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Azek Decking Reviews 2021 – Enjoy the Outdoors in Style!

Azek decking

Last Updated January 2020: Azek’s story begins in 2001 when the company was founded. Driven by their desire to make a mark in the home improvements industry they found their niche in creating exterior trims. Through tough times and setbacks they’ve persevered and are now fairly well known as a household name.   In this …

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Starmark Cabinet Reviews 2020 – American Made Cabinets

Off white Starmark kitchen counter tops

Starmark cabinetry are the all American cabinet producers that can be seen in homes across America. They’ve proven themselves to be excellent craftsman and to have good business ethics, allowing them to succeed in a crowded industry.  In this Starmark Cabinet reviews guide you will learn about Starmark as a company, the types of cabinets …

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Best Rototiller For Rocky Soil – Move Rocks and Stones

Rototiller for rocky soil

Summer is just around the corner and for those of us with a garden that means just one thing, time to get to work. We all want a well presented garden to show off to the neighbors, or for the family to enjoy, but it can be difficult to devote the time and energy into …

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Best Drill Bit For Porcelain Tile – Easy & Clean Drilling

Person using a drill to cut into tiles

Porcelain tiles are built from a mixture of water, clay and a number of different materials. There are several different varieties available and the most common are glazed with specific finishes. Porcelain is a popular choice for bathrooms because of its water resistant qualities. It helps protect from staining, moisture and damp all while keeping …

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Husqvarna yth22v46 Riding Lawn Mower Review

Husqvarna yth22v46 riding lawn mower collecting dried leaves in backyard

As we approach the Summer we can start to reap the benefits of longer days and better weather. For some people that means relaxing in the sun, but for the rest of us it means we have to get our garden in order first.  Speaking of gardens, if you are preparing your garden with rocky …

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Flood Floetrol Reviews 2020 – Make Your Paint Behave Like it Should!

Flood Floetrol

Last Updated January 2020: Floetrol is used in a number of different items which are important to the home.It’s a water based paint conditioner which is used directly on paint and wood stains. It works to help water based paints behave more like oil based paints making them thicker which helps improve the paint flow …

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Escape the Heat! – Allen Roth Gazebo Reviews and Comparisons!

Allen Roth gazebo canopy

Last Updated March 24th 2019:  When you someone that likes to entertain, you definitely need something that will shield your guests from the weather!  Although it took me some time to find the perfect solution, I think my choice of getting an Allen Roth gazebo is the right choice for nearly everyone! When you are …

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Quikrete Walk Maker Reviews – Create the Perfect Garden Walk!

Quikrete walk maker review

Your garden is your pride and joy. You’ve spent hours, days and weeks cultivating it to make it look amazing. It’s your place to go and unwind, maybe relax with the kids and just enjoy the outside. To achieve this feeling you spend a long time doing the hard work, why not add a garden …

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Eze Breeze Reviews 2020 – Safe + Quality Windows For Your Home!

eze breeze price

Last Updated February 25th 2020: Eze Breeze are specialists in making use of your available outdoor space. They have over 30 years experience of creating quality doors, windows and other solutions to expand the home, including porch enclosures.  In this Eze Breeze reviews guide we will talk about Eze Breeze, their values, reviews of their …

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