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Jackson Catnapper Furniture is an American made furniture company that prides itself in using mostly only American hands to build their products.  

They believe that they are one of the only furniture companies that to this day, refuses to outsource the majority of their factories overseas because they value the economic benefit it brings to the American economy.

Catnapper furniture have been around for many years, and have a wide range of different products and different sizes, but before you think about purchasing any major furniture pieces, you must take a look at Catnapper Furniture reviews.

Jackson Catnapper Furniture History

​Jackson Catnapper Furniture was founded by a young Ray Jackson in 1922.  Mr. Jackson took all the money he had out of his bank account, and decided to start America’s next big furniture brand.

Jackson Catnapper Furniture summary review with a featured image of a couple sitting each on two brown leather reclining sofas with a glass table placed on a cream colored rug

His factory was based in Tennessee, and since his company was starting during the middle of the American Great Depression, he knew how important it was to only use American workers.  

Mr. Jackson knew that it was up to him and liked minded men and women to help rebuild the American economy.

His investment to his new furniture brand really paid off.  By the 1970’s the Jackson Catnapper Furniture brand had over 1.3 million square feet of factory space, as well as factories in multiple different states across the south east of the United States.  

To this day, the Catnapper brand has multiple thousand employees across the United States as well as 6 large factories that produces thousands of pieces of furniture every single year.

Catnapper Furniture Reviews

Now that you understand the history and ideology of this brand, it is time to figure out what other people are saying about Jackson Catnapper Furniture.  

I have done a large amount of research on reviews and complaints about this furniture brand, and I have tried to compile it all into one blog post, so that anyone who is thinking about purchasing a large piece of furniture can do so in an informed manner. I understand how big of an investment buying living room furniture can be.

That is why I work so hard to educate my readers about the problems and complaints about Jackson Catnapper Furniture.

Jackson Catnapper Furniture prides themselves in being an “American Furniture Brand”.  They say that they only use American labor and American factories to manufacture their products because they want to give back to the American people.  

Pier 1 brown faux leather push back recliner

However, with some research, I have discovered that the Jackson Catnapper Furniture company does build the frames of their furniture in their American factories, however, all of the leather, cloth, and other materials are built by foreign factories.  

This is what many other furniture companies do, but Jackson Catnapper Furniture claim they are different from other furniture brands but in the end they are doing the exact same things as their competitors.

Jackson Catnapper Furniture Quality

One of the most common complaints about Catnapper Furniture that I have discovered is the quality of the materials.  These furniture pieces are high-quality pieces.

I find the quality is pretty similar to Southern Motion and Smith Brothers. By this I mean that you are paying large amounts for furniture that is supposed to last many years.

That is the point of purchasing high end furniture, to pay for the highest quality materials so that you don’t have to worry about the materials ripping anytime soon. Along with this, these recliners are actually better for your body. They’re designs allow you to rest in comfort and help relieve your stress.

If you’re looking for a recliner that offers the same benefits as Catnapper products but with a lower price tag, then this Brown Faux Leather Gliding Recliner might be the one for you.

However, many different Catnapper Furniture Reviews have states that they purchased a piece of Jackson Catnapper Furniture, and then within around a year or two the material started to rip and show major signs of wear and tear.  

This brand of furniture does not have the most reliable furniture.  The materials such as the leather and cloth are weak and febile so they do not provide you with a reliable and sturdy piece of furniture.  

Even with minimal use, these furniture pieces will show major signs of damage. If you are looking to purchase a high quality furniture set that will last you many years, then I highly doubt that Jackson Catnapper is the furniture brand for you.

Brown PU leather push back recliner

You can still find pieces made by other manufacturers that carry a similar style such as this Brown Two Tone Polyurethane Leather Push Back Recliner.

I have seen a couple Catnapper Furniture Reviews that stated their furniture lasted a very long time, but I have also seen way more occasions where the materials fell apart after as little as a year or two.  

Jackson Catnapper Warranty Policy and Service

Before you commit to your purchase, you should always take a look at the warranty policy.  Thankfully, to help make your purchase easier, I’ve listed Catnappers furniture warranty below:

  • Frame: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Springs: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Recliner Mechanisms: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sleeper Sofa Mechanisms: 1 Year Warranty
  • Comfort Coil Seat Cushion Technology: 5 Year Warranty
  • Every Other Part: 1 Year Warranty

Overall it’s nice to see that Jackson Catnapper has a pretty solid warranty policy for its furniture.  I’ve had only one piece by Catnapper that I had to talk to buyer service about.  

I had a cushion on a recliner that the coil was broken somehow, and it created an uneven seat.  That being said, I called service to check if I was within warranty, and surprising the process was extremely smooth and easy.  

The service representative I spoke to was extremely helpful, and I got my piece replaced for free within a short phone call. Overall, hopefully you never have to use the warranty policy for Catnapper, but that being said, if you do have to use it, it is an easy process, and they’ll get you sorted out!

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