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Family Owned – Levin Furniture Reviews – Sofa Quality and Reviews

Levin Furniture

Brett E.Brett E. is the Owner of BarterDesign.co.  Brett comes from a long line of craftsman and foreman, and has been involved with the construction and renovation world ever since he was a boy while working for his families construction and remodeling company.  After graduating with a a degree in Interior Design, Brett is the …

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Pulaski Furniture Reviews – High Quality Accent Pieces

Pulaski Furniture Reviews

Last Updated June 9th 2019:  Pulaski are one of the best known home furniture manufacturers within America and globally. They’ve established themselves as high quality furniture craftsmen who are always looking to improve their products and services. Pulaski Furniture are part of the Home Meridian International Group who also own and operate a lot of the …

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Ashley Furniture Reviews – A True American Success!

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture have been operating since 1945. In that time they’ve grown in every way. They now offer a massive range of products, filling warehouses that stock everything to fit out your kitchen. Ashley furniture began in a single store and are now a well known name in home furnishings and have stores across the …

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Asheville, NC Founded – Bernhardt Furniture Reviews – Sofa and Recliners!

Bernhardt Furniture Warranty

Welcome to our Bernhardt furniture reviews guide!  Bernhardt have been around since 1889 and have one of the longest histories in the furniture industry. Founded by the Bernhardt family they remain family owned, with 4 different generations managing the company. Based out of North Carolina, Bernhardt have now grown so large that they have 8 …

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Bel Furniture Reviews – Texas Furniture With Mid-Level Quality

Bel Furniture Recliner Reviews

Last Updated May 12th 2019:   Bel Furniture may not be the oldest furniture company around but they’ve made a definitive mark on the American home furnishings market. One of the fastest growing retailers in Texas they’ve become a household name with furniture in thousands of homes.  In our Bel Furniture reviews guide we will talk …

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Arhaus Furniture Reviews – Does Their Quality Match Their Design?

Family enjoying their Arhaus Furniture set outdoors

Last Updated May 12th 2019:   Arhaus are the designers of quality home and outdoor furniture. Each piece has been developed exclusively by their creative team and is designed to bring style and utility into your home. They really provide a sense of creativity and quality blended together.   In this Arhaus furniture reviews guide you …

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Art Van Furniture Reviews – Danish Furniture Quality & Complaints

Art Van Furniture Reviews

Last Updated May 12th 2019:  Art Van Furniture are operating within the U.S and supplying furniture to homes across the country. With a focus on Danish and contemporary furnishings they have an impressive range of products to add value to your home.  In this Art Van Furniture Reviews post you will learn about Art Van …

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Quality Upholstery and Sofas – Simmons Furniture Reviews 2020

Simmons living room furniture

Last Updated April 21st 2019:  Simmons have been shaping the furniture industry for the last century and are one of the most well established brands around. Throughout their 140 year history they have strived to offer exceptional value and outstanding service to their customers. Simmons are responsible for setting the trends in the home furniture …

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Kincaid Furniture Reviews and Styles – Quality Handcrafted Woodworking

Woman sitting on her Kincaid Furniture

There is nothing like good quality woodwork. It’s the backbone of the furniture industry and getting the right hardwood products can make your home look incredible. Unfortunately over time there seem to be less reputable woodworkers around with a passion for the craft.  In this Kincaid furniture reviews guide you will learn all about Kincaid’s …

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American Made “Lean Manufacturing” – Vanguard Furniture Reviews 2021

Modern sofa

Last Updated February 2020:  Vanguard Furniture began very humbly with 1 factory and 2 employees. They began by producing just one piece of furniture, a velvet chair. Over 45 years have passed and Vanguard have cemented themselves as one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the industry.   In this Vanguard Furniture reviews we will …

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Constant Innovation – Klaussner Furniture Reviews – Sofas and Recliners!

Modern dining room

Last Updated: April 12th 2019  Klaussner have been operating since 1963 out of Asheboro, North Carolina. They began as the family owned Stuart Love upholstery business and It wasn’t until 1979 that Hans Klaussner purchased the company, converting into the furniture business we know today. In 1993 the first distribution center opened and what started out …

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