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Divano Power Lift Back Pain Recliner Review

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Divano is a recliner brand that is fully focused on their customers, and making them feel as comfortable as possible.  Divano combines extremely high quality along with the ability and ergonomics to relieve back pain in their recliners.  

In this review we will be talking about the Divano Roma Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner which is designed to help relieve back pain and keep you nice and comfortable!  Although there are many recliners on the market, this is considered one of the best recliners for back pain!

After reading this post you will learn why the Divano Power Lift Back Pain Recliner is the ultimate solution to those who are looking for a recliner that will help to relieve their pain in their back, while still looking stylish and fitting into your home’s style!

About Divano Recliners

Divano Furniture has been in business since the 20th century, and they really put a lot of focus on the individuality of their furniture pieces.  While giving their customers an extremely individual feel, Divano also strives into producing furniture that is extremely comfortable and practical to their customers.  

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The three main values that Divano focuses on are Vision and the extremely intricate details Divano puts into their craftsmanship, Values and their desire to meet and exceed their customers expectations, and finally Gallery and the ability for their furniture to fit into your homes style!

Divano Roma Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner for Back Pain

One of the best recliners I ever had for my back pain was the Divano Roma Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner.  This recliner features a Power Lift technology which helps to lift and tilt the recliner into different positions which allows you to easily maneuver the recliner into easy to get out and easy to get in type positions.  

This is great for those who have severe back pain because it allows you to easily get in and out of the recliner, and allows you to minimize movement which might cause lower back pain.  This power lift is powered by a near silent motor which powers the movement, and lasts for years on end!

This recliner is manufactured out of an extremely durable bonded leather that gives you a firm cushion that supports your back, and feels great on your skin.  This recliner comes in two different leather colors, black and brown.  Along with this, this recliner is medium sized, and is spacious enough to fit most people comfortably.  

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The Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner has the following dimensions, 37 inches tall, 28 inches wide, 21 inches between arm rests, depth of the seat is 22 inches.  Overall the dimensions are great for those who are larger, but if you are extremely big or tall then I would possibly look at another larger recliner.

One of the main points that I loved about this recliner was the ability to relieve back pain.  I purchased this recliner simply looking for some piece of furniture that I could relax in without feeling constantly in pain, and this was my savior!  

Because this recliner is designed out of extremely high quality bonded leather, and the cushioning is comfortable but firm, you are given a design that actually provides support in all the right places.

Many people when they are looking at recliners they think that the extremely fluffy recliners will help relieve some pain in their backs, but you actually need substance to relieve the tension and muscle pain. Along with support, this Roma Classic Power Lift recliner is near full reclining which is great after a long day of work.

By being able to recline near flat, it allows your back to fully spread out and take some pressure off of your lower back and help relieve some of that pain and tension that has been built up throughout the day.

How Effective is this Recliner at Relieving Back Pain?

Although there are thousands of great looking recliners that might be finely crafted on the market place, the only thing that matters when you’re dealing with back pain, is finding a recliner or a piece of furniture that can help relieve this back pain and tension.  

Many factors go into relieving back pain in recliners, including Support, Material, and Ability to Recline.  Here is how this recliner matches up in these categories:

  • Support:  Support is extremely important in a recliner, and it allows your body to fully relax and allows your body to form to the ergonomic shape and structure without over using muscles.  
    Overall this Divano recliner does a great job at providing a firm but comfortable support system that really relieves tension in your back.  This recliner provides enough lower back support which allows you to finally get some rest from your long day at work.
  • Material: Similar to support, material can play a huge role in the overall comfort level, and the recliners ability to relieve back pain.  When selecting a material you want to make sure that it pairs well with the support level.  
    Sometimes if you are using a recliner made of soft upholstery, it can lower its overall support level. That being said this Divano recliner feels great on your skin with the cool bonded leather, and the leather also gives it a firm feel, that is still forgiving enough to feel quite comfortable. Overall I really enjoy the material on this recliner, and I recommend it!
  • Ability to Recline: Where this recliner really excels, is it’s ability to recline and its overall range of motion. This recliner features the Power Lift technology which allows the recliner to tilt and dip powered through an electrical motor which makes the recliner easier and more comfortable to enter. Along with this, this recliner features a pretty large range of motion.  This recliner can nearly recline all the way flat, which makes it extremely comfortable and great at relieving back pain, and also a great choice for those who choose to sleep in their recliner.
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Final Thoughts on Divano Power Lift Back Pain Recliner

Overall there are plenty of reasons why this Divano power lift recliner is one of the best choices for those who are looking for a recliner to relieve some tension and pain.  The support built into this recliner is one of the best I have ever tested, and it truly is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture.  

Along with this, the power lift technology is great for those who need a little help getting into and out of recliners.  Furthermore, the range of motion is great for this recliner, and truly allows you to lay flat and really unwind after a long day of work.  Overall, I definitely suggest this recliner if you’re looking for some relief to your back pain!