Picking the Best Shower Valve & Faucet 2019 – Reviews and Comparison

Last Updated June 11th 2019: The shower is the most refreshing part of waking up in the morning!  For many people it is incredibly hard to get out of the shower to get ready for work.  I understand the feeling, there is nothing better than a warm shower on a cold winter morning!  That is why I am providing you with a guide on the Best Shower Valve!

Best Shower Valve 2019 Comparison Table:

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However, to make this hypothetical dream shower work, you must have a working shower valve!  And I have had my fair share of trouble with shower valves, by this I mean i have tried nearly every kind on the market.  (My showers are very important to me..)

best shower valve

Shower valves are incredibly important for the total shower experience!

However, to make this hypothetical dream shower work, you must have a working shower valve!  And I have had my fair share of trouble with shower valves, by this I mean i have tried nearly every kind on the market.  (My showers are very important to me..)

The shower valve is much more important than most people truly understand, ask your local plumber and they will talk your ear off with the importance of the shower valve!  So without further ado, here is a Best Shower Valve Buying Guide!

The morning shower is one of my favorite parts of the day, it is utterly relaxing to step into the shower in a groggy state and then step out clean and sparkly!

I have always been an avid shower freak, and I like to think that it is a good thing!  I have tried hundreds of different showers, from French based designs to American made shower heads, and I truly believe that I only know so much about showers because I have had so many problems with my showers at home.  I have had broken shower heads, and leaky pipes, but what seems to happen more often than anything else is having a faulty shower valve.

The shower valve may not seem like the most important piece of a shower, but i guarantee you that once you try one of the better shower valves, then you will never look at a shower the same!  Along with this, if you are looking to have a fully functioning shower (everyone raise your hand) then you need to make sure your shower pan is up to standards.

I have tested every single one of these products first hand, and I would never recommend a product without personally using it myself, and I can promise you that these shower valves will change your shower for the better!  Although you might have a great shower valve, you will also need a quality shower faucet.  If you are looking for some good suggestions of shower faucets take a look at low water pressure rainfall shower headsmetal shower heads, and shower heads with speakers!

So in this best shower valve buying guide, I will talk you through the best valves on the market in 2019.  I will provide you an inside look at these valves and their prices, the dimensions, and the reliability of these pieces to provide you the consumer, with the most amount of information to make the most educated purchase possible!

Best Shower Faucets 2019 Comparison Table

Because shower faucets and shower valves are so similar, they often get lumped together into one category.  That being said I have had the honor of testing out a good number of shower faucets and I have compiled my favorite faucets into a handy table below.  This table will show you a quick overview of my favorite faucets!

Top 5 Best Shower Valves - Reviews and Comparisons:

The Delta R10000-UNBXHF Shower Valve is one of the most incredible shower valves on the market in 2019!  Based on my comparison between cost, material, reliability, and usability.  The Delta R10000 is the go to shower valve that I have turned to every time that my shower needs a repair!

This thing is unbelievable how easy it is to get set up and put together!  I know a lot of people are probably worried about calling a plumber to get the shower valve put together, but you don’t have to worry about that!  The Delta R10000 is one of the simplest shower valves to put together!

Delta has been around for many, many years.  And you have probably heard of them before!  This American home decoration appliance manufacturer has been known for their amazing customer service, their awesome delivery dates, their quick installation process, and more than anything their AMAZING products!

A good rule of thumb that I have had for many years now is, “you can’t go wrong with Delta”.  I have been able to to use hundreds of different Delta products from shower valves, to entire plumbing systems, and I h ave never been disappointed with one of their products! (Obviously, I haven’t tried every single one of their products, so that is just a rule of thumb that i use!)

One of the best things about the Delta R10000-UNBXHF is how ridiculously reliable it is!  It is so reliable, that I have a hard time believing it will ever break.  I have used this same exact shower valve in multiple different showers for many years without any difficulties!  I have definitely done my research and I have never seen anyone online complaining about it breaking, or malfunctioning after purchasing.

The Second main reason I love this shower valve, is the PRICE!  This shower valve is one of the best priced shower valves of all time!

You can find these delta shower valves for less than any other shower valves, and to add on to that, it works better than nearly every other shower valve!  For nearly HALF THE PRICE!

Pros Of The Delta R10000-UNBXHF Shower Valve:

  • The price of this shower valve is simply unbeatable!
  • This shower valve is nearly unbreakable.  I've owned one for years and I haven't had any problems with it!
  • Delta has amazing customer service and if you have any issues then they will be there to help!

