3 Best PEX Manifolds [2023 Review]

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The main purpose of a PEX Manifold is to be used in a distribution center in plumbing or heating system – this means that there are different types of PEX Manifolds in the market. The main role of a PEX manifold is that it allows a user to setup automatic flow, monitors temperature and flow control – this is especially important when it comes to heating and plumbing.

In this best PEX manifold guide you will learn everything you need to know to select the top PEX manifolds that will make your demo much easier!

PEX Manifold Comparisons

What I found with PEX Manifolds is that these gadgets can save you a lot of time when it comes to eliminating leakages associated with the assembly of different parts which include fitting, ball valves, and pipes.

Most of the time manufactured manifolds cost way less than the individual components which mean that it is a great buy if you want to save more in the long run. Before I begin, I also have a guide on the best PEX crimp tool which will make the whole installation process much easier!

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Top Three Picks For The Best PEX Manifold

Because there are quite a few different manifolds on the marketplace and each one has different specifications, I have decided to review a few of my favorite ones to give you a good idea of which ones are quality choices for you to choose.

1. Viega 50243 PEX Manifold Review

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The first one on this list is the No products found. – if you need something solid to cover up the fittings on your water supply, this is the right pick. One of the reasons that I loved the Viega 50243 so much is that it has parts that are specific to it which means that the parts work exactly as they should, and they are extremely durable.

The only downside is because these parts are specifically made, not all local stores will carry them, but no worries, I can get them all online!

Another thing that I loved about the Viega 50243 is that it is an easy hook up which means that you do not have to spend much time or effort trying to get it to where you need it. It has a very slow adjusting tightening which means that you should have a wrench by your side when you are trying to put the Viega 50243 together.

In fact, I am confident enough that even if you are not a plumber, you should have no trouble installing the Viega 50243 with minimal use of the instructions – installation is a piece of cake.

The only downside I could find with the Viega 50243 is that you might need to buy three additional fittings so you can add PEX supply lines to it. This is not too big of a deal given that these additional fittings are pretty inexpensive and you can pick one up online with the main product.

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2. Rifeng 6 Loop Stainless Steel PEX Manifold Review

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My runner-up pick for this guide is the No products found.. This is an absolutely beast of a PEX manifold in a beautiful stainless steel finish. This PEX manifold comes in five different sizes, four loops, five loops, six loops, ten loops and twelve loops. This variance in size gives you the ability to place this PEX manifold in a variety of different places and situations.   

For example if you need quite a few different pipes for a large amount of appliances then go with the large manifold, but if you only need a few, then you can get away with the six loop or smaller.

All of the different variations to this PEX manifold are 1/2″ compression connectors and features a heavy duty mounting bracket that is extremely durable and can take a punch.  Along with this, these manifolds are equipped with automatic air vent/eliminators for added safety.  

One of the main reasons I love this manifold is because it features body flow meters with adjustable flow rates which help you set up your water lines exactly how you want to.  Also, each individual connection have their own shutoff valve which is extremely helpful for troubleshooting and when there is an issue with a line or with an appliance on the other end.

Overall this is an extremely good PEX manifold and if you are looking for something that will last you years on end while allowing you to have a huge amount of options for setup, then I suggest this Rifeng!

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3. SharkBite 22785 PEX Manifold Review

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Last but not least I have the No products found. – this is my low-priced pick so if you need something affordable then pick up the SharkBite 22785! What I loved most about the SharkBite 22785 is that it is easy to install, quick to install and has no leaks throughout the system.

Anything that I loved about the SharkBite 22785 is that it is inexpensive, you do not need to spend a fortune to buy one. In fact, if you need to buy multiple PEX Manifolds then I highly recommend that you get this one because you can get multiples of it at a low price.

Additionally, I found that since the SharkBite 22785 is built with a copper body (lead-free compliant), this means it is safe to use with your water sources – no need to worry about getting your water dirty with bad metals.

On the SharkBite 22785, it has a 1-inch trunk with a ¾ inch barb inlet and outlet – what I found is that this is bigger than most of the options out there but if you need something even, keep looking around.

The only downside I could find about the SharkBite 22785 is that it is not pretty. Meaning that if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing PEX Manifold, then you should look elsewhere. I would like to admit that even my main and runner-up picks are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the SharkBite 22785!

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Features to Consider for Best PEX Manifold

Choosing the best PEX manifold depends on the plumbing system you have. Your PEXmanifold delivers water to different areas in your house or building. Hence, the best PEX manifold should allow you to have versatile control over the pex manifold system. 

RIfeng PEX Manifold

Other features that are also essential are the following.


The size of the PEX manifold is something to consider. When choosing the best pex manifold. You have to consider the space and size for the manifold system. Not to mention that you also have to leave ample space so you can install pex manifolds easily. 


The best pex manifolds should have a lot of loops. Pex manifolds generally have 2 to 24 loops. You want to check how many PEX connections you have so that the PEX manifold fits your option. 

Compatibility with your plumbing system is important when choosing loops and PEX manifold for your PEX system. The number of loops may also have some hot or cold water loops that you can make use.


PEX manifolds generally use three different kinds of materials when producing them. The best PEX manifolds generally use copper, stainless steel, and plastic or polymer-based option. Most people prefer using copper. Copper is great because it is durable and generally last long because it does not rust easily and have good protection. 

You can also opt for stainless steel for better durability and consistency. However, getting a stainless steel means you will have to spend more. They also have anti-corrosion properties. 

Types of PEX Manifold

The types of PEX Manifolds when it comes to heating manifolds and plumbing manifolds are significant.

When it comes to heating manifolds, the main thing that matters is the size of PEX pipe that is used for floor heating and then also the size of the heated area. What I found is that if you have an area of 1,500 square feet space, then it would require about 1,500 feet of PEX.

But when it comes to plumbing manifolds because hot and cold water plumbing requires separate PEX plumbing manifolds, they are sized and selected based on the number of inlet and outlet pipe sizes. This means that if you need something for your whole house, I recommend just getting larger manifolds whereas if you need something for your point and use applications you can just use a smaller manifold.


Are Plastic PEX Manifolds Good?

Plastic manifolds are better than copper in terms of versatility. Plastic is also cheaper compared to other PEX manifolds. However, plastic is not as durable as other materials. 

How Long Do PEX Manifolds Last?

PEX manifolds last between 25 to 50 if they are installed properly. A PEX plumbing system if maintained properly will last for a long time and be consistent in its performance. 

Final Thoughts on PEX Manifolds

In conclusion, if you need a solid pick read through this guide and pick a PEX manifold that you think you will like in your house, whether it be our main pick, the Viega 36183, or if its my runner-up the Viega 50243 or if its my last pick the. Regardless of what you pick you can’t go wrong with the ones that are on this list.

PEX Manifolds are handy when it comes to making sure that your plumbing and heating are properly distributed. You’ll be able to monitor and direct flow control with a PEX Manifold – so for a low price, pick one up today!

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