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How to Remove the Seat From a Lazy Boy Recliner

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Recliners are a very popular item to have in your drawing room, giving you the necessary relaxation after a tiring day. It requires adequate maintenance, and you might need to open its seat. In this article, you will see how to remove the seat from a lazy boy recliner.

How to Remove the Seat from a Lazy Boy Recliner

The steps to be followed for removing the seat are quite simple but need concentration to be carried out perfectly and safely.

Tools Required

  • A long and flat screwdriver
  • A socket wrench
  • Some bolts and washers

Step 1: Remove the Back of the Recliner

You will need to remove the back of the recliner to expose the recliner’s seat and subsequently remove it. To do this:

  • Make the arms of the recliner touch the floor by pushing the recliner forward.
  • Search and find the locking levers that are usually on the sides of the recliner.
  • You need to unlock the locking levers for which the back brackets have to be pried.
  • For the above process, it is advisable to use a flat and long screwdriver that can reach the back, passing between the back and arms of the chair.
  • After unlocking the levers, push the recliner back to its standing position by pushing it back on its feet.
  • Sway the recliner’s back in a two and fro motion with a gradual upward motion. Continue swaying till the back of the recliner smoothly comes off.

It is more or less a similar process for both power and non-powered recliners. However, for power recliners, take extra care of the wires inside them.

On removing the back of the recliner, if you notice any loose screws, tighten them properly. This article contains more details on non-powered recliners.

Step 2: Remove the Bottom of the Recliner

After removing the back, the bottom of the recliner needs to be carefully removed to expose the seat completely. This is critical for taking out the seat safely.

  • There are bolt bars located at the bottom of the recliner. With the help of someone, turn the recliner upside down to locate the bars.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, unfasten the bolts attaching the bolt bar with the bottom. Keep the bolts safely, and do not misplace them.
  • After removing the button safely remove the covering at the bottom and expose the seat.

If you have a power recliner, ensure to remove the battery in this step and disconnect the recliner from all power supplies.

Step 3: Remove the Seat

After removing the back and bottom of the seat, you are now ready to begin removing the seat from the recliner.

  • Open the footrest so that it lies flat in front of the Lazy Boy recliner. Make the recliner rest on its back by lifting its front part.
  • The bottom of the seat is connected by a pin to a flat pivot bracket in both arms.
  • This bracket is responsible for the swaying motion of the chair when operating in recliner mode. Identify and locate the pin and the flat bracket.
  • Use your screwdriver to remove this pin carefully. Pull the pin out from both sides.
  • Place the Lazy Boy recliner on the floor. Make sure it is completely upright. Then raise the front of the seat at a level higher than that of the armrest.
  • The back of the recliner’s seat is connected to the back of the arms through two bolts. Find and locate these two bolts.
  • These bolts need to be removed. Use a socket wrench and turn it in the counterclockwise direction to remove the bolts.
  • The bolts go through two washers which are located on each side of the seat brackets. Make sure you hold on to these.
  • There are some screws at the bottom of the seat that should be removed if needed. The seat is ready to be detached from the Lazy Boy recliner.

Step 4: Put It Back Together

After you finish cleaning or repairing your Lazy Boy, you can put it back together in some easy steps:

  • Make the recliner lay down with the armrests touching the floor.
  • The brackets under the rear of the recliner have to be aligned with the brackets in the seat.
  • Roll the recliner forward and ensure both the brackets are completely engaged. Once this is ensured, push down the locking levers with a screwdriver.
  • Return the Lazy Boy recliner to its default standing position. Move the recliner in various positions to check if it is properly installed.
  • If the rear isn’t properly installed, again repeat the alignment process. When the recliner moves properly, you are good to go.

Refer to this video for a better understanding of the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Lazy Boy recliners come apart?

With time certain parts of the chair may need to be repaired. Therefore all Lazy Boy recliners are designed so that the seat and other parts can be removed without much hassle.

Why would someone need to remove the seat?

The foam in the seat may get hardened, there may be some material inside the seat, or you may simply want to clean the recliner or just change its appearance. These are some reasons to remove the seat from the recliner.


A Lazy Boy recliner is ideal for relaxing after spending the day doing some tedious work. Its seat needs to be removed for periodic maintenance purposes. Removing the seat is a simple process if done systematically and carefully.