Picking the Best Toilet Auger – Snake Toilets and Easily Clear Clogs!

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Simply put a toilet auger is a tool that is used to maneuver around the drainage system of a toilet to catch something that might be stuck. Whether it be a feces or pieces of a hamburger then toilet augers will come in handy.

If you are experiencing leaking I would mention you should take look at my toilet fill valve reviews instead of augers. Toilet auger typically are made of a long shaft made of metal with an auger attached at the end of it. In this toilet auger reviews, I’ll help you through the different types of toilet augers, how to use them, and my personal favorites through this guide.

My Top Toilet Auger Reviews

Because there are so many different types of toilet augers available on the market today, I thought I would give you a few different options to choose from. Each of these augers are slightly different and would best be used for certain situations. Hopefully after looking at these toilet auger reviews you will find the best auger for your toilet.

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Best Overall Toilet Auger: RIDGID Toilet Auger K-3

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The No products found. is the best toilet auger on this list. It’s a high quality toilet auger that is fast, safe, and efficient in fixing clogged toilets and shower drains. 

The Ridgid K-3 toilet  auger has a vinyl guard that protects the porcelain in your toilet bowl unlike the Plumb Craft Toilet Auger that can cause scratches. 

This model features kink resistant compression-wrapped inner core cable that works with toilet drain and toilet clog. 

The auger cable is stronger compared to the light duty cable of the Plumb Craft toilet auger and will work for many uses and won’t damage your drain system. However, it is limited to only dealing with soft objects like toilet paper. 

This toilet auger has a 12.7mm or 0.5 inch cable diameter toilet auger drain snake. The drain snake is also kink resistant and has great durability making it good for long term use. 

The vinyl guard does a great job at protecting your toilet and the auger cable is durable enough to not get damaged when dealing with a clogged toilet.

They also have anti-slip handles just like the Plumb Craft toilet auger. Having comfortable handles makes the work easy since your arms and wrists won’t be hurting. 

While this drain auger is marketed as corrosion resistant, I have seen noticeable rust on the drain snakes of this product. So it might be best to have regular maintenance and cleaning on this product. 


  • The steel cable that is durable and will be great for long term use
  • Has protective features such as the compression-wrapped kink resistant  core cable and vinyl guard
  • Excellent ergonomic anti-slip handle which is great for longer use


  • May be difficult to use in a small bathroom
  • Not as long as I hoped it would so might not work against deep clogs

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Best Telescopic Toilet Auger: Cobra Products 49360 Telescopic Toilet Auger

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My main pick is the No products found. and easily one of the best toilet augers in the market. The first thing that I noticed when I took a look at the Cobra is the fact that it has an easy installation and easy handling. I’m handling a toilet auger here; it shouldn’t be rocket science. The Cobra is a straight forward product that will save you a lot of potential frustration.

Besides the simplicity of the Cobra, I also loved the plastic handle on it. When I looked at some of the other augers on the market, I noticed that the handles would often be uncomfortable to hold onto. Not the Cobra, the handle on the Cobra is a molded plastic handle that should be gentle on your hands.

Now when it comes to using the Cobra, simply extend it, push it in the toilet and turn the handle. Once the clogged piece is unclogged, flush the toilet and viola, you are done!

The only downside I could find with the Cobra is it’s basic look – by no means is it glamourous, but it sure does get the job done. There are a lot of other augers in the market that look prettier than the Cobra but simply put, if you need something that does the job fast, without ado, the Cobra is your pick.

If you need a terrific tool in your toolbox whenever the time comes to unclog your toilet then pick up the Cobra today!


  • Cable can extend from 3 feet up to 6 feet making it great for deep clogs
  • High carbon spring wire that is durable and great for long term use
  • Vinyl bowl guard protects your toilet bowl from scratches 


  • Only works with soft objects and not for hard objects 
  • Instructions are vague so installation and making it work might be hard 

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Best Light Duty Toilet Auger: Plumb Craft Light Duty Toilet Auger

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If you want something light and portable, the No products found. is the best toilet auger for you. 

What’s great about this auger is that it is simple to use and gets the job done. Compared to the rest of toilet augers on this list, you don’t have to spend more than necessary with this one. 

The Plumb Craft Light Duty Toilet Auger has a 3-feet long auger cable is enough to reach the deepest parts of a clogged toilet. It also has a ⅜ inch diameter making it fit into some of the narrow places aside from clogged toilets. 

It has a vinyl grip and coiled head which makes it easier to remove clogs and keep toilet drains and drain pipes functioning smoothly. 

The drain auger is easy to install. You even get a manual in case you don’t understand the installation process or confused about a certain thing. 

If you choose to get this toilet auger, then you have to keep in mind that you have to be careful using it. The head does not have a vinyl guard that protects your toilet bowl from scratches. 

This toilet auger is also not as durable as I hoped it would, so you should expect to get replacement after too many uses. It does not have the same durability as the Cobra toilet auger or heavy duty DrainX Drain Auger pro yet it still does an excellent job getting rid of those toilet clogs. 

While this toilet auger does a great job at draining stubborn clogs, you also have to be careful in using it. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for the best toilet auger for people who want something light and not have to spend more than enough. 