Cons Of The Delta R10000-UNBXHF Shower Valve:

  • The valve itself has never been known as the most pretty or aesthetically pleasing valve for some, however i have never worried about this, since most shower system set ups will have little to no view of the shower valve.
  • The shower valve won’t match up with many of the European shower systems.  I understand that the whole new craze is to buy these fancy French and Italian shower systems, but the problem with that is that many of the popular American shower valve brands will not work with these European brands!

The Final verdict of the Delta R10000-UNBXHF Shower Valve:

The Delta R10000-UNBXHF shower valve is one of the best shower valve on the market today.  This valve is one of the cheapest prices shower valves on the market today, and when most people hear this they will probably assume that it is low quality and cheap.  However, it is quite the contrary, this valve is incredibly reliable and solid.  I would recommend this valve to anyone that has an American made shower system that is in the market for a shower valve.  If you have a fancy, European made model then I would suggest doing your research before purchasing this shower valve!  I would rank this product as a 9/10

Ah!  I have been waiting a long time to write about the Delta R11000 shower valve, because I really do love this shower valve!  I think it is definitely one of the best shower valve of 2019!

I have already gave a small background of Delta so for the sake of the customer i’m going to skip that part and go straight to the review!

I want to say that this may be the best shower valve on the market.  Period.  I really hate to make it that simple, but it truly is that simple!  This is one of the highest end valves that you can purchase.  This isn’t one of the cheapest shower valves, but it is one of the most quality shower valves that money can buy.

The Pros Of The Delta R11000:

  • The Delta R11000 is probably the easiest shower valve to install!  I have installed many, many shower valves in my time and this valve is one of the easiest valves that I have ever installed!  You can take an average person who has never installed a shower valve, and in a short time they can have it all set up with no problem!  That’s how easy it is!!
  • Great price for the quality!  This is one of the higher end shower valve that you can purchase, but it costs less than most of the mid-tier shower valves!  One of the best priced shower valves!
  • Reliability, Reliability, Reliability!!  This shower valve is the most reliable shower valve on the market.  It also helps that it is created and manufactured by Delta, who is a world renowned company that is known for their outstanding products, their customer service, and their product reliability.  This shower valve will last you longer than nearly any other shower valve!

The Cons Of The Delta R11000:

  • This isn’t the cheapest model.  The Delta R11000 is considered the big brother of the Delta 10000 Shower Valve, which is considerably cheaper.  So that means some people will decide to choose the cheaper model instead of the Delta R11000 shower valve.  This makes some people wonder what the point of spending the extra money for the R11000 model instead of the cheaper 10000 model.  But I promise you that you won’t regret spending the extra bucks for a better product!
  • That is the only Con that I can think of with this product!!

Final Words About The Delta R11000 Shower Valve:

The Delta R11000 is an amazing product.  It is as simple as that!  I understand that it is a little more expensive than a couple other kinds of shower valves, but i guarantee you that it is worth it!  This is one of the best shower valves 2019!  That is all I can say!  My final verdict rating is a 9.5/10.

The Kohler K-304-KS-NA Shower Valve is one of the best shower valve that I have every used.  I have just recently tried this shower valve for the first time ever, and let me just tell you this shower valve works!

Kohler is a world renowned brand that nearly everyone has heard of, and you know what that means.  It means they must be doing something correctly!  They have been around since 1873 which makes them one of the oldest home decoration manufacturing company in all of America.  Originally based in Kohler, Wisconsin, this manufacturing company is best  known for their plumbing products, but have also found much success in all kinds of different home decoration and interior decoration products and services.

All of that may just seem like a quick overview of the company, but what I was really trying to show you was that Kohler has been around for ages, and they have figured out how to run their mega corporation perfectly.  You will never be unsatisfied with a product!  So without further ado, her is the Kohler K-304-KS-NA Shower Valve review and buyers guide!

Pros of the Kohler K-304-KS-NA Shower Valve:

  • Kohler has been producing high quality shower valves and plumbing equipment for many years now, and one thing that has never changed is the reliability and how high quality these parts are!  Kohler has been, and will continue to be a company that you can trust!
  • The shower valve is capable of more than your average shower valve.  This is one of the higher end shower valves, which makes it more high tech, so you are allowed more functionality than your average shower valve.  (This valve is capable of presetting an optimal temperature to eliminate scalding, as well as finding and maintaining the perfect shower temperature for you!)
  • The valve is incredibly easy to install.  When I say it is easy to install, I mean it’s so easy anyone can figure it out in no time!  Also, since Kohler is such a well known brand, if you are having an difficulties they have amazing customer service, as well as an almost unlimited amount of information on google as well as videos on Youtube that will help you figure everything out!

