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Best Wireless Closet Light – Motion Sensing Infrared Lighting

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Closet lighting might be an alien concept to some people, but it’s quickly becoming an absolute necessity in the 21st Century. Internal fitted lighting in your closet allows you to easily see everything you have in there without the reliance on other light sources in the room. This is especially important if you have deep closets, or if they’re in a dark corner of a room.

Best Wireless Closet Light

Closet lights can vary massively depending on who you ask. A decade ago it would likely have been a bulb hanging down in your closet but thankfully technology is always evolving to meet our needs.

There are now lots of wireless solutions designed specifically to solve the problem. These wireless closet lights are generally battery powered and offer illumination without taking up too much space.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to closet lights and some are made with additional features. There are LEDs, motion sensors and even infrared features which adapt to the natural light in the room. These features aren’t essential but help make the closet light much more useful.

It’s definitely a crowded marketplace and it can be difficult to find the best value products. Here’s a review of the best wireless lights available, detailing the key features and how they can benefit you. This should help you get started and put you on the right track for choosing the best wireless closet light to fit your needs.

LightBiz 78 LED Wireless Closet Light

This 78 LED Closet Light is made for the modern home. It’s designed to be suitable for all closets, hallways, cabinets or even for the kitchen, making it very adaptable. It offers simplicity and utility in one product and it’s specifically made to be easy to install and maintain.

There are a number of features which make this closet light perfect stand out from alternatives:

  • Bright When You Need It To Be: This wireless closet light contains 78 white LEDs. These provide a vast amount of light, illuminating even enclosed and dark spaces. The LEDs are all energy saving meaning you get all the powerful light, without having to use too much of power.
  • Multiple Light Modes: There are four different options when setting up this closet light. You can opt for standard lighting, motion sensing, light sensing or flashing. It’s simple to toggle between these modes and makes this light even more useful.
  • Motion Sensor: The most useful feature for this closet light is the motion sense activation. You’re able to set this so that when you open the door the light will automatically come on, which means you don’t have to worry with switches in the morning. The sensor in this model is extremely responsive and can even be set to sense the natural light in the room so it will only come on when needed.
  • Easy Installation: This closet light is easy to install with a magnetic fitting. This allows you to attach it quickly without any tools of specialist expertise. There’s a battery built into the device and no need for wires.

Unlike other closet lights, this one is suitable in a number of different locations in the home. It’s easy to fit and move so if you decide it’s of more use in a wardrobe, or in the kitchen, then you can move it yourself. The four different modes gives this light more variety than others and makes it generally more useful.

A room with closet and lights

It works for practically any budget and despite the lower price tag there’s no noticeable difference in quality to other premium lights. The components and battery are made to last several years so you’ll get good use from the product.

This closet light is an obvious choice because of the features, quality and price. If you’re after a simple product that works then this is well suited for you.

URPower C-03 Closet Light

With a more dynamic and modern look and feel, the URPower closet light is designed to offer powerful illumination. Battery powered and easy to install, this model is well suited for any dark room. It has a range of features that make it remarkably good value.

  • Super Bright When You Need It: Despite only being battery powered, the bulbs in the URPower closet light and impressively bright. They can shine up to 20 lumens which is comparable to fixed lighting. In your closet that will easily be enough to light it all up and you may even decide to get another set to light up dark rooms like your basement.
  • Awareness Sensor: This closet light also features a motion sensor which will detect movement from 7-10 feet. It also has a feature which makes it aware of the light levels in the room, detecting when it actually needs to activate. This makes the whole device incredibly user friendly and ensures it’s only used when needed.
  • Energy Efficient: The whole product is made to be efficient. The motion sensor helps save energy and prevent unnecessary usage. The bulbs are energy saving and the lights will turn off promptly after use.
  • Easy to Install and Move: This URPower closet light uses magnets for installation so you don’t have to use tools, screws or adhesives. It’s also simple to move if you decide you want to use it in another place in your home.

Above anything else, this closet light is powerful. The light levels produced are higher than a lot of other models which makes it well suited for dark homes that might not get a lot of natural light. The motion sensor is really advanced so you won’t constantly be overusing the device.

It’s clearly meant to be a lower end product so it may be slightly flimsier than expensive fixtures, but at this price point it’s fantastic value.

For a dark room or home this closet light is perfect. It should last a good length of time and strikes a balance between utility and style.

URPower ML-09 Square Wireless Light

URPower are specialists in all forms of lighting and are known for their creative home solutions. It’s no wonder then that they have multiple products that made the list.

The ML-09 closet light has a more stand out design with 3 individual strips aligned next to each other for illumination. It’s another really powerful product with a lot of features packed in for a low price.