  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • Does a great job in for toilet drain and toilet clog with its long and slim cable
  • Vinyl grip handle makes it easy to use and not worry about slipping on your hands


  • Can make scratches on your toilet bowl if you’re not careful in using it
  • Can wear out fast if you use it a lot

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Features to Consider for Best Toilet Auger

The best toilet auger should be great at unclogging toilets and does not encounter problems when it is unclogging. If you’re looking for the best toilet auger, then you should look for these features that make unclogging easy and effective. 

Ease of Use

A toilet auger that is easy to use makes your work fast and efficient especially when you’re dealing with stomach churning clogged waste. If you’ve used one before, then it should be easy for you to use one of the augers on this list. 

However, the Plumb Craft Light Duty Toilet Auger was the easiest to use on the list and it was also easy to set up too. 


Since you won’t know what is clogging your toilet, it’s better that you use a toilet auger that is durable. The best drain snake have durable cables so that it won’t get damaged or caused damage when unclogging toilets. 

For that, the Cobra Telescopic Toilet Auger is your best option since it allows you to check what is inside your clogged toilet. It also has durable cables so it won’t break or make scratch easily. 

Cable Length

Cable length also matters if the clogged area is deep. A longer cable allows you to reach deep cloggings. Most toilets are good enough for 3 feet cables. However, longer ones are your safest bet just in case you’re dealing with a unique toilet. 

For that, I recommend the Cobra Telescopic Toilet Auger which can extend from 3 feet up to 6 feet. It will definitely make easy work on deep clogs

Protective Guard

Ideally, you want a vinyl protective guard for keeping the porcelain on your toilet free from scratch. Forcing a cable down the toilet drain will make the harsh metal interact with the porcelain surface which might cause scratches. 

For this, the RIDGID Toilet Auger K-3 offers the best vinyl guard you can find on this list. 

Kink Resistance Cables

Kink resistance cables prevents twists and kinks in your cables if you turn the crank manually. Hence, if you’re choosing a toilet auger, having kink resistance cables would be helpful for navigating to the clog without problems. 

For that, the RIDGID Toilet Auger K-3 is the only product that has kink-resistance cables on this list. 

Ergonomic Handles

Unclogging a toilet can take some time, hence, it’s important that you use one with comfortable handles. Ergonomic handles makes it easy to grip and hold the auger in place while you remove the clogged object.

Honestly, all of the products on this list have excellent ergonomic handles so you won’t go wrong with choosing any of them. 

Types of Toilet Auger

There are two main types of toilet augers on the market – one of which is just a manual toilet auger and the second one is a spinning auger. Both of these augers are fished into the bowl and down through the flange and into the pipes to clear out the blockage.  Both will do the job but what I found is that the spinning ones were easier to use.

The reason the handspun ones are easier to use compared to the non-spinning augers is that for the latter, you’ll need to put more arm work into it. Furthermore, the way that the spinning auger is designed, it makes it easier to get the stuck item out of the toilet.

How to Use a Toilet Snake or Auger

​Thankfully toilet auger’s and snakes are quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Generally you’ll want to try to use a plunger first, or if you know it’s going to be a doozy then you can go straight to the auger.  Steps to use a toilet snake/auger:

  1. Insert the toilet auger into the toilet.  The curved elbow of the auger should point into the bottom of the toilet bowl.
  2. Use on hand on the housing of the auger to hold it in place, and use the other hand to gently crank the handle clock-wise.  If you feel you can’t crank anymore in one direction, then switch directions.
  3. Once the snake is all the way down in the toilet, then retract the snake.  Hopefully you have brought the clog with you or cleared it in the toilet.  If not, then restart the process and try again.
  4. Once you have cleared the clog, the toilet will either automatically flush as the clog is removed, or you can manually flush and see if the clog has been completely cleared.
Cleaning the toilet bowl with a toilet brush

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Toilet Auger Make It Worse?

If used improperly, a toilet auger can make the clog worse.  You could end up jamming or tightening the obstruction. Even worse, you could end up damaging the pipes. 

Is Toilet Auger Better Than Plunger?

Plungers are generally effective with toilets. Toilet snakes or drain augers are best used when there are tough clogs or deep where the plunger has little effect. 

My Final Thoughts on the Best Toilet Auger

With that, wraps up this guide of the best toilet augers. In this guide, I went over what a toilet auger is, the different type of toilet augers and finally reviewed some of the top toilet augers on the market.

For my main pick I recommend the Cobra Products 40030 – what I liked about this model is that it is economical and easy to use. If you just want to keep it simply, then you cannot go wrong with the Cobra Products 40030.

Next, I recommend the General Pipe Cleaners R-25SM if my main pick is out of stock and you need something easy to use. What stood out for the General Pipe Cleaners R-25SM is that it has a fantastic handle that is not only comfortable to grip on, but it has a firm grip.

Finally, if you need an inexpensive toilet auger pick up the General Pipe Cleaners R-3NKH – it’s a tool that you will be able to add to your arsenal in case the toilet every gets clogged up.  That being said if you are having any other toilet issues check out my guide on toilet seals and toilet flappers.

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