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Picking the Best Recliners for Back Pain: Reviews and Comparisons

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Back pain is something that is extremely common, and it happens to a huge percentage of people at some point throughout their life.  

If you are someone that frequently encounters back pain, or is looking for something to help a loved one, you need to start looking at the everyday household items for relief!  You need the best recliner for back pain to keep you pain free and comfortable!

In this particular case, a common household item that can alleviate your back pain if you do your research, is your recliner chair!  Recliners are hugely popular, and are often thought of as the epitome of relaxation.

There are hundreds if not thousands of types and brands of recliners available on the market.  There are the standard lounging recliner, and there are those that have massage features or electronic movements.

But, just because you purchase a comfortable recliner chair, doesn’t mean it will be comfortable for everyone and it won’t necessarily help you relax, especially if they have pre-existing back pain or issues.

To help you with the struggles of picking out the best recliner for lower and upper back pain, we’ve put together this buyers guide.  In this article we will go through the pros and cons of certain recliners and how they can help with back pain.

Along with this, we’ve compiled a collection of choices on what we think are the best recliners for back pain.  This list is of our personal beliefs based on our experiences and thoughts.  These are great choices, and will help narrow down your choices!  Let’s jump right into it!

Best Recliners for Back Pain – Reviews and Ratings

Best Overall
Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Recliner
Best for the Money
Mac Motion Oslo
Best Cheap Pick
Flash Plush Rocker
Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black
Mac Motion 54-LO3-10-101 Collection Hamar Black...
Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Lever...
Best Overall
Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Recliner
Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black
Best for the Money
Mac Motion Oslo
Mac Motion 54-LO3-10-101 Collection Hamar Black...
Best Cheap Pick
Flash Plush Rocker
Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Lever...

Now that you’ve seen our table, below you will find more in-depth reviews and comparisons!

Divano Roma Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner

Divano Roma Furniture REC17-PU Recliner, Black

This Divano Roma Room Furniture recliner is a very unique choice when compared to other seats on the market and I would argue that it should be considered the one of the best recliners for back pain available!  

This reclining chair has a built in electric motor that is absolutely silent.  This motor not only reclines the chair back, but it also can tilt and power  lift the recliner forward as well.  

If you are someone that experiences lower back issues, that makes it extremely difficult to stand up or sit down, then this will be a godsend and will bring relief and help you relax!  

Now when you are done enjoying this recliner, you can use the built in motor to help tilt the chair forward, which makes it a lot easier and a lot less painful to stand up!  This power recliner is great for multiple uses! Furthermore this is great for your lower back with plenty of lumbar support!

Divano Roma Recliner

This motor is an electric motor, and it has to be plugged in to be powered, so keep that in mind when you are looking for a position to place the chair in your home.  Along with that, the whole motor is controlled using an attached remote control for extremely easy access.

Other than having the benefits of the power lift and tilt, this is an extremely cozy recliner chair.  This seat is manufactured out of a soft velvet, that is extremely comfortable to the touch, and still quite durable.  These recliner cushions are some of the softest and most supportive on the market, and they truly felt great on my lower back.  

The dimensions of the Divano Roma Plush Power Lift Recliner are as follows:

  • 31.5 Inches Wide
  • 36 Inches Deep
  • 42 Inches High
  • Fully Reclined Depth is 65 Inches
  • The Actual Seat is 20.5 Inches Wide by 20 Inches Deep

These dimensions make this a great recliner that is decently sized.  That being said, if size and space are of big concerns to you, then check out our guide on the best wall hugger recliners!  Along with being an extremely snuggly recliner, it’s also pretty decently priced.  

Generally motorized recliners are a little higher up on the price range, but this Divano Roma is reasonably priced, and a great product.  That being said, this is one of my favorite napping recliners.

That being said, this product does require a little bit of assembly.  When this product arrives at your door it will be delivered in two pieces, one piece being the back, and the other being the main seating area.  Assembly instructions will be included, but it’s as simple as sliding the back into the main seating area, and attaching.