Cons Of The Kohler K-304-KS-NA Shower Valve:

  • The first thing I want to mention is that it isn’t the cheapest shower valve on the market..  This shower valve will definitely be a little more expensive than a Delta model or other models.  But it is also one of the higher end models on the market!
  • The valve itself is much wider than other valves.  I have had people report that the valve is too wide to install with the older plumbing and water systems of their home.  And I have done my research and this should only be a problem on less-modern home.  I would say any homes that haven’t had their bathroom redesigned within the past thirty or forty years should be careful before ordering this valve online.
  • Kohler recommends that you use this valve with a Kohler shower head as well as with a Kohler hose for the optimal experience.  And this does provide the customer with a nearly unmatched shower experience, as long as you are using an average or above shower head and hose this valve should perform perfectly fine for you!

The Final Verdict For The Kohler K-304-KS-NA Shower Valve:

The Kohler K-304-KS-NA shower valve is incredible.  Whenever i get asked “What is The Best Shower Valve?” I always include the Kohler in the conversation.  I believe it is incredibly reliable and will nearly always perform perfectly in your shower, however the only thing that concerns me is the price point.  It is considered a higher end model, and Kohler claims that it will last longer than your average shower valve, but the price will definitely scare some customers off.  So in the end it is up to each customer to figure out if the added price is worth it for them.  But if you do decide to purchase this shower valve I know you will not be disappointed because this valve is definitely one of the best shower valve 2019!  Final Ranking would be a 9/10

Ah!  Time to for the Europeans top Shower Valve!  Well not really, but the Grohe 35015000 shower valve is one of the best selling European plumbing pieces of all time, and it is a shower valve that is used by millions of people all over the world!

This is a shower valve that is used by Americans, Europeans, Asians, and everyone in between!  And the reason that so many different people from all around the world use it is because of its reliability and usability!  The Grohe 35015000 is one of the best shower valve.  Period.

A Quick History of Grohe:

I usually don’t talk much about the corporations and manufactures themselves unless I believe t but since Grohe isn’t as well know as companies such as Kohler and Delta, I thought it would be helpful to give some background knowledge on the corporation!  Check out our Grohe rain shower faucet review!

Grohe is a multi-billion dollar corporation that is a leader in water system manufacturing.  This means they create manufacturer and sell anything from toilet water hoses, to shower heads and valves.  They were founded in 1948, but didn’t move to the United States until 1975.  Grohe remains with their headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany.  And the reason I bring this up, as it may seem irrelevant, is that Grohe really is a worldwide powerhouse.

Many Americans are loyal Delta and Kohler fans because that is what they know, and they have seen those two companies in America for years.  However, Grohe has risen as one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe and Asia and is much on its way to becoming the largest manufacturer in America as well.

I brought this up to reassure anyone who has never heard of Grohe before.  I want these customers to give this company a fair shot without immediately throwing them out of the race, because I promise you that you will not be disappointed with their products.  These products are used by millions of people worldwide and they have been the only home water system manufactures to be able to reach a worldwide customer base.  So without further ado, lets jump right into it!

Pros Of The Grohe 35015000 Shower Valve:

  • This shower valve provides amazing water pressure! I have used this shower valve many times, and i have never been disappointed with the strong water pressure that it provides!
  • The Grohe 35015000 is incredibly reliable.  Just like nearly any product you buy from Delta or Kohler, Grohe will provide you with a product that you can trust.  You know this product will perform just like it is provided!
  • This valve is one of the most usable and functional shower valves of 2019!  What I mean by this is that it can be paired with nearly any kind of water system, shower head, and water hosing!  This valve is used all around the world, so Grohe wanted to make sure that it is capable of working well with many different kinds of water systems without breaking!

The Cons Of The Grohe 35015000 Shower Valve:

  • There is less Grohe product information on the internet.  What I mean by this is since Grohe is considered a newer company and is still building their reputation.  It is difficult to find how-to videos and blog posts on their internet compared to a company such as Delta.  For Delta their are many videos made by customers to help other customers with installation and maintenance.  But since Grohe is still growing their is less of this information available, at least at the time being.  I believe more information will be on the internet soon!
  • Cartridges and other accessory pieces may be harder to find in stores.  Many people in America shop for accessory water system pieces in stores such as Moen or Delta.  However, since these are “competitors” of Grohe it may be difficult to find certain Grohe pieces in these stores in America.  I read an article that confirmed that more Grohe superstores are coming to America, so hopefully this won’t be a huge issue.  (Also Amazon is your best friend!)
  • The price can be a factor for many people.  And although the Grohe 35015000 is definitely not the most expensive shower valve on the market, it is still a little bit more expensive for some, but it’s not a huge difference.

