Picking the Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin [2023 Review]

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The impact that rough paper can have on your skin and intimate areas is often overlooked when I do my weekly shop. However, with so much variety in the toilet paper industry, I can end up making the wrong choice.  

Are you tired of having to use tissue because the tissue is softer than TP? Well, you don’t have to put your septic system at risk using tissue anymore!  Thankfully in this guide, I will help you pick the best toilet paper for sensitive skin and provide you with in-depth reviews of each paper brands.

Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

Using low-cost or less reliable brands can often lead to irritation and damaging the skin. This is unpleasant and very uncomfortable, especially in younger children who have more sensitive skin. That being said, if you are looking for something to make your bathroom experience a little easier for everyone, take a look at my bathroom air freshener reviews.

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Toilet paper allergies to specific ingredients can mean that you need a more specialist paper. If not then the end result is dryness, soreness, red skin, or rashes. Studies have even shown that not all toilet papers are soft enough and some can be so rough that can cause micro-cuts on the skin, which are painful and uncomfortable.

Thankfully the answer is out there, with companies making ranges of sensitive paper which is the best to deal with the issue. There are a few sensitive skin tissue paper brands on the market so I’ve identified my top three for you to choose from.

Best Overall Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: Charmin Ultra Gentle Paper

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No products found. are perhaps the most recognizable name in the paper industry with a presence in most countries. They’ve been operating since 1920, beginning with just a single product. Nowadays they have a wide product range, including sensitive ranges.

Charmin as a company are committed to making the bathroom experience more pleasant. They have created award winning products with recycled papers and made themselves pretty much the most popular choice for paper.

Charmin’s Ultra Gentle paper has been developed to replace their sensitive paper. It’s been specifically created for those with sensitive skin to give a smooth and easy wipe every time.

This is really as comfortable as tissue!  They come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from 4 rolls up to 24 rolls or larger with their mega roll packs.

Created specially to help those in need, the t paper has soothing lotion on every single sheet. This is what makes it so effective and one of the best available. It’s made in 2 ply sheets to be thicker and softer, making wiping easier, making you use less toilet paper and the roll longer-lasting, while still being septic safe.

The Charmin Ultra Gentle Paper has been dermatologically tested to give the best possible results. This means you can have confidence that even with sensitive skin you won’t have an unpleasant experience.

Finally the Charmin Ultra Gentle Paper has been tested by plumbers. The toilet roll is clog free and won’t block your toilet, despite being thicker and softer than alternative brands.

Charmin are the biggest name in the best gentle tissue paper world and knows how to make a really useful product. Charmin’s Ultra Gentle paper has been created with recycled papers with those who suffer from painful wiping in mind.

This health-focused toilet paper has been developed to replace the burning sensation with a cooling and soothing experience. If you have sensitive skin then you should go and buy some today and let the healing begin.


  • Tissue feels extremely soft and tender on your skin
  • Contains more footage per roll compared to regular tissue
  • Each sheet feels like soothing lotion on your skin
  • Does not burn or irritate your skin especially on the bum and are safe for babies


  • May not fit your regular standard tissue holder since it is bigger
  • Since it’s so popular, you might see a lot of counterfeit and imitation products all over the internet

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Best Soft Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: Charmin Ultra Soft

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Alongside the Ultra Gentle range, Charmin have developed their No products found.. It’s unsurprising that Charmin have 2 of my top 3 spots, simply because they are one of the best paper manufacturers for sensitive skin.

Charmin Ultra Soft paper is made with 2 ply sheets to make it more durable and reduce irritation but it is still as comfortable as tissue! This means you’ll use less than other toilet paper brands and the rolls will last longer.

Available scented or unscented depending on preference and is soft to the touch. This means no soreness or irritation. Along with this, these are sourced from recycled sources.

The Charmin Ultra Soft paper has won a seal of approval from Good Housekeeping and is one of the most popular papers on the market.

Charmin Ultra Soft toilet roll has been dermatologically tested to make sure it’s gentle on your skin. It’s also been tested by plumbers to make sure it won’t clog your toilet like a tissue might. Charmin products have also been proven to last up to 4x longer than alternative products.

