3 Best Air Fresheners For Bathroom Smells – No More Bathroom Stank!

Last Updated: March 24th 2019  We all know what goes on in the bathroom and a lot of the time the unpleasant smells will follow us around. It’s something we don’t talk about but we all think about and it’s time to put those worries to bed by finding the best air freshener for bathroom smells.

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Air fresheners aren’t as simple as they once were and the product range has diversified as the demand has grown. It’s no longer the best practice to have one air freshener you use across the home. Instead you want to have unique scents and products for each room, and something special for your bathroom.

About Bathroom Air Fresheners

Best Air Freshener for Bathroom Smells

A bathroom air freshener needs to be able to cover the smell of course and be effective at what it does. This means the smell needs to be something strong enough to cover an odor up and also be pleasant to the nostrils. It also needs to be long lasting so you aren’t constantly having to spray whenever you're smelling an odor.

A good air freshener is also discreet. Something in a small bottle can be transported around so you can use it on the go or in work. It also needs to work quietly so there’s no loud spraying noise. Discreet is definitely essential.

Finally for a good bathroom air freshener or air fresheners you want to consider what goes into it. Essential oils provide some amazing smells, often unique, PLUS they come with a range of health benefits. Essential oils are being used by more people every year to help with medical issues and provide more energy so you’ll be able to access these benefits while you disperse a fresh scent.  Further more, if you want your bathroom experience to be more enjoyable, take a look at toilet paper for sensitive skin!

Best Bathroom Air Freshener for Bathroom Smells and Reviews

So there’s a bit more to consider than you think when it comes to a bathroom sprays. Luckily enough we’ve done a lot of the leg work for you and found 3 great products. Let’s explore their key features a bit more closely.

Mask are a pretty well known air freshener company who have done a great job of creating some innovative products. They don’t just create unique smells, but they make their products particularly effective and useful which makes them one of the best choices. If you haven’t heard of them then take it from us, they’re pretty good.

The Coconut and Lime Bathroom Spray offers one of the freshest and pleasant scents around with the lime offering an instant fresh feeling to the bathroom. The Mask works by trapping odors while giving you a fresh smell, without being too overpowering. This means it covers and ‘masks’ the scent without any issue.

The Coconut and Lime Bathroom spray can be sprayed directly into a toilet bowl before use to effectively stop any odors before they occur. This is perfect, especially when using somebody else’s restroom.

  • Premium Air Freshener: Mask have designed their product to be effective from just one spray. The long lasting nature of it shows how premium the product is and beats a lot of the competitors.
  • Great Ingredients: With well chosen ingredients selected by experts the air freshener blend is unique. It features some exotic ingredients and essential oils to give the best scents. There’s no harsh chemicals used and it’s a natural spray.
  • Excellent Value: The Mask coconut and lime spray offers a lot of value at a competitive price. Just one spray will do the job and it is up to 4x more economical than alternatives. This let’s you get the most air freshener for your money and let’s you stretch your money which is always good.

Mask Coconut and Lime Bathroom Spray has made it into our top 3 because of how well it’s been made. It’s not like anything else out there and much better quality than the cheaper brands. It’s also pretty good value and the company are always happy to provide refunds when people aren’t pleased with the product. A premium scent at discount prices, this is definitely a strong option.

Lysol are another well known brand that create products to help keep your home safe from any harmful bacteria. They have a range of products that completely eliminate the risk from airborne bacteria, which is best for homes with vulnerable people or children.

The Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray is no different as it destroys 99.9% of bacteria it comes into contact with. It’s used just like any other air freshener where you shake and spray into the area or spray air around the toilet.  It’s discreet and transportable but works not to cover odors but to sanitize them and give fresh, clean feel to any room especially the toilet.

The Lysol spray is one of the most popular choices around and is made with the following features:

  • Revitalizing Scent: With an air freshener it’s all about the smell. The right smell brings a room back to life and Lysol have done a great job at creating a spray which lifts the mood of the room and brings the freshness back.
  • Disinfectant: The Lysol spray works not just to defeat odors but it’s made to kill bacteria. This includes the surfaces it lands on as it works to remove the harmful bacteria from the toilet area and make your home safer.  Because it features disinfectant it makes it a great odor eliminator and can really clean up a nasty smell and odor.
  • Simple, Easy, and Effective: One of the least flashy products on the market it doesn’t have fancy gimmicks or slogans. It’s all about the product and they’re built their popularity by being the best at what they do. That’s what makes Lysol  simple to use but still effective.

Lysol have made a really useful product in their sanitizing spray which does a lot in a small container. It’s also pretty great value for money with it lasting longer and working more effectively than other brands. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray.

Citrus Magic have taken a different approach to air fresheners than most other brands. They’ve chosen to use natural ingredients in their products, instead of the chemicals traditionally used. This does a lot to help with how well the product works but also the fresh smell and scent that comes from the Citrus Magic spray.

The Citrus Magic is designed to destroy foul odors on contact to stop them spreading and causing an issue. It’s used just like most other products where you spray into the air where there’s an unpleasant smell or odor but can also be used as a preventative measure. By spraying directly into the toilet bowl you can stop the smell from occurring in the first place.

Citrus Magic have created a product which at face value seems very similar to the competition, but in practice it’s vastly different. This comes down to what they put in their spray and how it can be used to benefit you.

  • Natural Ingredients: Citrus Magic have opted to use natural ingredients in their air freshener spray and avoids chemicals. This makes it the best product for those who are sensitive to certain chemicals or ingredients in traditional products. It also means you can use it even if you have children in the home. The natural ingredients and extracts are what make the spray so effective.
  • Powerful Scent: A tropical orange scent is used which is powerful enough to disrupt any bad smells but also not too strong on the nose. It’s pleasant and above all fresh which is exactly what you need in the bathroom.
  • Long Lasting: Citrus have designed their air freshener to be long lasting. It’s been tested and can last up to 4 times longer than alternatives so you know you can rely upon it during a tough odor.

Citrus Magic are specialists in the industry and don’t disappoint with their air freshener. It’s one of the best scents out there and gives a remarkably fresh feeling to your bathroom. Perfect for quickly removing any unpleasant odors, Citrus Magic are a great brand for anyone trying to freshen up.

What Are the Best Air Fresheners for Bathroom Smells?

All three of these products are made by companies who know how to make an air freshener. They understand the importance of keeping your bathroom smelling great both for you and for any guests or visitors.

All three of these products have packed a lot into the small bottles and offer great scents with additional benefits for your house. If you’re looking for an easy, reliable bathroom air freshener then look no further, these products go above and beyond what you need.  That being said, if you are looking for air fresheners for your home, then take a look at our home air freshener reviews!

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