Overall this is an extremely great power recliner, and the fact that it tilts and lifts to help accommodate easier access is a huge plus!  If you are looking for a new power lift chair or recliner, and you need easier access, then this is my number one recommendation for you to choose!  With great lower back and lumbar support, you’re guaranteed to find some pain relief!

Divano Roma Furniture REC17-PU Recliner, Black
  • Comfortable Leather lift chair: relax with an ease of a button using your very own plush remote...
  • Set multiple backrest position: Our Recliners easily Reclines with the attached remote Control with...
  • Side pockets functionality: Enjoy reading a book while resting, and easily store your magazine,...

Mac Motion Oslo Recliner Collection

Mac Motion 54-LO3-10-101 Collection Hamar Black...

Out of all the recliners that make up this list, this chair is a little bit more expensive than the others. But that being said, this cost is because of the incredible high quality materials that Mac Motion uses.  

This Mac Motion Oslo Collection styled collection recliner is made of a warm Walnut wood frame, that is fitted with an extremely comfortable and durable Top-Grain leather upholstery.

As for support and comfort, this is one of my top choices and features a great reclining angle.  This chair is fitted with high quality leather and hardwood, with extremely supportive memory foam on top.  This model is featured with MX-2 that is fitted with 1 inch of solid cored that creates a supportive and comfortable sitting area and makes sure your body fits perfectly.

Along with this, this chair is built to swivel a full 360 degrees, and features a manual reclining angle when you use the handle on the side.  This means that you can accurately and precisely select the exact angle of recline on this chair.  Along with that, because this recliner chair comes with a matching ottoman leg rest, it allows you to put your feet up and find the perfect position for comfort and relaxation!

That being said, if your goal is relief from back pain, then you really want a product with memory foam and a wide range of reclining chair options because it will give you the lower back and lumbar support your need!  This one does it all, and allows you to find the perfect position that alleviates your discomfort.

Similar to the recliner above, this product does have a little bit of assembly required.  Simply put, this recliner comes in two pieces and they have to be attached together.  

Thankfully this process is quite simple, and all it takes is 2 bolts to attach the back cushion to the main chair frame, and 2 cotter pins to attach the back cushion and the seat cushion.  As for assembling the ottoman, all it takes is 4 bolts to attach the ottoman cushion to the wood frame.

Overall this is a great recliner chair and ottoman leg rest set with incredibly high quality materials. This makes the chair not only incredibly good looking, but also incredibly durable.  That being said, if you are looking for an extremely comfortable recliner that allows a huge amount of personalization then this is the best option for you, and it’s conveniently located on Amazon!

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black

Everyone loves a good massage.  They can be great at helping back and shoulder tension, and are truly great for relaxing.  That being said, wouldn’t it be great to be able to get a professional level massage inside your house without having to hire a professional?  

Thankfully with massage chair recliners, this is possible!  Overall this is probably the best recliner chair for lower back pain available today!

The Kahuna Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner is the best recliner for back pain available, and it is something that can truly alleviate the most severe back tension and pain.  It has the best lower back and lumbar support out of any of the products featured on our list, and you should expect that from a zero gravity chair.

This recliner is one of the most advanced on the market, and it features, a 4 roller massage chair system that is design to massage your feet all the way to your neck. Along with this, the L-Track roller design of this chair helps to provide extra support to your neck and back, and the positioning helps to decompress the individual pieces of your spine via its zero gravity function.  

If you’ve never used a massage chair before, then it will literally change your life. This truly unique and innovative massage recliner also features the following relaxation functions: 

  • L-Track 4 Roller Massage System
  • Features an Air-Cell Massage System that covers your entire body and provides a silent but effect massage feature for your muscles
  • 3 Stages of Zero Gravity!  Zero gravity position is the most effective and comfortable reclining chair position to receive a massage from your recliner.  It helps to evenly spread a user’s weight and reduces stress on your joints and muscles
  • Features a Quality 2 Foot Massage Rollers
  • Features 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • Features Heating Therapy for Lower Back, Legs and Feet
  • Features a remote control to change massage controls

As you can see from all the functions above, this gravity chair is truly designed for comfort and relaxation in mind.  The fact that it features zero gravity positions makes this a great choice for people with serious back issues that need some heating relief and alleviation after a long day.