The Final Thoughts For The Grohe 35015000 Shower Valve:

The Grohe is an amazing shower valve, and I can definitely see why many people consider it the greatest European Shower Valve.  So I believe for many people this will be an amazing product for them, but I can understand that some Americans will be hesitant to purchase this when they can pick up a Delta or Kohler shower valve at their local hardware store, and that is very understandable.  But I personally believe that in a couple years, Grohe will be a power house in the American market just like they are all around the world!  I will give this product a 8/10.

The final shower valve on my shower valve buying guide is The Moen 2510 Shower Valve!  This valve is an incredible product and I have never seen anything bad come from buying and using this shower valve!  This is an incredibly reliable American Faucet brand!  Moen has been providing the world with incredible products for many years, and I have always found Moen to be incredibly trustworthy!

Moen is an American faucet and plumbing manufacturer that was founded in 1956 by inventor Alfred M. Moen.  And Mr. Moen has always wanted to provide his customers with quality and trustworthy products!  So lets jump right into The Moen 2510 Shower Valve Review!!

The Pros Of The Moen 2510 Shower Valve:

  • This shower valve flat out works!  Many shower valves will claim that they are able to work with nearly any type and kind of shower faucet and hose and other pieces.  But Moen is one of the only companies that manufacturers there products in order to work in nearly any situation!  This shower valve will work not matter what other pieces you have!
  • Moen is one of the most trustworthy companies that you can purchase your products from!  Moen has been providing the world with some of the highest quality products since its foundation in the 1956.

The Cons Of The Moen 2510 Shower Valve:

  • Although this shower valve works with nearly all different kinds of pieces and other companies, this shower valve has proved to be difficult to install by many people.  I have had many people contact me in order to receive help installing this valve.  My recommendation is that if you don’t have much shower valve installation experience.  Then I would recommend paying a local plumber to install this shower valve for you.
  • Not the best instruction manual.  The instructions that are provided by Moen are not the most clear instructions.  I have seen many people complaining about how difficult the instructions are to follow.  Which makes it even more difficult to install, as well as very difficult to maintain with the poor instructions.

The Final Verdict Of The Moen 2510 Shower Valve:

The Moen 2510 Shower Valve is a very good shower valve, and it is created by a quality and trustworthy brand with Moen.  However, the installation difficulties makes it difficult for some customers to think about purchasing this shower valve.  Especially with all the other higher quality shower valves for a cheaper price.  But if you do purchase this shower valve and get it installed, I promise you that you will not be disappointed!  I know this is one of the best shower valve.  I will give this product a rating of a 8/10.

Overall, What Is The Best Shower Valve?:

There are many very quality shower valves out their, and it is incredibly difficult to figure out the best shower valve.  But that really comes down to the shower setup that is currently in your home, and as well as personal preference!  Look through my shower valve guide, I know it will help you pick your next piece for your home!  I hope you find the best shower valve for your home!

Shower Faucet Comparison Table

Top 3 Shower Faucet Reviews:

S R SUNRISE are shower specialists who design and develop luxury shower faucets and appliances for the home. They have a diverse collection of styles ranging from traditional shower fittings to more modern designs.

S R SUNRISE consider themselves innovators in the industry. All of their showers are built with the user in mind, with added features and extras to give the customer the best experience while at home.

This luxury rain shower is wall mounted with two different shower heads. One is handheld and versatile while the other is a rain shower, mounted above. Designed to give the even and constant feeling of warm rain it’s built to give a deep relaxing clean.

The luxury rain mixer shower features:

  • Stylish Stainless Steel Rainshower Finish
  • Brass Hand and Shower and Valve
  • Chrome Finish
  • Full Range Temperature Settings

This shower comes with all the valves and handles needed. Well built and with a number of different options for showering the S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Shower it showing itself to be a great choice when it comes to your bathroom.

User Reviews:

Feedback on the S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Shower is overwhelmingly positive: “This is the best shower head I have ever installed. very easy to retro-fit and is of very good quality material. The flow is very soothing and it saves water. Excellent product.” – Roberto F.

