Sleep in Comfort – Best Bamboo Pillow 2019 – Reviews and Tips

Have you ever seen a blacklight image of what’s all on your pillow.  If you haven’t you should take a look, and you might realize just how disgusting and bacterial infested your pillows and sheets can be.  If only there was a solution to this problem…  Oh wait there is!  The answer to all of your sleeping problems is a set of bamboo pillows!  But when you start looking on the market, there are hundreds of pillows available.  What is the best bamboo pillow of 2019?

Bamboo pillows are designed to eliminate pesky dust mites and help keep away other bacteria that can cause all sorts of allergies.  Because of this, these pillows are recommended for people who have any sorts of lung problems like asthma, and also for people that suffer from chronic snoring.  When I was in my twenties, I had quite the problem with allergies and snoring.  I tried everything from changing sleeping position, to having purifiers and humidifiers in my bedroom.  Nothing seemed to do the trick, until I tried bamboo pillows, and I could finally make it through the night without waking my wife or having an allergic reaction!

Because Bamboo products are on the rise, there are quite a few different pillows on the market.  Because of this, I have decided to help share my buying experiences with this product to help make your buying decision much easier!  Below I have created a pillow comparison chart.  Because everyone has different needs and styles needed for their pillow sets, I have included quite a few that hopefully everyone will find a pillow set that fits their needs!

The Best Bamboo Pillow 2016 Comparison Chart!

Reviews of my top 5 Organic Bamboo Pillows!

  1. Best Bamboo Pillow Reviews  Original Shredded Memory Foam Body With Bamboo Cover

This shredded memory foam pillow by Co-Op Home Goods is definitely my number one choice when it comes to these types of bamboo pillows/cushions.  I love this one because it holds its shape very well, but it is also quite moldable so that it contours perfectly for your sleeping preferences.  Along with this, the way it is designed it keeps quite cool and flowy.  This is great if you or your partner tend to get hot in the middle of the night (This used to be a huge problem with me from other pillows).

All in all this Shredded Memory foam pillow enhances the amount of air circulation than any other regular memory foam pillow I have used.  I think this is a perfect pillow for anyone that has sleep issues.  A nice perk about these pillows is that you can wash them following the instructions that come with and it will reset the memory foam, while cleaning it.  Along with this, these pillows are made in the USA so you know it’s a great product that will last you years!

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2. The Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Style Bamboo Memory Foam

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow ReviewWith this Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow you get a comfortable and breathable that never goes flat!  This pillow is comes with a new Kool-Flow micro-vented covering technology that keeps it extremely cool and flowy that helps to maintain a nice breathable pillow.  Along with this breathable technology, this pillow is also extremely hypoallergenic and fights against dust mites to give you a great sleeping environment!

I have owned this pillow for a few months, and I haven’t had any issues with it getting flat and the shape shifting too much.  Even after a few days I started to feel a difference and I started to notice that the pillow was conforming to my head which was great!  As someone who is a back sleeper, this bamboo pillow is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers!  Along with this, this pillow is made in USA and overall is just a great quality product!

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3. Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Viscose Rayon Cover

This new adjustable design of this shredded memory foam pillow is one of the best in the business!  The amazing thing about this memory foam pillow is that it’s completely adjustable!  You can add or remove foam until this pillow completely meets your sleeping needs.  Along with this, the casing of this pillow is made of a great bamboo material that really provides a clean and ventilated surface for your head!  This pillow has a great hypoallergenic and dust mite resistance that will keep your allergies in check without having to compromise comfort.

Along with this,  this pillow is extremely easy to keep clean.  It is machine washable so you never have to worry about your pillow getting dirty!  My wife swears by this pillow because of how adjustable it is.  She used to have problems finding the perfect pillow, but with the ability to add or remove foam to give you the perfect size and texture she has never slept better!

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The Advantages of Bamboo Pillows!

Bamboo pillows come in quite a few different sizes including standard, queen, and king.  But more importantly these pillows have a huge range of amazing benefits!  But unlike other pillows with these benefits, these pillows don’t sacrifice comfort and softness to achieve these benefits.  That being said, there is the perfect bamboo memory foam pillow for everyone!

Organic – One great thing about these pillows is how they are designed.  These bamboo designs are eco-
friendly and organically design.  They are produced from quality organic materials that help to prevent dust mites, and are extremely hypoallergenic.  Along with this, these sources are sustainable and are extremely green with no harm to the environment compared to typical pillows.

There is something special about owning and operating a product that is made with fair labor processes and quality materials that not only will help you sleep great, but will also be manufactured in a way that is sustainable and healthy to mother earth.

Better Sleeping Temperatures – If you are someone who is constantly flipping their pillow because of
pillow temperatures, then have no fear because these bamboofoam pillows will provide you with relief.  These pillows are much more ventilated and provide a cooler sleeping surface that has room to breathe.  This provides you with a cool, and dry area to lay your head at night!  This new technology is called Bamboo With Cool Comfort Pillow.  It was truly a game changer to me as someone needs to have a pillow that is cooler than room temperature.  With this new pillow technology I was able to truly enjoy having a cool pillow all through the night.
Comfort – 
The comfort of these pillows is truly unmatched.  They come in a few different shapes

including regular and body pillow, and different sizes including standard, queen, and king.  Along with this, the memory foam in these pillows is extremely comfortable and gives you a firm but comfortable pillow.  Along with this there are some that you fully adjust how much foam is in it, so you can control the firmness and find the perfect level for your needs!

Bamboo Pillow Reviews 2017They are extremely simple to use, all you do is open the fill compartment and from there you can remove or add your amount of this shredded foam until you find a level of firmness and comfort that you like the most.

I love this because it gives you the ability to have some trial and error until you find the right level for you!

How To Take Care Of Your Bamboo Pillows

If you haven’t taken the time to read about the benefits of routinely washing your bedding then you definitely should.  If you are going to be sleeping with your skin against your sheets and pillows and blankets, then you should make sure they are clean.  Thankfully, taking care of your bamboo pillows is quite easy!  I definitely recommend you take a look at the cleaning instructions on your specific pillow because each one is slightly different.  Below are some tips on taking care of your bamboo pillows!

  • When you receive your package, make sure you open it carefully without cutting the pillow as well.
  • The pillow might look deformed when it comes out of the packaging, but that’s just because it has been crammed into the packaging box.  Give it a few days to get back to it’s regular shape.
  • If your pillow smells a little strange when you receive it, that’s perfectly normal.  The bamboo material is made to breathe so it might have picked up some smells from the packaging, but give it a day and the smell will release.
  • If you pillow comes with a removable cover, you can wash this using your machine at a warm setting and then use low heat to dry.  The bamboo pillow itself generally is only hand washable and should be hung to air dry.

What Other Bamboo Bedding Options Are There?

Bamboo bedding is the new craze, and with good reason!  Because they are built for comfort and anti-bacteria without the side effects of other big brands, they are taking the world by storm!

Because of this, we have done our research and we have reviewed a few different options! We have reviewed bamboo sheets, duvet covers and even mattresses!  These bedding options give you an extremely comfortable and eco-friendly bedroom set.  These allergy friendly sets will make sure you get a great nights sleep every night!


Overall, Bamboo pillows are something you should take a look at if you are having trouble sleeping.  They provide you with a hypoallergenic solution to pillows that will also provide you with a form fitting comfort that allows you to fully customize your pillow.  I hope my guide has helped you do some research on picking the best bamboo pillow!

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