Not only does this massage chair feature the ultimate massage you can receive, it also features a unique stretching feature.  The LM-6800’s Yoga Stretching Auto Program is a full body stretching program that will help to limber up your body, and keep it feeling loose.

Although this is a premium product, it really is the best massaging recliner available on the market and a really good recliner.  If you are someone that struggles with tension, or works hard and long hours, there will be no better feeling in the world than coming home and relaxing your muscles in this heating Kahuna LM6800.  If you need a head to feet relief, then this is the anti gravity chair you should choose!

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black
  • Arm Airbag has new design, 6 Auto programs, timer button up to 30 minutes, Double layer shoulder...
  • SL-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to...
  • Best warranty service for online massage chair company – Easy to register warranty and request...

Flash Furniture Plush Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Lever...

This is an extremely comfortable and cozy chair for someone that is looking for something that simply gets the job done.  This Flash Furniture Plush Rocker Recliner is an oversized recliner which means that the width is at 66 inches.  

This makes it extremely comfortable and cozy reclining position for those who are looking for a comfortable lounging recliner.  If you want some extra space and size then this might just be the best recliner for a bad back for you!

That being said, oversized recliners are often a great choice because of the extra space and size provided, and the overall comfort.  This added room allows those that suffer from back pain to find the best position for their comfort.  

Along with this, this recliner’s position is easily adjusted with the level conveniently located on the right side.  This is extremely easy to operate, and allows you to find the perfect angle for your body.

This recliner comes with extremely generously padded arms and back cushions that truly surround you in comfort.  This 5 inches of CA 117 foam will help to keep you comfortable and relaxed.  

This chair is fitted with extremely easy to clean brown leather, that is also quite durable.  That being said, this chair features a 2 year warranty on parts.

Not only does this recliner recline, it also rocks.  The rocking motion of this recliner can be extremely soothing, especially those with infants and toddlers.

Overall this is a pretty great recliner for someone who is looking to relax after a long day.  This oversized chair gives you plenty of room to sprawl out and find the most comfortable position for you!  If you are looking for a great chair at a reasonable price, then this could be a great choice!

Flash Furniture Plush Brown LeatherSoft Lever...
  • Add an element of style and comfort to your space with this rocker recliner featuring soft and...
  • Add an extra element of style and comfort to your space with this rocker recliner featuring soft and...
  • Plush arms, bustle back cushions, LeatherSoft upholstery

Homelegance 9668BRW Glider Reclining Chair

Homelegance Center Hill 42' Bonded Leather Glider...

This Homelegance Recliner has the classic recliner look that many people are looking for.  This classic appearance not only looks great, but it feels great as well!

This recliner is manufactured out of both bonded leather and faux leather which makes it easy to clean, with the seat being made out of bonded leather and the body being made of the latter.  That being said, this use of two different materials helps to provide protection for the seat which takes most of the abuse, which faux leather is great at compared to real leather.  

Along with this, the head comes with some much needed neck and head padding that helps relieve pressure on your back.  All of this is done while still providing plenty of lumbar support and overall back support and is built for any body size.  This recliner chair measures the following:

  • 42 Inches Tall
  • 38.5 Inches Wide
  • 40 Inches Deep

The reclining function of this chair is operated with a lever on the right side.  The great thing about this level is that it allows you to perfectly choose the best reclining position for you.  Along with this, this chair features a gliding motion which I personally think is much easier on my back, and I prefer it over a rocking motion.

Overall, if you are looking for a recliner chair that has the classic “American Recliner” look, while still maintaining a comfortable seat, then this is the one for you!

Homelegance Center Hill 42" Bonded Leather Glider...
  • Center Hill Collection glider reclining chair covered in easy to clean dark brown bonded leather...
  • Traditional rolled arms and channel tufted design feature nail head accent
  • Lever action reclining mechanism; Gliding motion when not recline

Recliners for Back Pain

Recliners are very popular for the overall comfort that they can provide.  But that being said, with any type of product, there are both pros and cons to using them.  Below you will find our benefits and cons, and some things to keep in mind when you are looking at purchasing a new piece.