  • Sophisticated Motion Sensor: The ML-09 features a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 10 feet away. Unlike some other models in this price range, this features a more sophisticated sensor which will detect the light levels in the room with accuracy. It can then determine when it needs to come on, and when it should shut off.
  • Powerful Bulbs: Like the others on the list, this closer light is also very powerful. Despite being less bright than the URPower C-03 closet light, it’s still more than enough to light up a closet. In some cases users decide to move the device to light up staircases at night, which is a testament to how much light is being created.
  • Mount via Magnets or Adhesive Strips: As well as the magnetic fitting, adhesive strips can be attached to the base of the light. This helps ensure it won’t fall when you open the door, but if you peel it back you’re still able to move and adjust the device.
  • Great Battery Life: The ML-09 closet light only needs 3 AA batteries to work. These could last you up to a year, depending on usage, so you get a lot of use before you need to worry about replacing them.

Overall this product is well suited for a busy household with closets that will see a lot of use. The responsive sensor adapts to the light levels so you won’t be using it if not needed, plus the efficiency means you don’t have to worry about battery replacement very often.

Considering just how long this may last you, and how much easier it can make your life, it’s quite remarkable how affordable it is. It offers some longevity you won’t see in comparable brands and it’s certainly one to consider if you’re looking for a new closet light.

URPower UR-11 Strip Wireless Lights

Another URPower closet light, this has similar qualities to their other lights, but with some key differences. It’s designed as a long thin closet light to give maximum illumination.

It also means it can be used not only in closets, but in kitchens or hallways where you may not have enough space. Alongside the design and build quality there are some key features which make this closet light stand out:

  • Infrared Sensor: The ML-011 closet light has a motion sensor built in which will detect movement from several feet away. Alongside this there is also an infrared sensor which ensures the device will sense movement even in dark conditions. This makes it well suited for closets in dark rooms. The light should come on instantly and stay on for roughly 25 seconds after movement stops.
  • Perfect Amount of Light: URPower are striving to make the most impact possible with this product. There are 10 LEDs built into each of the modules so they can fully illuminate any small or medium room. This is certainly more than enough for a closet or wardrobe.
  • Battery Powered: Unlike other models which require a charger for your closet light, this runs entirely on 3AA batteries. This makes it simple to open the side of the light and replace the batteries when needed. The light is energy efficient and the batteries should last over a month.
  • Easy Installation: Just like other models, this closet light has been developed to be very easy to fit and install. A magnetic strip is attached to the base of each light so it can be attached to the top of the interior of a closet. It’s also simple to remove and place in a different room as needed making it a versatile device.

The key benefit of this product is the infrared sensor. Some motion sensors can’t function as well in the dark, which can be an issue in the morning if your closet is in a dark room. This motion sensor will continue to work just as well in all conditions, and will even sense the light levels in the room.

The URPower closet light has a lot of technology built in for the price.

Overall, this is an intelligent product and for this price point it offers some pretty good value. Definitely an asset to any home.

Mr. Beams UltraBright Wireless Light

With a crisp, clean and white design, Mr Beams closet light is one of the best choices for all sizes of closet. It’s smaller than the others on the list, and has just one circular light.

Despite being more compact it’s still incredibly powerful and suitable for closets, kitchens or even basements. This closet light has a number of features which make it really effective:

  • Unique Diffuser Design: Mr Beams have incorporated a unique feature into the product, a light diffuser. This sits on top of the LEDs and spreads the light so that it covers a much wider area. This feature means that even though this closet light is small, it’s powerful.
  • Motion Activated: The motion sensor in the closet light makes the whole device more efficient. It will detect movement up to 10 feet away and will stay on for roughly 30 seconds. The closet light takes two D batteries to power it but thanks to the motion activation this should last you over a year before they need to be replaced.
  • Bright Lighting: The single bulb in the closet light offers 300 lumens of illumination. This will definitely be sufficient for a closet or wardrobe, but also means it could be used in darker rooms in your house. A lot of users fit this light in the garage as it’s able to light the whole space.
  • Durable and Weatherproof Design: This light doesn’t just have technology on the inside, it is made to be resilient on the outside. It’s easy to install and has a weather proof feature that means you can even use it outdoors. This isn’t essential for a closet light but makes it more versatile.

The unique feature here is the light diffuser. This is an innovative way that Mr Beams has allowed a small, fairly modest light to produce a lot of illumination. It’s suitable for small or large spaces and is an all round useful light.

It’s efficient and should last a long time, offering some good value for the user.

Final Thoughts on Wireless Closet Lights

A good closet light is powerful, innovative and versatile. All of the products on our list have these three characteristics in spades. The manufacturers have taken a fairly simple concept and added features that make these lights uniquely useful to the user.

Ultimately, you want to find yourself a mixture of quality, innovation and value. All of the selected closet lights have this combination and are competitively priced. All of these closet lights would be an asset to any home, so If you’re on the market for one then this is a great place to start.