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Last Updated March 24th 2019: If you are part of the millions of Americans that work in an office setting or work from home, then it’s safe to say that you spend quiet a bit of your time sitting down.  That being said, isn’t it important to be comfortable when you’re sitting?  Not only can this increase productivity, but it can also reduce stress on your joints which will reduce back pain from too much sitting.  In this study, many people spend over 20 hours per day sitting or laying!  That being said, the main point of this article is to learn the top 3 best office chairs under $100 and reviews!

That being said, there are hundreds if not thousands of office chairs available.  You could easily drop $1000 on an extremely fancy chair that fits in with your office’s metro design, but it’s also easy to find a comfortable chair in a comfortable price point as well!  So, what about the chairs that are under $100?  You might think it could be difficult to find a budget chair that not only is comfortable, but it also has enough support to keep you pain free.  Along with this, another main concern will be durability, the last thing you want is a chair that will fall about only a few months after purchasing it.  Thankfully, with this post we are here to review some amazing budget office chairs that will keep you comfortable and are great for you back while you work!

If you are looking for an office chair for your home office, or you’re looking to outfit your company with new chairs, in this post we will be going through and reviewing our top 5 chairs within the $100 price range that are tested and reviewed by us and by consumers alike!

1.Choice: High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair

The first office chair in our guide is the High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair manufactured by BestOffice.  This 360 degree swivel office chair is produced with an extremely great looking PU leather that is both oil and water resistant, and extremely comfortable.  This chair is featured with arm pads on both armrests to help increase comfort over time, and it also comes with the ability to lean back to take a break from work.  This plush, and padded office chair should be on the top of your list if you are looking for a great looking and comfortable long duration office chair.

For being under $100, this chair actually has a large amount of support which really feels great on your back.  The leather is quite forgiving and gives you a soft but firm surface which really is nice for long durations.  Along with this, this chair comes in three different color styles, black, brown and white, which is nice for any office style.  As for adjustments, this chair is quite easy to adjust and should fit any adult quite well.  With the knob on the right side of the chair you can both control the height of the seat, and you can also pull the knob out or in to adjust how much lean the chair has.  That being said, beware of reclining the chair back too far or you might become less productive and more sleepy!

As for installation, this chair can be a little tricky the first time you do it, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy.  One note that might help you a bit with the installation is that the screws and bolts should slide in extremely easy when lined up correctly, so if you have to force the screws in position, they might not be aligned properly.  Another note is that there have been reports of a smell of the chair that causes a little concern.  It’s been described as a synthetic type smell.  This smell is completely normal and it will be completely gone within a week or so of use!

Overall, this BestOffice High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair is an extremely high quality product for the price you are paying.  This chair offers enough support and comfort to keep you working productively and relaxed all day long.  If you are looking for a quality chair that looks good and is comfortable for under $100, then this is the best chair for you!

Product Details:

  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Seat Height: 19 Inches – 23 Inches
  • Back Size: 20 Inches Wide, 28 Inches High
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Reclining Adjustment

#2 Choice: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Mesh Office Chair

If you are in the market for a contemporary styled office chair that has a good amount of lumbar support.  This is a good chair because of the Mid-Back design.  Mid-Back chairs are generally better for lumbar support and can be great for people that plan on sitting for long periods of time.  Along with this, this chair comes in 12 different colors which can make it perfect for nearly any setting!

This chair is manufactured with a durable but supportive mesh fabric with a padded and upholstered seat.  This seat is designed with a state of the art lumbar support and tilt lock mechanism that allows you to truly customize the seat back angle for something that best fits your preferred seating position.

As for the comfortability of this chair, I really like the mesh.  It definitely has a different feeling compared to leather, but with mesh it feels very lightweight and breathable which can be a good change from traditional leather.  Along with this, this chair features a Waterfall Seat Edge design which helps to improve circulation in your legs and removes some unneeded stress on your legs and back.  That being said, the armrests are made of hard plastic that aren’t as comfortable as the padded armrests of the previous office chair we reviewed, but I have no complaints with them.  Along with this, the arms are also easily removable in case you prefer to not have them attached!

As for installation, this chair is one the easiest on the market.  This piece only features 6 different pieces, and uses only a handful of screws.  Overall if you follow the installation instructions, it will only take you a few minutes to put together.

Overall this chair is a great blend of comfort, style, and budget.  It provides a beautiful look and style while providing it all at an extremely affordable price.  Along with this, the mesh Mid-Back design gives you a nice breathable feel, that provides adequate support to those who work sitting down.  All in all, if you are looking for a great budget office chair that isn’t made of leather, this would be my top choice!

Product Details:

  • Weighs: 20 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 In. by 25.2 In. by 42.3 In.
  • Mesh Mid-Back Design
  • Tilt Lock Adjustable Mechanism

#3 Choice: Flash LF-W23 Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Another office chair from Flash Furniture is the LF-W23 mid-back designed mesh chair.  This is another contemporary styled chair with a mixture of leather and mesh back supports.  Along with this, this chair features another Mid-Back styled design which helps to add lumbar support along with general comfort while sitting.

This budget office chair is a little bit wider than our previous chairs and it provides a great firm but comfortable sitting area and a supportive back.  This chair comes in three main colors which include Grey, Burgundy, and Blue.  As for comfort, this chair does a great job of providing lumbar support which can be easily adjusted.  If features a locking tilt adjustable control which helps to keep the owner in control of the height and tilt of the seat.  That being said, this is a great chair for taller men who have issues with seats not having enough controllability for them.  The LF-W23 is really designed to subtly help push your body into a more natural and posture friendly position.  This is great for reducing extra stress and helps to reduce back pain.

Overall this Flash LF-W23 mid back mesh office chair is a great chair for someone that is focused on lumbar support.  It provides enough back support and comfortability to really allow you to sit all day without many issues.  Along with this, for this chair to be under $100, you’re really getting a bargain!

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