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Best Curtain Rods For Blackout Curtains – Enhance Sleep & Style!

Curtain rod

Last Updated: March 25 2019  Curtains are one of my most underrated parts of a home and something not everyone considers when redesigning or rethinking their home set up. Nevertheless curtains are a really important part of home design and they need to be thought through to make sure you get the best from any …

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Influence Your Interiors Mood With Allen Roth Lighting & Reviews!

Allen Roth Chandelier Lighting

Last Updated: March 25th 2020  Choosing the right type of lighting for your home can often be a confusing and it can also be extremely expensive.  Thankfully, ever since I was introduced to Allen Roth Lighting I didn’t have that lighting problem anymore. Allen Roth has been around for quite a few years and they …

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Allen Roth Flooring Reviews and Comparisons! – Change Your Home!

Allen Roth flooring

Last Updated March 24th 2019:  Allen Roth has been a company that has quite a few different products to their name.  They have done such a great job at building a brand that they seem to have excellent products in nearly every niche!  I think this is fantastic because I love Allen Roth, and that …

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Solatube vs Velux Solar Tube Reviews – Sun Tunnels 2021

Solatube Installation

Last Updated January 2020: Lighting is important in the home. It changes the whole mood and feel of any room and can have a big impact on the general style. It will also have an affect on all of the people who live there. Certain lighting and bulbs can be harmful to your eyes, especially …

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Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review – Quiet & Powerful

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review

People who live in hot places have known for a long time just how horrible it is when there is no airflow. When you’re stuck in heat for too long it puts a strain on your body and really impacts your mood and energy levels.  Thankfully in this Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan Review guide …

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Moisture in the Home – Best Humidity Level For Your Home!

Digital humidity monitor

If you have ever been to the south or to Florida in the summer for example, you would never caught dead asking what the best humidity level for your home is, or be worried about not enough humidity.  But low and behold, once the colder winter months start coming upon you, you start asking yourself …

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How to Tell if Wood is Treated? – The Ultimate Lumber Guide!

Chromated Copper Arsenate ​(CCA) wood

Last Updated February 25th 2020: If you are someone that is planning on doing a DIY project or two with lumber, then you really need learn what type of wood you are using.  This is extremely important not only for the look of the wood, but also for the durability, the resistance, and to protect …

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