The only real criticism of the product from some users is that it doesn’t cope well with low water pressure: “Our water pressure is currently low, so was hoping for a transformation. My mistake. Nice enough but don’t expect miracles!” – Jordan H.

This is a common problem for those with low water pressure, if you have this issue then perhaps look into a more specialist shower faucet that has been designed to deal with the problem.

Overall customers seem really pleased with their purchase. The shower faucet has gone above and beyond what they expected and is meeting their needs on a daily basis.

The S R SUNRISE Luxury Rain Mixer Shower has been built using quality materials and modern technologies. This gives the user a more relaxing and complete shower experience. It’s perfect for practically every household and while it isn’t the cheapest option out there, if it fits your budgets it’s a great investment.

Aquafaucet have been operating for over 25 years and are well known for their shower faucets. They specialise in designing and producing original faucets, with their focus on creating well made and lasting products.

Currently their faucets are in homes all over the world and are commonly used in commercial projects. Known for their reliability and durability, Aquafaucet have made a name for themselves within the industry.

Aquafaucet Shower Faucet Features​

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower faucet is wall mounted with an 8 inch overhead rain shower and a handheld shower application. The unit is made from oil rubbed bronze, giving a distinctive and classic look. It’s unique and perfect for a traditional bathroom.

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower faucet features:

  • Multiple functions: overhead rainfall shower, handheld spray feature
  • Diverter switch between functions
  • Full temperature range
  • Adjustable shower height- 70-120cm

The Aquafaucet bathroom shower has been made to last and offers a reliable shower experience. Simple to fit with some useful features that add an element of luxury to your shower, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular choices.

Aquafaucet Bathroom Shower Faucet User Reviews

The user feedback indicates that Aquafaucet have done a good job with this shower faucet: “Excellent piece. Fits well into the cable and handheld. I used this to be able to adjust the power and output of our handheld as it had quite the punch when it was turned all the way on. Now my kids can turn it down to a proper level when they’re using the hand-held” – Arnold M.

The positive reviews far outweigh the negative for this product and overall this product seems up to the task. It’s useful for the whole family and customers tend to agree to adds value to your bathroom and home.

Final Thoughts on Aquafaucet Shower Faucet

This product is made in China, which can raise alarm bells, but is generally well made. The style is distinctive and with multiple functions it operates well. One of the more affordable units out there it’s a good choice for your bathroom, providing it fits your style.  Overall this is a great shower faucet that I would definitely consider if you are looking for a good looking and quality made faucet!

Auralum are the Chinese company that have made a name for themselves creating home furnishings. They have a varied product range but specialise in bathroom and shower faucets.

Operating primarily out of Amazon they’ve developed a reputation for their stylish and long lasting bathroom features. They make hundreds of thousands of sales a month, and are regarded as one of the more reliable shower faucet producers.

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet System Features

The Auralum Shower Faucet System is wall mounted and made out of stainless steel, with a chrome finish. Featuring an 8 inch overhead rain shower, and handheld shower system, it gives more functionality than traditional shower faucets.

The Auralum Shower Faucet System is available in a range of different models. These vary in price and have distinctive styles and features. If you’re able to afford more, then it’s worth checking out the whole range.

The Auralum Shower Faucet Systems feature:

  • Thermostatic control to keep water temperature constant, despite others using the water flow.
  • Modern Style
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and Corrosion Resistant
  • Made from Stainless Steel with Brass Faucet. Features ABS Hand-shower
  • Adjustable Shower Height

The Auralum Shower Faucet has been made to be easily transportable. It comes with all the parts needed and is easy to fit into your bathroom, with no need of a specialist. It has some useful features and is made with solid materials to give a durable product.

Auralum Chrome Finish Shower Faucet User Reviews:

Customers who have purchased the Auralum Shower Faucet seem pleased with the results: “Very nice design and well built style. I mounted it myself with the included instructions. very professional team and super satisfied with making business at low price” – Hank S.

The only real downside of the product is that it isn’t available in every country yet. While it does ship to the U.S.A and parts of Europe, the U.K doesn’t seem to be an option. Hopefully this will change in time.

Final Thoughts on the Auralum Shower Faucet

The Auralum Shower Faucet is definitely one of the more basic shower faucets out there. It’s a simple design with a few different functions, but it’s very affordable and easy to fit. Great for those who appreciate value.

A popular choice for homeowners and is useful for the whole family. Made the last and resistant to corrosion it’s a good investment in the long term.

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