Some users have complained that while the affordable toilet paper is as comfortable as they expected, it isn’t as thick as some other brands, and this could be because they are made from recycled thinner materials so the sheets aren’t as thick.

It’s always worth shopping around, but Charmin do know their stuff when it comes to septic safe paper, so don’t be surprised if you end up back where you started.

While being a similar product, the ultra-soft toilet paper doesn’t feature soothing lotion. This can mean less soothing relief, but some users can be allergic to the ingredients so it’s a better option.

The main advantage of these septic safe Charmin Ultra Soft rolls is that it’s more affordable and available pretty much everywhere and because it’s sourced from recycled material it’s great for the environment. Charmin knows how to make the right toilet paper rolls that can deal with skin that’s too sensitive or have irritation issues, so don’t settle for less and upgrade your toilet roll today.


  • The softness is unique with a cushion feel to it and is more absorbent compared to other tissues. 
  • Clog-safe and septic safe so you won’t worry if you accidentally throw it down the drain or the toilet
  • One mega roll is equivalent to 5 regular rolls and you save more.


  • May be too narrow for you
  • It’s so soft that it might fall apart while wiping if you don’t have enough paper

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Best Recycled Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

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When it comes to recycled toilet paper that’s still great for your sensitive skin, the No products found. gives you all that compared to the other toilet papers on this list. This toilet paper helps you save on usage and water consumption. 

Most recyclable toilet papers are bad when it goes to plumbing. The Seventh Generation toilet paper does not have this issue and it is also soft and smooth on the skin. It’s not as soft as the Charmin Ultra Soft, however, it still has its own unique softness to it.

Since this recycled paper isn’t a problem for plumbing. It’s great for outdoor use and it’s the only paper on this list that is made with recycled materials. You can use them for your RVs or campers. You can bring one as an emergency especially if the toilet outdoors run out of tissue paper. Most of the time, they don’t use the best toilet paper so it might cause irritation. 

Seventh Generation white toilet papers rarely trigger allergic reactions. This toilet paper does not use any artificial ingredients or chemical additives that are generally the main cause of skin irritation. The toilet paper uses plant-based ingredients which are gentle to the skin. 

One pack of this high-quality toilet paper has about 48 double rolls which is almost the same as 120 regular rolls. It’s a lot more compared to other toilet papers on this list which isn’t surprising considering it’s made with recycled materials. 

Not all products are made perfect and they share some downsides too. For this recycled paper, because of its recycled material, it is often not too soft to some people’s liking. 

Overall, it’s an excellent toilet paper made with recycled materials. Although, it’s not as great as the Charmin toilet papers, it still is good to use and you also save a lot when getting this toilet paper. 


  • Does not contain chemicals and additives that can be irritating to the skin
  • Uses recycled paper material helps you contribute to preserving the environment
  • Can be effectively used outdoors, RVs, and campers


  • The toilet paper can be a bit thinner to your liking
  • The toilet paper is a bit rougher compared to other toilet papers on this list

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Best Organic Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

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When talking about the best organic toilet papers, it means that no chemicals were used in the production of the toilet paper. The No products found. is the best organic toilet paper on this list. 

Yes, it’s the same as the Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper which doesn’t use chemicals and additives. However, this is natural bamboo pulp toilet paper and does not use recycled materials so the bamboo toilet paper is generally softer compared to the recycled Seventh Generation toilet paper. 

This bamboo toilet paper is made with all-natural materials, free of chemicals, and is even lint free. 

This bamboo toilet paper is 3 ply strong with 200 sheet tissue paper roll. It takes less space compared to your regular 200 tissue paper roll. You also have to keep in mind that these bamboo toilet paper are ¼ inch longer than all organic toilet papers. 

When it comes to skin, you won’t feel irritation most of the time. It is even used for toddlers as natural wipes. 

Just like the Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper, this toilet paper can be used outdoors. It’s usable for your RV or camper, even in various places like the office, restaurants, and even malls. It’s better to have your own roll of bamboo toilet paper in case of emergencies. 

Although a downside of using organic bamboo toilet paper is that it may not be as soft as you expect it would. Tissue paper generally is soft because of the combination of chemicals and raw materials. In organic ones, it may feel rougher compared to generic tissue paper. 

