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Best Composite Granite Kitchen Sink – Reviews and Styles 2020

Franke Gravity Granite Composite Kitchen Sink Review

Last Updated: April 12th 2019  We all spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen. Whether it’s washing up, cooking, cleaning or anything else we’ll find we’re hovering around the kitchen sink a lot of the time. The kitchen sink is the centre point of any kitchen and it’s important that it’s …

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Medallion Cabinet Reviews – American Made Custom Cabinets!

Medallion Cabinets

Medallion are the semi custom cabinet makers that are now present in homes across the U.S.A. With cabinets in a range of styles and sizes they’ve proved a popular choice when refitting a kitchen. Owned by Elkay they are a responsible business, always looking to grow and improve while giving back to the community and …

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Wellborn Cabinet Reviews 2019 – “Southern Made Furniture”

Wellborn Cabinet Featured

Last Updated March 27th 2019:  The furniture industry is full of old names and new names but when purchasing something to be a part of your home in the long term it’s important to know who you’re buying from. From this you can get a much better idea of what kind of product you’ll get, and …

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Timberlake Cabinet Reviews 2019 – 3 Tiers of Furniture

White Timberlake kitchen cabinets

Last Updated March 27th 2019:  Timberlake Cabinetry are a division of American Woodmark Corporation, the 3rd largest cabinet maker in North America. Founded in 1990 they are one of the cheapest cabinet makers, catering to those with a small budget. Their motto is “on time and complete cabinetry” and it sums up what they do. …

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Miseno Sink Reviews 2019 – Quality Kitchen Sinks With Style!

Miseno Sinks

Last Updated: March 25th 2019  Choosing the right sink for your kitchen or bathroom is essential. It’s not just about the style and design but about the utility of any sink. You need a sink that completes your existing decoration and matches existing features. If you have modern features then a modern sink is the …

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Chanson Miracle MAX Reviews 2019 – The Ultimate Water Ionizer!

Chanson Miracle MAX Reviews

Health is the buzzword of the 20th century and we’re more concerned with our well being than ever before. We’re all trying to exercise and eat right, getting the minerals and vitamins that will keep us functioning for longer and at our best. Sometime we perhaps take for granted is the water we drink from …

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Thomasville Cabinet Reviews – Passionate Craftsmanship 2019

Modern kitchen using wooden cabinets

Last Updated: March 25th 2019  Because I have had quite a few emails asking about this company, I have decided to make this ultimate guide on Thomasville cabinet reviews and my thoughts on the company as a whole.  Without further ado, lets get into it!  Thomasville have been making cabinets for over 100 years. Their first …

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Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews 2020 – American Made Semi-Custom Cabinets

Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews

Last Updated March 24th 2019:  Brookhaven have been producing cabinets for over 50 years, and in that time they’ve developed a keen understanding of the skills required to produce well made furniture. Brookhaven is owned by Wood-Mode and operates as a semi custom cabinet producer for the brand.  In this Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews guide we will …

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Ultimate Cliqstudios Cabinet Reviews 2020 – Direct Distributor

Cliqstudios Warranty

Last Updated February 2020:  Cliqstudios supply furniture direct from the factory to your door. They believe in cutting out the middleman dealerships and keeping the relationship personal, supplying directly to you. This allows them to keep the process simple and cost effective for the buyer.  In this Cliqstudios cabinet reviews we talk about Cliqstudios history, …

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Diamond Cabinet Reviews 2020 – Simplify Storage Solutions

Diamond Cabinet Reviews

Last Updated March 24th 2019:  Diamond Cabinetry was set up after a rush of innovation into home products. They believed in doing the same for cabinets and providing homes with the best solution, made specifically for them. Founded in 1970 Diamond have grown fast, now producing a whole range of cabinets and accessories but still never …

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Amish Quality – Schrock Cabinet Reviews – Prices and Quality

Kitchen with Schrock cabinets

Last Updated January 29th 2020:  Schrock have been producing handmade furniture since 1961. Founded in Arthur, Illinois and, with Amish values at heart, the Schrock brothers originally produced just a single type of cabinet. Their quality and craftsmanship has stood the test of time as they have diversified. Now available in dealerships across the country …

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