Benefits and Pros

Recliners are designed to relieve and alleviate pressure, pain, and general discomfort in your upper and lower back, while providing a comfortable place to relax.  They are great for full body pain management.  As mentioned before, there are some recliners that are designed with built in massage features or even heat features to add to this relaxation.

Compared to sofas, recliners are great at promoting and encouraging good posture and sitting position via the reclining angle, which ties to the greater pain relief.  This is great because it promotes overall good back and spine health which in the long run will help with back pain.  That being said, sitting in a sofa or traditional chair will never be as comfortable as a recliner!

If you are someone that needs somewhere to sit for long periods of time, recliners are great for long sits.  Because of their posture, these pieces are easier on your back when you have to sit for long periods, especially when you have back issues.

A comfortable chair with sofa and pillows

Drawbacks and Cons

That being said, if you have a preexisting serious medical condition, or a back injury, a recliner chair will not be a cure.  Recliners are designed to alleviate and reduce back pain.  

They aren’t a cure, and they won’t substitute medical attention.  That being said, if you are dealing with serious back pain, then please get your self to a doctor, and get some medical attention!

Along with that, if you have never shopped for furniture before, recliners can be expensive. It is truly an investment in your home, and you can expect to spend a respectable sum of money. That being said, there are different types and brands of recliners which will truly affect your price.

Choosing the Right Recliner for Back Pain

I know you’ve just been thrown a lot of choices, and you’ve seen a few recliners that you like, but try to stay with me.  In order to pick the best lounging chair for your back pain you need to really understand the root of your pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Because there are so many different types of back pain and so many different causes associated with backs, it really is important to understand the cause of your issues.  That being said, I would definitely recommend talking to a medical professional to really help get a grip on what’s going on.

That being said, WebMD provided us a guide on picking out what causes your back pain, and the root cause.  Although it can be caused  by a majority of factors, one of the simplest can be tracked back to lack of lumbar support.  Once you have figured out what’s causing your back pain, you can more accurately find a recliner that will solve your pain!

Recliner Tips for Combating Back Pain

  • For the majority of back pain, lumbar support, overall back support and elevated feet are some of the best features to look for in a chair.
  • If you have a pinched nerve and feel a stabbing pain or even numbness in your back, then a massage chair recliner is a great choice.  The Kahuna LM-6800 is one of the best massager recliners available on the market!  Along with this, heating can be a great option.  Heating allows your muscles to relax and helps to ease any agitated nerves.

    Heating also helps to relax the muscles surrounding your spine and actually allows your spine to feel more mobile.  Along with this, blood circulation is very important.  By providing heat and massages into your routine it will help to improve blood circulation in your body.
  • If you face general aches and pains from a long day of work of exercise, then you want to focus on both softness and cushioning.  This can come from material and fabric used.

    This helps to give your sore muscles a place to relax. That being said, remember to focus on lumbar support and overall back support as well because this will help with overall posture.
  • If your neck pain and back pain inhibits you from getting in and out of chairs easily, then I recommend you take a look at power lift chairs.  The Divano Roma Lift Recliner chair has the ability to lift and tilt to allow extremely easy access for those with limited mobility.
  • This helps to keep you in a more upright position while exiting the chair which helps make this easier, while still offering a nice reclining feature.  I would also suggest you ensure you have enough neck support to ensure your upright position is comfortable.
  • Massage and heat is a great suggestion for someone who deals with constant pain. This form of heat therapy really help to reduce inflammation in the lumbar region and I suggest you look at a massage recliner chair especially those with heating functions!

Types of Recliners

Along with knowing what’s causing your back and neck pain, you need to know the three main types of recliners that are available on the market.

Manual Recliners

Manual recliner chairs are some of the most basic and recognizable types of recliners.  These are fitted with no motors, and the recliner must be moved and adjusted through a level.  Because this a manual chair, you will need to physically move and adjust the seat.  

That being said, these are not great designs for people that have mobility issues or severe back pain or neck pain.  Thankfully, one major advantage is that they usually are the most affordable options.

