Best Cleaner For Nicotine on Walls [2023 Review]

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If you are someone that has just purchased a new home, and you are met with the rough scent of smoke and nicotine everywhere you go, it can be a defeating feeling.

Nicotine stains are common in home with one or more smokers. Smokers will normally smoke anywhere between 1 and 20 cigarettes a day and the nicotine within these cigarettes leaves marks. Scrubbing doesn’t always work and traditional cleaning products have failed me in the past.

Although smoke can be a tough smell to banish from your new home, it is do-able – you need the best cleaner for nicotine on walls.

Top 3 Best Cleaner for Nicotine on Walls

Thankfully there’s a solution to this old old problem with some specialist cleaning products being produced to help me out. There are quite a few of these different cleaners on the market but I’ve identified my top three. Let’s take a closer look at their key features.

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All Mighty- All Purpose Cleaner

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All Mighty are a well known cleaning brand that produce innovative solutions for problems affecting the home. They’ve shown that they understand the cleaning problems I face and know how to create a product to deal with it. The No products found. is another example of this.

The All Purpose Cleaner is easy to use and can be diluted into water then scrubbed directly onto stains. For very stubborn stains you’ll be able to apply directly but always read the full directions of use to make sure you don’t damage your surfaces.  

All Mighty All Purpose Cleaner Features:

  • Powerful Solution: The All Mighty Cleaner has been designed to be very tough on stains with an industrial strength formula. It’s particularly effective against nicotine stains but can be used on lipstick stains, coffee, grease and oil stains. The tough formula has been put to the test and been shown to be very effective.
  • Multi-Purpose: Named the all purpose cleaner for a reason, this cleaner can be used on a number of surfaces both indoor and outdoor. You can even use it on upholstery and other furniture. Remember to always read the packaging to make sure it’s safe.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: This all purpose cleaner is created by a family owned company that still stands behind what it does. They offer a money-back guarantee for anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with the product. If you can find a stain it can’t handle then get a full refund, simple.

The All Mighty- All Purpose Cleaner is a very powerful cleaner that can be used across the home. It’s been tested and has been shown to be able to deal effectively with nicotine and tar staining so if you’re looking to remove those stubborn marks then it’s definitely the right product for you.

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Zep Commercial- Foaming Wall Cleaner

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Zep Commercial are responsible for creating more cleaning products than most people even realise. They make everything from all purpose cleaners to drain care systems. In recent years they’ve begun developing No products found. which have been shown to be very effective.

Zep Commercial Foaming Wall Cleaner isn’t diluted as other products but is instead applied directly to stains. It will foam up as it gets to work helping to gently remove stains that have accrued over time. While it is a simple product to use always remember to read the directions for use fully before cleaning. 

Foaming Wall Cleaner Features:

  • Stain Specialist: The Zep Commercial Foaming Wall Cleaner is a stain specialist and has no trouble tackling even the toughest marks. It can deal with everything from tar to scuff marks and is a powerful tool is cleaning up your walls without damaging the paint.
  • Easy to Use: The Foaming Wall Cleaner is probably one of the simplest to use cleaning products on the market. The cleaner can be applied directly and then left before being wiped away. The foam removes the need for scrubbing and provides a deep clean.
  • Pleasant Scent: Unlike other cleaning products the Zep Commercial Foam cleaner leaves a fresh and clean scent. There are no heavy or nauseating smells that force you to leave the room for hours before you can return.

The Zep Commercial Foaming Wall Cleaner is a strong and versatile product that is simple but effective. It will work on a number of different stains and help you clean up your walls completely. If you’re looking to remove your nicotine stains for good it’s a great option.

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Who can forget the striking image of Mr. Clean that I’ve seen all over shops and on TV. Mr. Clean is a very well known brand which specialises (surprisingly) in cleaning products which are both effective and innovative. A lot of their products are specialised for a particular issue, just like the No products found..

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a water activated micro scrubber which can be used directly on stains. The pad can be scrubbed against the stains to help lift them off the wall, without damaging anything underneath. The Mr. Clean Eraser is one of the easiest products to use and all you need is water to get started.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser key features:

  • Tough But Simply Cleaning: Though it’s a simple method of cleaning the magic eraser is also tough on stains. The formula on the pads is industrial strength and capable of removing even really stubborn stains.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning: Just like the other products this magic eraser can be used on a number of different surfaces across the home. There’s a lot of different uses for the magic eraser. See the back of the packet for more details.
  • Compatible With Other Cleaning Products: The Magic Eraser can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with other products. You can use other cleaning sprays or Mr. Clean’s own so you can get the toughest stains off.

Mr.Clean’s Magic Eraser is one of the simplest products on the market but it’s still effective. An easy, even clean is within your grasp with the Magic Eraser so get started today and see the results you can achieve.

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Cleaning Up Nicotine Stains

If you’re tired of having staining on your walls and want to clean up your home then all of these three products can help you out. While the All Mighty- All Purpose Cleaner is the strongest, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is probably the simplest to use so it’s just a personal preference.

Each of these products are great value and allow you to remove stains hassle free. Head online and get your hands on them today and start getting rid of those stubborn, ugly stains.

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