than Rayon.  To an extent.  There have been reports that since viscose comes from the wood and stems of the plants, it is easier for it to “snap”.  The material is thought of as less malleable and durable.  However, I have tested bamboo sheets with both rayon and viscose and the both are much more durable than cotton or silk.  

So I believe the differences in durability are very, very small!

So at the end of the day rayon and viscose are technically two different materials.  However, to the average consumer, I doubt you will ever be able to tell the difference because they are both so incredibly similar.  And they both are used in amazing products!

Natural Bamboo Sheets vs Artificial Bamboo Sheets

I hear a lot of people talking about how they are thinking about buying these bamboo sheets for really cheap.  And I ask them what kind of material the sheets are made out of and then they always make a funny face and say “obviously bamboo”.

But the problem with this is that I know for a fact that these “cheap” bamboo sheets that they are purchasing are not the real deal.  These sheets are what is referred to as artificial bamboo sheets.

Artificial bamboo sheets are considered as sheets that do not use 100% natural bamboo in the sheets.  This is typically done  by the manufactures who will combine natural bamboo with and artificial microfiber material.  This cuts down the costs of creating the product for the producing company, but it also provides the customer with a worse product!  

Artificial bamboo bed sheets usually have around 40% natural bamboo, instead of the normal 100% bamboo material in natural bed sheets.  This 40% of natural bamboo is combined with 60% of a chemically based synthetic material that will compromise the softness and quality of the sheet.

So one of the most important things I ask anyone who is on the market for these kind of high quality bed sheets is I always ask them “Is the bamboo sheet 100% natural bamboo or does it use artificial materials?”

I hate seeing people getting disappointed because they see these “cheap bamboo bed sheets” that claim to be incredibly high quality, but they don’t realize that these products aren’t the real deal!  You have to be aware that even though they call themselves high quality bamboo sheets, that doesn’t make them so!  

Before you ever purchase a product, make sure you do the research!  You want natural bamboo sheets and definitely not artificial sheets!  You will not be disappointed with the 100% natural sheets!

Bed furniture with lamp and pillows

Bamboo Sheet Sets

Bamboo sheets are the new thing in the home decoration industry!  Everyone is talking about them and rightfully so!  These bed sheets are incredibly soft and will honestly change your life!  And everyone is freaking about them, and I want to help you purchase the best bamboo sheet sets for you live!

If you have gotten this far through my post, I am sure you understand all the amazing benefits of bamboo sheets so I won’t have you got through that again!

So firstly I should say that there are many, many different kinds of bamboo sheets and many different companies that are selling these products.  And the hard thing is figuring out which product is the real deal and which company are selling fake artificial bamboo sheet sets.

So the first thing I would suggest is that you must figure out whether the product is natural bamboo or fake synthetic material.  So then after you do your research (you can check out my other posts on my home page here) you must figure out which size bed sheet you would like the make.

So bamboo bed sheets come in all the same sizes as normal cotton or silk bed sheets.  So that means they come in single, twin, double twin, queen, and king.  Also some companies will have special sized sheets as well as will be able to make custom bamboo sheet sets for you!

So with these sheet sets you will be able to order them and have them shipped to your home quickly and you will be able to put them on your mattress just like any other bed sheet.  This short process will nearly instantly boost your bed time comfort as well as your quality of sleep!

I highly recommend reading my whole blog post, as this will answer every single one of your questions about purchasing and using bamboo bed sheets!

A white toned bedroom with pillows and wide bed sheet

Organic Bamboo Sheets

Organic.  Eco friendly.  Green.  These are terms that have become incredibly important the past couple decades or so!

Everyone wants to make sure they do their part to maintain the environment and the local ecosystems.  So that is why I love the fact that bamboo sheets are made out of 100% organic material!  These sheets are amazing for the environment unlike many other kinds of bed sheets. These are 100% organic bamboo sheets!!

Many bedding material is actually quite bad for the environment.  There have been recent studies that show the amount of pollution and deforestation that silk and cotton bedding manufacturers do every single year.  And the number are astounding.

I won’t calm myself a green freak or a tree hugger, but I have always cared about the environment and I believe it is important to pay attention to this huge world wide issue.

That is why I love buying organic bamboo sheets instead of chemically produced cotton or silk bed sheets.  These bamboo sheets are awesome for the environment because of their all natural bamboo material.  And they also provide a more comfortable and soft bed than any silk or cotton in the world!

I highly recommend these bamboo sheets to everyone!

Bamboo Cotton Sheets

Often times bamboo bedding and cotton bedding are considered to be enemies of each other.  These are two different types of bedding material, and I personally pull for the bamboo bedding (and so do many other people).  But just because they are different kinds of material, doesn’t mean they can’t work together!

I often use cotton or silk to compare how soft bamboo sheets are because that is a comparison that many people will understand and will be able to relate to.  And bamboo sheets have been proven to be softer than cotton or silk.  

A white and green toned bedroom with bed sheets and pillows

But not too long ago, there was a new style of bamboo bed sheets that were created and those were the bamboo cotton sheets!

These are a combination of bamboo and cotton, instead of just natural bamboo.  

This may sound like a strange combination at first.  And Ill admit that I was skeptical at first too.  I didn’t quite understand why they added cotton to an already amazing product.

Then I did my research and I figured out that by adding the cotton, producers can provide the public with cheaper bamboo sheets that are still high quality products!

I absolutely love my all natural bamboo sheets, and I am against the half synthetic and half bamboo sheets.  So it is very nice to have a middle ground when it comes to the products!

I believe the bamboo cotton sheets will be a great alternative for people who are looking for incredibly soft bed sheets, but aren’t willing to spend more money then they have to.

These sheets are cheaper than all natural sheets, but will still provide you with a good quality comfortable bed sheet!  I recommend checking these sheets out!!

Where To Buy Bamboo Sheets

So you are probably sick and tired of hearing about bamboo sheets and anything related to bamboo sheets!  I know after I first heard about bamboo sheets, and all of their amazing benefits I was so excited to buy a set!

But there comes an important question.  Where to buy bamboo sheets.  Most people have probably gone to their local Walmart or target within the past week or so and don’t recall seeing bamboo sheets.

And I know that was the first place I went when I was looking for a place to buy bamboo sheets. But these big box chain stores only have a very small collection.  And unfortunately, the sheets that they have are not the highest quality bamboo.  Most, if not all of their bed sheet sets are those half artificial sets that are 60% microfiber synthetic material and only 40% natural bamboo.

A gray and brown toned bed furniture with blue pillows and bed sheet

So if you are like me, and would like to purchase the very best bamboo sheets, then I highly recommend you check out my other post about the best bamboo sheets. There will be a link at the bottom of the page!

All I can say is that it may be difficult to find the high quality bed sheets at your local chain superstore.  But I know for a fact that you will be able to find them through my post and online!

I really appreciate you checking my website out! I hope I was able to provide you with a great experience, and a resource to buy the best bamboo sheets!  This has been my bamboo sheets buyer guide!  I hope you enjoyed it, and you have learned about a great product. If you are interested in more bedroom products, then check out our bedroom product reviews!