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Picking the Best Toilet Flapper 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons!

Last Updated: April 21st 2019:  As many of you i’m sure know, having a smoothly running toilet can be one of the underrated features of a home, of course until the toilet becomes a problem.  Having quality materials and parts in your toilet is extremely important and allows your toilet to run smoothly every time. …

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Picking the Best PEX Crimp Tool 2020 + Cinch Clamp Reviews

Crimp Tool Pex Multi Size Review

Last Updated March 10th 2020: If you are someone that prides themselves in working with their homes plumbing systems by fixing any issues or installing any new pieces, then this guide is for you!  I have always believed that people should try their best to work on any issues their home might have, and once absolutely …

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Top 3 Picks For Best Rain Shower Head For Low Water Pressure!

Water flowing out of a shower head

Last Updated: April 12th 2019  Low water pressure is an absolutely nightmare and anyone who suffers from it knows exactly how inconvenient it can be. A lot of the time there isn’t even anything you can do to change it as it’s an issue with plumbing in the general area.  That being said, in this guide …

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Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Allen Roth Vanity Reviews 2020!

Allen Roth Vanity

Last Updated: April 12th 2020  Vanities are something that every household needs.  They add a huge sense of style and functionality to your bedroom or bathroom.  They will help you stay organized in the mornings with their cabinets for all your bathroom supplies, and they will help you get ready.  Not only that, they will …

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Best Fiberglass Shower Cleaner 2019 – Clear Smudges and Stains!

Gel-Gloss kitchen and bath polish

Last Updated March 27th 2019:  Having a clean shower is important, we all know that, but we won’t always know just how important it is. Number one of course is how it looks. If you’re having guests you’ll suddenly become aware of just how grubby and grimy your shower looks and it doesn’t feel good. Making …

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Best 3 Metal Hand Held Shower Heads – Quality & Durability

Yoo Mee shower faucet

LastUpdated: February 24th, 2020  We’re all busier than ever. With so many commitments in work and at home we need a place we can escape it all. For a lot of us it’s the 15 minutes a day in the shower where we can really unwind and relax. In the modern era the showering experience …

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