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How Much Are Lazy Boy Recliners?

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Lazy Boy recliners are one of the leading brands of recliner chairs. This brand offers a wide variety of recliners constructed with patented recliner technology and offers a wide range of features and upgrades. The brand has the backing of many years of experience, making it an attractive option for consumers.

How Much Are Lazy Boy Recliners?

Lazy Boy recliners prices range from $299 to $4000, with the cost depending on many factors, such as materials and upgrades.

The company offers the recliner at a starting price, with additional features such as AirForm Cushions and Extended Handles added depending on the customers preferences. These upgrades change the price of the recliners.

What Makes Lazy Boy Recliners Different From Others Brands?

Additional Comfort

Lazy Boy recliners have patented features that help set it apart from other recliners in its category. With these additional features, the company promises more comfort, which every consumer is looking for. Some of the patented features that set apart these recliners from the rest include:

  • Ability to recline and rock simultaneously
  • Sixteen rocker locking positions
  • Support to the lower back
  • Frame construction that is four-sided
  • Three footrest locking position
  • Dual footrest locking

Body Fitted Recliners

Another reason why Lazy Boy recliners are different is that they offer consumers a chance to have the chairs fitted to their body type. By visiting a local Lazy Boy store, you can get a chair fitted to your body size. This way, you avoid aches and pains associated with using a recliner that does not suit your body type.

A recliner that does not accommodate your body type will have you experiencing pain on your neck, back, legs and ankles as the cushions will not be resting in the ideal spots. When you align the body parts to the cushions in the right manner, you will have more comfort and have the best experience ever with the recliner.

What Factors Influence the Price of Lazy Boy Recliners?


Lazy Boy recliner prices are dependent on many factors and key among them is the material you want. The type of material you want on the recliner will influence the price you pay for it. The options of material include fabric and leather, with leather recliner chairs costing more than the fabric option.

Choosing which material to use over the other will depend on your own personal taste and preference. It will also depend on the décor that you have, especially if you want to maintain a uniform look in the room.

Leather recliners are ideal when you have pets and kids as they are easy to clean. If the chair will be used a lot, it may require constant cleaning. Leather remains the best choice in such cases.

Features and Upgrades

The good thing about the Lazy Boy recliner is that you can have additional features put in after purchase. The options you want will determine the final price you pay for the recliner. Some of the options and upgrades that determine price of the Lazy Boy include:

What Should I Expect From My Lazy Boy Recliner?

Having a Lazy Boy recliner offers you a considerable number of benefits. When you purchase this recliner, you have the assurance of comfort.

The design of the recliner is such that the user experiences great comfort while using the chair. The settings of the recliner are such that it allows you to set the level of comfort you want from the different features available.

Apart from comfort, the recliner is designed in such a way that it accommodates the needs of the user. By getting a recliner custom fitted to your body’s dimension, you enjoy using the recliner without risk of injury to your body. You can therefore expect safe use of the recliner without ending up with aches and pains.

Acquiring a Lazy Boy ensures you enjoy convenience from the chair. With options such as remote control of the features, you do not have to fiddle with levers and buttons to get it right.

You can control the chair effortlessly, just as removing the back or the seat when needed to do so. The same convenience applies with the choice of handles and even the side that the handle will be.

If you are right hand dominant, you can get a handle that favors this and vice versa.


Lazy Boy recliners are among the leading recliners in the industry, carrying many patented recliner technology features. The price of the recliner from this brand will depend on the options and upgrades you want included in its features. You can therefore choose the ideal Lazy Boy recliner that fits your set budget.