Flood Floetrol [2023 Review] – Make Your Paint Behave Like it Should!

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Floetrol is used in a number of different items which are important to the home. It’s a water based paint conditioner which is used directly on paint and wood stains. It works to help water based paints behave more like oil based paints making them thicker which helps improve the paint flow and workability.

It also helps the paint adjust to any difficult conditions like heat, cold and intense wind. Overall it’s mixed into help protect the surface.  In this Floetrol reviews guide you will learn what I think about Flood Floetrol, the uses it has, and if you should use it or not!

Floetrol can be used with a number of products and most commonly semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, Acrylic, or Vinyls. It’s used in the mix and helps get a longer life span from these covers, giving the whole product a longer life span.  If you are looking for oil for woods like teak, then checkout my Watco oil guide!

Floetrol is therefore a key ingredient for anyone who likes doing DIY work or perhaps does it for a living. There are a number of places you can purchase Floetrol from but one of the most popular is FLOOD.

Flood Floetrol Review

Flood is one of the longest operating companies that you hear about these days and they set up shop in 1841. They specialise in finishes for products, woods in particular and have developed a large product range. They were founded by a family of painters with a passion for the craft and this passion led them to create a paint additive which brought a great deal of benefit to the wood.

Nowadays Flood have a wide selection of useful additions to your DIY set. Each of their products is designed with a specific purpose but they are all made to restore, protect and beautify natural wood and other surfaces. Different surfaces require different products and Flood understand how woods will react to the environment.

Flood have done a great job over the years helping people protect their exposed surfaces. Their additives offer a great deal more protection than any painting of other finishes alone so you can enjoy a longer lifespan for them. Check out the Flood Floetrol!

Flood Floetrol Additive – Benefits

Flood Floetrol additive is essentially a paint stripper which helps thin your paint and make it more manageable. It’s made to help eliminate any brush or roller marks which can be common when you’re painting. When added to latex based paint it helps them flow and spray just like oil based varieties.

It’s an innovative product that really changes the game for anyone who paints regularly. There are a number of tangible benefits to any users of Floetrol:

  • Better Painting: The Floetrol offered by Flood offers easier and more stress free painting that usual. When used with your paint it instantly becomes easier to manage and you’ll see a reduction in any marks on walls. This means less effort and better results, ideal for casual painters or professionals.
  • Protecting your Brushes: Brushes and roller mechanisms can take a real beating when you’re painting and it can be difficult to remove. This means costly replacements often which isn’t ideal. Using Floetrol helps keep the paint from getting stuck in these mechanisms and on the paint brush tips and will help you get more from them.
  • Large volume use: Just one bottle of Floetrol can go a long way. Flood sell it in 1 quart bottles which can give up to 300 square ft of usage. That’s a lot of benefit from a small bottle.

Floetrol is fairly inexpensive but when used as instructed it can make your painting a lot more pleasant and ultimately simpler. It helps you stay in control and preserve your materials so you can use them again.

A good wall paint brush

Flood are one of the best companies to get your Floetrol from. They have 170 years expertise in protecting surfaces and have created a number of additives like this which give benefit to every user. Their Floetrol is excellent at conditioning your paint and helping remove those pesky brush marks.

Flood Floetrol Reviews and User Experiences

There’s a lot of feedback around Flood product as they’ve got a lot of users around the globe. Flood still have a very family focused approach to business and this shows in their policies.

Floetrol is generally regarded as one of the best additives for helping with painting however the results can vary depending on what product they’re use with. My advice is to always stay realistic. It’s a good product but it can’t achieve miracles.

Flood Floetrol Price Difference

One of the reasons Flood’s product has become so popular is the competitive pricing. A lot of other name brands produce this additive but has chosen to put a very large price tag on it. Flood have chosen to keep offering their product at a lower rate making it accessible for everyone.

The reality is that most Floetrol’s are fairly similar so getting the best price is a big selling point and something which really attracts me to this brand.

A man painting a wall

Final Thoughts on Flood Floetrol

Flood Floetrol is an additive which makes painting easier to manage. It’s available from a number of manufacturers but Flood is one of the most reliable around. They have a unique insight into the painting and additive industry and have built up an expertise over their long lifespan.

Competitively priced, with a number of different uses it’s worth picking up some Floetrol if you’re planning any painting projects soon.

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