Best Curtains for a House With Cats [2023 Review]

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You’re probably here because your cats managed to ruin your curtains. If you’re looking for curtains that are safe around cats, look no further than our best curtains for a house with cats.

My Top Curtains for a House with Cats Reviews

If you have cats at home, then you know how they can be. Cats can be designers themselves and change your interior design. They could scratch or play with your curtains if you keep your eyes off them.

Hence, it’s best to get curtains that are suitable when there are cats around your house. There aren’t many curtains that are specifically designed with cats in mind. However, there are curtains that have pet-proof features which you will appreciate.

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Best Overall Curtains for a House with Cats: NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Blackout Window Curtains

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The [amazon link=”B01CS31NDE” title=”Nicetown Microfiber Blackout Window Curtains” /] has everything you need for a curtain when you have cats in the house. These curtains are made with microfiber that is densely woven so it is able to resist cats’ claws and even stains.

The microfiber blackout curtains are easy to clean. You can use a light tint rolling so you can remove stray cat hair with ease. The curtains are also easy to wash and there are no extra gimmicks to them. Just wash it like you normally would and it will be fine.

These curtains are thicker than your other microfiber options. The curtains are considered by most people to be insulated and noise-reducing curtains. These curtains are great in how much noise it reduces outside compared to other curtains on this list.

Even though these curtains are considered blackout, they technically aren’t. They don’t fully block out sunlight so you won’t achieve that complete darkness you want.

You have 29 color options to choose from so matching the theme with the interior of your house is much more flexible.

The triple weave blackout fabric helps with balancing the temperature of the room even in the summer heat or cold winter.

The only downside I can find with these curtains if it’s not blackout when they say it’s a blackout curtain. Although some won’t mind because of how good it is, other people might happen to look for a blackout curtain and find this.

Overall, it’s one of the best curtains if you have cats at your house. They aren’t damaged by cats’ claws and are easy to remove any furs from cats.


  • Excellent all-around option and not built specifically for anything. It’s flexible and can be used in most designs.
  • Easy to clean and wash so you won’t have to spend more time in cleaning
  • Does not get damaged easily and have excellent cat-proof features


  • Color options may be limited based on your interior design
  • Is not really a blackout curtain despite its name

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Best Velvet Curtains for a House with Cats: RYB HOME Black Velvet Curtains

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The [amazon link=”B07C7PFYTL” title=”RYB HOME Black Velvet Curtains” /] is your best option if you’re looking for velvet curtains when you have cats at your house. However, these curtains aren’t your all-around type like the NICETOWN curtains.

This curtain may not work with your room because it’s not compatible with some designs. Hence, make sure you check the design first and compare it to your interior design.

Velvet is one of the best curtains you can get for cat-proofing and the RYB HOME Curtains have great cat-proof features like resisting cat stains, scratches, and hairs.

Velvet is known to be hard to maintain. However, that’s only true for natural velvet. The RYB HOME curtains are made with synthetic velvet so they’re easier to maintain. Washing them is easy as you can just throw them into the washing machine and not worry about damaging them.

While these aren’t blackout curtains, the thick velvet material is excellent when you want to reduce the exposure to light or minimize the noise outside much like NICETOWN curtains.

It has 11 color options so you have limited choices for matching the design of your interior. The colors are what are commonly used in interior design so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The curtains also include 2 panels. The panels are 52 inches in width and a total of 104-inch width. Each panel has 2 different sizes of rod pockets. It can fit most standard rods so it won’t be a problem.


  • The color choices are excellent for most interior designs. It’s elegant while not being overbearing.
  • Excellent insulator for hot summer and cold winter, especially if you can’t control the humidity level in your house.
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Little few color options so you may not get the color that you want
  • Has a black spot or dot that other people might find bothersome

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Best Polyester Curtains for a House with Cats: Home Curtains Solid Cabana Curtain

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Polyester is also great for houses with cats. If you got a mudroom or a hybrid space, a heavy-duty curtain is the best fit for it. You need curtains that can stand to the weather and the [amazon link=”B01J64IZPM” title=”Home Curtains Solid Cabana Curtain” /] is the best for it.

This curtain is made with tightly woven polyester which has a similar texture to canvas fabrics making them durable against cat scratches. Cat claws can’t get a lock on this curtain and have some resistance against cat hairs with their water and mildew resistance.

This polyester curtain is designed for mixed use which means it can be good for indoors and outdoors. It has 16 color options which are a bit higher than the RYB HOME curtains yet still feels limited.

Aside from that, this curtain does not come close to blackout curtains or the other options above. It does not do a great job of filtering light. They’re great for people who want an outdoor type style of design since they can filter out a bit of light and control your temperature at least a little.

If you like the soft polyester material in your curtain, then this is great for you. Overall, this is an excellent curtain that has cat-proof qualities yet retains its curtain features.


