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How To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner

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Lazy Boy releases probably the classiest variants of recliner sofas in the furniture market. The franchise produces couches of varying fabric patterns and textures. However, relocating an unfolded Lazy Boy recliner sofa might be a challenging task along a narrow corridor.

Let’s see how to disassemble a Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa.

How To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa

It’s not as complicated as you’d make it out to be.

Step #1: Gather Required Tools

  • Flat-drive screwdriver  
  • Lubricant 
  • A clamp 
  • An Allen wrench
  • A Phillips screwdriver
Lazy Boy recliner with footrest

Step #2: Set the Back Cushion

The first step to disassemble a Lazy Boy recliner sofa is to adjust the back cushion. To complete this process, you must locate some levers and work on them. 

These levers are the back-cushion release levers that are placed on the back of the recliner. Locate the release levers by inserting your fingers inside the base gap. Once you get a hold of the cushion release lever, rotate it upwards. Remember to do it on each side of the recliner and then release it.

Repeat the rotations by grasping the back cushion from each angle to pull it upwards. After each rotation, don’t forget to release the lever for adjustments. Without applying much force, you can adjust the back cushion accordingly.

Step #3: Remove the Screws

In this process, you’ll require a flat-drive screwdriver for screw removal. You can also use a pile driver, but a flat-drive screwdriver is more convenient, even for untrained hands. 

First, turn the recliner couch upside down to expose the base of the screws. Doing such also gives you access to the lower framework for better handling. 

You will find some metal brackets at the base and on the front that provide stability. Unscrew the screws from those metal brackets to disassemble the components. 

You must rotate the flat-drive screwdriver in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen the screws. After completing the process, store the screws properly so that you don’t lose them. 

Step #4: Remove the Main Cushion

You can remove the cushions by loosening them by working on the levers. Try to remove each bracket from the center of the frame to move it further away from the arms. 

You can do this process easily by turning the recliner upright again. Now, try to lift the front seat of the recliner without applying much force. 

If the cushion is still intact, you have to work on any one of the two levers at the bottom. Adjust the lever accordingly and bring the cushion to a state when you can remove it easily.

Swing the lever upward and loosen the lower frame to remove the cushion. Also, remember not to swing the lever rapidly, as it might loosen the mainframe. 

Step #5: Removing Extra Pillows and Cushions

Start by pulling the levers up once again to loosen the extra cushions. Doing such will separate the bracket section that joins the arms to the main body. Without adding much force, slide the arms off your Lazy Boy recliner to drop them on the ground. 

You should also know how to set a clamp beneath the mainframe to get extra stability during your work. Now, after removing the arm from the mainframe, it’s time to remove the back and side seats. 

You can easily remove the side seats by pulling them up but try to loosen them too. Rotate the levers that work on side seats to remove the hinge grip. 

Remember that you must remove the side seats after placing your recliner far from the wall. It is because the components might get ejected at any instant on applying much force. 

Step #6: Remove the Back Rest

To remove the backrest, you should locate some nuts and bolts attached to the rear side of the seat. To make your tasks easier and have better access, you can rotate the recliner upside down. 

Fix the Allen wrench on the bolt and rotate it anti-clockwise to loosen it. If you haven’t used an Allen wrench before, here’s a video guide to help. Continue to unscrew till you remove all the brackets that join the backrest to the arms. 

After removing all bolts, place them aside carefully to avoid misplacing. You can now remove the backrest with your bare hands with ease. 

Step #7: Remove the Legs

After you have turned the recliner right-side-up, grab the arm frame and pull. If the legs remain intact, adjust the clamp below the mainframe to get more stability. 

There might be some bolts and screws attached near the lever that makes the legs remain affixed. You can easily unscrew those bolts by using a Phillips screwdriver. 

To get started, adjust the table clamp higher so that you have full access to the bolts. Unscrew the screws and remove the metal brackets to disassemble the lower components, like its footrest and legs.

Proceed by rotating and releasing the levers gently to loosen the frame further. Now, pull the legs with your bare hands keeping the recliner intact with the wall. 

Tips To Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa With Ease

To make your workflow better, here are some tips for disassembling a Lazy Boy recliner sofa. 

Tip #1: Use A Lubricant

If your Lazy Boy recliner makes clamping noises during dissembling, you’ll have a hard time dissembling. Moreover, you might also end up breaking some essential components of your couch. 

Therefore, use a lubricant in several sections such as metal brackets and also on the mainframe. Using a lubricant before dissembling makes your workflow even smoother. 

Tip #2: Use A Clamp

Using a clamp to disassemble your Lazy Boy recliner sofa has additional benefits. Usually, turning your recliner upside down might be a hard task for you.

A clamp provides additional stability so that you can work on the disassembling process without any hassle. Moreover, it helps you elevate the mainframe of your recliner sofa while unscrewing. 

Tip #3: Position Your Recliner Correctly

Another tip to generate a smarter workflow is by adjusting your recliner’s placement. If you are working with your Lazy Boy recliner sofa indoor, this tip might be helpful. 

Place your recliner away from the wall if you are removing extra cushions or the arm piece. It is because the wall might hinder overall movement while you continue dissembling. 

Bring your Lazy Boy recliner sofa close to the wall if you are about to remove their leg piece. It is because the wall acts as a 2D fulcrum that allows you to disassemble more easily.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Clamp Necessary To Disassemble a Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa?

A clamp is a piece of vital equipment to add more stability to the frame to disassemble. It reduces some extent of your effort to elevate the frame for unscrewing. If you can handle the frame manually, a clamp isn’t required. 

Which Step Of The Dissembling Process Requires The Most Care?

Usually, you should handle steps #1 and #6 with utmost care. It is because you can’t continue the dissembling process without setting the backrest. 

Moreover, discarding the legs from the mainframe requires active handling of the lever. Therefore, complete Step #1 with care and proceed with the rest. 


Rather than pushing the Lazy Boy recliner sofa in narrow corridors, it’s better to disassemble it. The company provides an instruction manual that describes how to assemble and disassemble it on buying the couch set. 

Before starting your workflow, ready the items listed in the “Materials Required” section beforehand. Moreover, lubricate the screws and bolts on the metal clamps for a smoother dissembling experience. 

Reassembly should be just as easy, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the recliner again in no time.