Overall, you won’t have a bad experience using this tissue paper. Most toilet papers aren’t made with bamboo so it’s great to see an organic one that uses no chemicals. 


  • 3-ply strength and yet still soft for your skin
  • Made with 100% all natural bamboo with no added chemicals or additives
  • A natural hypoallergenic toilet paper with antibacterial properties


  • A bit rougher than your traditional toilet paper 
  • Doesn’t have as much rolls compared to other toilet papers on this list

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Best Bamboo Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin: Caboo Bamboo Toilet Paper

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If you’re looking for one of the best bamboo toilet papers out there, then the No products found. is worth looking at. This bamboo toilet tissue paper is made with 2 all-natural and sustainable ingredients namely, bamboo and bagasse sugar cane. It uses natural bamboo pulp and by-products of extracted sugar cane juice. 

When it comes to being the best toilet paper for sensitive skin, it is one of the best among bamboo toilet papers. It is non-GMO verified, hypoallergenic toilet paper, and free of BPA and chlorine bleaching. 

This unbleached toilet paper is also lint-free. This environmentally friendly toilet paper doesn’t leave any residue behind and does not cause irritation. 

Most eco-friendly toilet paper choices are a bit rougher than your traditional toilet paper. However, this one was a lot better compared to other sustainable bath tissue. 

These organic toilet papers also are usable outdoors much like the Seventh Generation and WHOLEROLL toilet papers. They can be used for RVs, boats, and septic systems and they won’t clog your plumbing. 

Some downsides to this bamboo toilet paper though are that this unbleached toilet paper is not as soft as your regular tissue rolls and it can be a bit small to your liking.  


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly toilet paper
  • Verified non-GMO, free of chemicals, chlorine bleaching, and uses all-natural materials
  • Safe for your septic tank and plumbing system thanks to its quick dissolving properties


  • Even though it is eco-friendly, it’s not plastic-free. The plastic packaging can be off-putting
  • Rolls can be small than your average toilet paper

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Features to Consider for Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

The best toilet paper for sensitive skin have specific features that make them excellent for use and for people with sensitive skin. Most hypoallergenic toilet paper are great for sensitive skin so you would never go wrong with choosing some hypoallergenic toilet paper. 

Although, if you have other needs or also want to explore more about how toilet paper works, take a look  at some of these features. 


For sensitive skin, you would want to choose a toilet paper with no dyes, chlorine, and perfumes. These ingredients contain chemicals that can cause irritations and even allergic reactions which are common for people with sensitive skin. 

For that, it’s better to go with all natural organic toilet paper like the Seventh Generation, WHOLEROLL Organic, and Caboo Bamboo toilet paper. They are all made with natural ingredients and don’t contain chemicals. 

Ply Count

The ply count affects the quality of the toilet paper such as its texture, strength, thickness, and absorbing properties. The thinner the tissue paper, the more likely it is irritating and rough to the skin. Hence, it’s better to have a higher ply count.

The WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper has 3 ply properties and is made of all natural ingredients. It may be a bit rougher cause of the natural materials, however, it is a gentle tissue paper that will be great for your sensitive skin. 


If I’m talking about sensitive skin, then it would be natural that I want paper that is soft. Tissue paper with rough texture can be irritating to your sensitive skin. Try to look for tissue paper with smoother texture. 

You can never go wrong with a Charmin toilet paper. The Charmin Gentle paper and Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper are some of the softest tissue paper I have tested and won’t be a problem for your sensitive skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Be Allergic to My Toilet Paper?

You can’t be allergic to toilet paper. However, you can be allergic to its chemical ingredients, like its a toilet paper’s fragrance, Some of the chemicals can cause irritation and allergic reaction to your skin. 

What Is Hypoallergenic Toilet Paper?

The best hypoallergenic toilet paper or Sorbent Hypo-allergenic paper is free from ink, dye, and fragrance which makes them excellent for people with sensitive skin. 


If you have a sensitive skin, it’s best that you be careful while buying toilet paper. Some contain chemicals that will trigger irritations to your skin and cause allergies. I made it easy for you and put out a list of tissue papers you can use that won’t be harmful to your sensitive skin. 

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