  • Cat-proof and great water and mildew resistance
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors because of its material quality
  • Is a great option for people who want a bit of lighting inside their house


  • Does not work the same as blackout curtains so it does not block light effectively
  • Only has 16 color options so you have limited design options

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Best Blackout Curtains for a House with Cats: BONZER Blackout Curtains

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The previous options weren’t blackout curtains, and now I have the [amazon link=”B08JJ348KT” title=”BONZER Blackout Curtains” /] which are 100% blackout. There are some blackout curtains that don’t really block out all light and are more about dimming the light. However, blackout curtains really don’t have standards when it comes to their light-blocking properties.

However, if you want a blackout curtain that has the best effectiveness in blocking light, then the BONZER blackout curtains are your best option. They cover about 95% of light and provide you with sound and thermal insulation so you can stay cool and quiet in your relaxation time.

These curtains are made with velvet and I know it is extremely good against cat scratches. Much like the other curtains on this list, it is also easily machine washable so you can clean it up easily when your cat makes a mess of it.

The downside of getting these curtains though is that it has few design options. In fact, it has the fewest design options on this list. However, if you can look past that, you get excellent blackout and insulation in your curtains as well as being catproof thanks to its velvet material.

Overall, this is the best blackout curtain option you can get that is also catproof. It has everything you need for a blackout curtain with its light-blocking effectiveness.


  • Triple weave velvet does an excellent job blocking sunlight
  • Soft material quality while being catproof and durable
  • Machine washable so you can clean it easily


  • Very few color options so may not match your interior design
  • You may think the softness makes it not good for blocking light

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Features to Consider for Cat-Friendly Curtains in Your House

When it comes to curtains for a house with cats, you need them to be able to handle a cat’s playfulness and especially the claws. Hence, you need a durable one while still being a quality curtain for daily use. 

An image of a cat sitting by the window


When it comes to materials, you have a lot of options as evident from above. The material matters especially what you want from your curtains and how they will work with your cats. These are some of the common materials used for curtains:

  • Microfiber – is great for any type of pet that includes cats. Microfiber makes it difficult for cats to sink their claws in because it is densely woven. It is also easy to clean and prevents odors. However, microfiber easily attracts cat hairs so you may see some hairs on your curtain from time to time. A simple lint roller will remove the hairs easily.
  • Velvet – velvet is also a densely woven fabric and has catproof qualities. It has similar features to microfiber except that it attracts more hair compared it. The only reason you would choose this over microfiber would be its elegant design and it has thicker and heavier look.
  • Sunbrella – sunbrella is a heavy-duty fabric and is known for its durability. They’re highly resistant to cat claws and high resistance to stain. They’re also easy to clean which makes them a great practical choice.
  • Canvas – the least popular option since it does not have a luxurious feel. However, this durable material is great for catproof curtains. If you’re looking for curtains that have the best protection against cat claws then this is the best choice.

For this, there really is no best option, it depends on what you prefer or what qualities you want in your curtain.


There are a lot of cat-proof curtains available. To become catproof, you need your curtains to be durable and can handle stains and cat hair. The best curtains for a house with cats are scratch proof and are easy to clean in case of stains and cat hair.

For that, the NICETOWN Microfiber Curtains offer the best features when it comes to catproofing.

An image of a cat sitting between window curtains

Type of Curtain

While not necessarily a feature to look for in your house with cats, the type of curtain also matters in what you want to do with your interior design. Below are some common curtains you can use:

  • Netting curtains – netting curtains have a durable structure which means a cat’s claws won’t be able to tear them easily. Although it may leave some marks.
  • Linen curtains – linen curtains are also durable and dense. They are harder to claw compared to netting curtains.
  • Blackout curtains – they are extremely popular and great for blocking out light. Choose thicker materials because cats are less likely to place their claws in them.
  • Insulated curtains – similar to blackout curtains, they also offer thickness that makes cats less likely to damage them. They’re great for keeping your room cool.


What Kind of Curtains Is Cat Proof?

Any curtain that can hold up to scratching and digging cat claws in is cat proof. The most common ones are curtains made out of microfiber or velvet fabrics. There are some other curtains that are durable enough too.

How Can I Protect My Curtains From My Cat?

Tack strips of aluminum foil around the bottom foot of each curtain panel. This prevents cats from climbing up without touching the foil. Cats don’t like the texture of the foil so they may start to avoid your curtains. 

What Age Do Kittens Stop Climbing?

Kittens stop climbing around the age of 6 months most of the time. Although kittens may need to be exposed to other things such as the outside or other playthings so that they will ignore the curtains. 


Curtains for a house with cats can be a lot different among people. Curtains can have different designs and qualities. However, you need them to be catproof if you want them to survive against the cats at home.

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