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Benefits Recliners Can Have On Back Pain!

By Brett E. / March 2, 2019

As someone who has struggled with back pain in my life, I know how defeating it can feel to come home after a long day and feel like it is impossible to get an relief from the pain. I would come home exhausted and with pain ringing through my body, seeking for a comfortable position […]


Quikrete Walk Maker Reviews – Create the Perfect Garden Walk!

By Brett E. / June 30, 2018

Last Updated February 25th 2020: Your garden is your pride and joy. You’ve spent hours, days and weeks cultivating it to make it look amazing. It’s your place to go and unwind, maybe relax with the kids and just enjoy the outside. To achieve this feeling you spend a long time doing the hard work, […]


Eze Breeze Reviews 2020 – Safe + Quality Windows For Your Home!

By Brett E. / June 10, 2018

Last Updated February 25th 2020: Eze Breeze are specialists in making use of your available outdoor space. They have over 30 years experience of creating quality doors, windows and other solutions to expand the home, including porch enclosures.  In this Eze Breeze reviews guide we will talk about Eze Breeze, their values, reviews of their […]


Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review – Quiet & Powerful

By Brett E. / May 25, 2018

Last Updated February 2020: People who live in hot places have known for a long time just how horrible it is when there is no airflow. When you’re stuck in heat for too long it puts a strain on your body and really impacts your mood and energy levels.  Thankfully in this Honeywell Fresh Breeze […]


Moisture in the Home – Best Humidity Level For Your Home!

By Brett E. / May 17, 2018

If you have ever been to the south or to Florida in the summer for example, you would never caught dead asking what the best humidity level for your home is, or be worried about not enough humidity.  But low and behold, once the colder winter months start coming upon you, you start asking yourself […]


How to Tell if Wood is Treated? – The Ultimate Lumber Guide!

By Brett E. / May 13, 2018

Last Updated February 25th 2020: If you are someone that is planning on doing a DIY project or two with lumber, then you really need learn what type of wood you are using.  This is extremely important not only for the look of the wood, but also for the durability, the resistance, and to protect […]

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