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Bamboo Sheets – The Ultimate Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide!

Bamboo bedsheets

Bamboo Sheets: Last Updated February 25th 2020: When I say the phrase “bamboo sheets” or “best bamboo sheets” you either have two reactions.  You either get excited because you already know a lot about these products.  Or you will say, “what the heck are bamboo sheets and why would I want those”.  But soon, you’ll …

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Best Wireless Closet Light 2020 – Motion Sensing Infrared Lighting

Man checking his pantry

Last Updated February 2020: Closet lighting might be an alien concept to some people, but it’s quickly becoming an absolute necessity in the 21st Century. Internal fitted lighting in your closet allows you to easily see everything you have in there without the reliance on other light sources in the room. This is especially important …

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Best Curtain Rods for Grommet Curtains 2019 – Stylish and Functional

YAOTE Blackout Window Curtain Review

Last Updated March 24th 2019:  Anyone who has helped decorate and style a home, or works in the industry, will understand the importance of curtains. On the first level they’re an essential piece of furniture as they let you regulate the light into a room. This is obviously important for any room but especially bedrooms …

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