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How Big Is the Average Bedroom?

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In order to plan your home appropriately, you need to balance out all the rooms of the house. To do this, you need to know the total square footage of the house and the average size of one bedroom. Thus, the big question becomes, how big is the average bedroom?

How Big Is the Average Bedroom?

The average bedroom size ranges from 109 to 299 square feet, with the most common size being 202 square feet. The size depends on whether it is in a house or an apartment.

It also varies from country to country. Most times, it depends on the square footage of your residence and can be calculated as a 10th of the total square footage.

Different bedroom sizes are named according to their sizes using the dimensions of an average house, which is usually 2,000 square feet. They include:

A master bedroom with brown chairs and an patio furniture near the window

Master Bedroom

This tends to be the biggest bedroom in any house and can measure up to 370 square feet. This size is mostly used in luxury style homes that have an extensive square footage of up to 3500. In an average house, it can be between 200 and 300 square feet, with the most common being 230 square feet.

Unlike the average, it tends to slightly above 10% of the entire square footage. It should be large enough for a king size bed and all your other furniture. Considering the bed is about 10 by 12 feet, your master bedroom should be about 14 feet by 16 feet.

Child’s Bedroom

These tend to be one of the smallest bedrooms in most houses and can measure between 50 and 150 square feet. They can be as small as a third or a half of the master bedroom size.

It has a closet and a window. They can also easily be converted into an office space or study area.

Moreover, make sure that you chose a size that can easily fit the bed that you have in mind for your child or toddler. In a 12 by 12 feet room, that is, 144 square feet, you can comfortably fit a double bed, a closet and bedside table with ample walking space.

Guest Bedrooms

Most people tend to forget this bit when drawing up the home plan. Instead, an extra bedroom is usually converted to the guest bedroom. However, if you plan on including it in your plan, it should be about 100 to 250 square feet for an average house.

For a bigger house, it can be between 450 and 700 square feet. It should at least fit a queen size bed which typically measures 33 square feet. For a smaller room, you can include more amenities to make the guest feel more comfortable.

Fitting a Bed Into the Bedroom

The amount of space you need to fit different types of bed sizes in a standard room can be determined by the Golden Ratio. This formula is 1:3. Thus, in practice, if you need to fit a king-size bed which measures 42 square feet on average, you need a bedroom which is at least 120 square feet.

These measurements allow you to leave an allowance for other items in the room such as a dresser, closet, study table and any other furniture that you may want to have. Of course, knowing how to measure furniture dimensions is a must.

Why Should You Know the Average Bedroom Size?

Bedrooms with comfortable beddings and sheets are where most people go to unwind and relax. You cannot do so in a cluttered space.

Knowing the size of an average bedroom can help you keep your space organized and decluttered. It will also allow you to communicate with a designer or buy furniture that fits appropriately in the space without taking up too much space.

A small bedroom with a desk and a chair

Related Question

Is a 12×10 Bedroom Small?

Yes, it is quite small measuring about 120 square feet. It can be used as a children’s bedroom, a study area or an office.

A child’s double bed would fit in this room. However, an adult might feel cramped up in it as they may need a bigger bed and more furniture.

How Big Is a 12×12 Room?

A 12×12 room is about 144 square feet. It can be used as a standard bedroom or a guest bedroom in an average 2000 square feet home.

It can comfortably fit a queen size bed, two bed side tables and maybe a dresser. Putting too much furniture might make it feel cramped.


The average bedroom size is about 202 square feet in an average house size of about 2000 square feet. The bigger the house, the bigger the bedroom can be. You could also use techniques to make a smaller house look bigger on an outside perspective.

The average bedroom size also changes depending on which country you are in. The Golden Ratio can help you determine the size of the bed that can best fit into your bedrooms.