Anti-Gravity Recliners 

Also known as Zero Gravity recliners these are an advanced type of recliners that are designed to keep your legs above your torso.  This zero gravity position is ideal because it relieves vast amounts of stress on your back, and offers numerous other health benefits including improved blood circulation.  It actually has been proved to help provide pain relief especially if you face neck pain.

If you have the chance to test out a gravity recliner, I definitely suggest you try and see how it feels. These generally have the highest levels of lumbar support.  Once you test it out, you’ll have to choose this design!

Massage Recliners

As mentioned earlier, there are some specialized recliners that are featured with built in massage function and features.  These recliners are fitted with a serious of rollers, and air bags or air coils. The rollers are designed to move up and down the users body to help roll out the muscles and pain points.  

Along with this, the air coils are built inside the recliner, and constantly inflate and deflate to provide support and a massage like feel to the user.  These massage function options give you an added relief that traditional recliners won’t.  My first experience was with a shiatsu massage chair recliner, and it was a great introduction!

These recliners truly are the best option for those that have pain, and they are the best thing in the world to come home to after a hard day.  There are also chairs that offer massage heat treatments which can be great for reducing tension and inflammation.  

That being said, because of their advanced innovation, these chairs do run a premium rate but I think the added massage options is worth it.  Definitely try a massage chair and heating chair if you have the chance, massage and heating chairs do a great job of really reseting your body!  I would consider these the perfect chair!

Recliner Warranty

After looking at some chairs, and accepting that this is an investment into your home, you should often look at the warranty.  If you are looking at purchasing an expensive item, you want to be sure that the warranty is complete enough to protect you in case something happens.

Most recliners on the market today will feature a one year warranty.  That being said, if you are looking at a premium recliner, then I would expect to have a little more complete warranty and will cover damage to the mechanics and to the material as well.  I urge you to double check the warranty information and policy before you purchase!

Recliner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Best Way to Use Your Recliner to Alleviate Pain?

If you are willing to invest a large chunk of money into a reclining chair, you should really be aware of the best ways to use it.  Below are some tips on how to effectively use your chair to reduce back pain.

Massage Chair
Recliner Angle

As with any recliner, you are in complete control of how low or high you want to sit.  That being said, there is an optimal angle that will reduce back strain.  

That being said it is actually better to aim for around a 135 degree angle as opposed to sitting straight up.  By getting the right angle it will vastly improve your lumbar support and be healthier in the long run.

Anti-Gravity Position

Generally speaking, the anti-gravity position (Where your feet are above your torso) is always going to be better for your back and overall health like blood circulation than a traditional sitting position. If you have a recliner that doesn’t feature an anti-gravity position, then the second best thing would be to find an ottoman leg rest to keep your feet up.  This helps to alleviate back pressure and strain as well and actually helps with lumbar support and overall pain relief.

Is a Massage Recliner Worth It?

Although this is a purely subjective question, I believe they are.  Massage chairs and recliners are different than a usual recliner and they feature some of the following features:

  • Rollers and Air bags/Air Coils which massage muscles all over your body.
  • Alleviate muscle spasms and tightness through heated pressure.
  • Anti-Gravity Positioning!
  • Added lumbar support!

Overall I have had great success with these and they’ve done a great relieve pain, and I definitely recommend them, especially  if they offer massage and heat features combined. That being said, it is truly up to the user to decide if the added price is worth the benefits or not.  

When I was at my worst, the benefits definitely were worth it.  But if you are someone that has very minor back pain, then maybe it won’t be worth it.  It’s truly a decision that each individual user will have to decide.

Best Recliner For Back Pain

Final Thoughts on Recliners and Back Pain

Having back pain can feel like a truly debilitating ailment, and it might feel like you will never have a normal life again.  But thankfully, if you do the right research then you will be able to find a recliner that not only supports your back, but helps to remove the stress and pressures put on it throughout your day.  That being said, once you find the the right chair you will notice that you can begin to live your life again!

Thanks to this new and advanced technology, there will always be an option to help you alleviate your back and neck pain.  I hope this buyers guide has helped you find a great recliner that helps with your back pain!  By doing your research, pain sufferers will no long exist when you select a chair for back pain!