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Whether it’s the cultural shift to smaller living spaces like tiny homes or smaller houses, or just trying to fit all of my things into the places I have, homeowners and renters are always looking for ways to maximize their living areas while continuing to enjoy the comforts of a well-furnished home.

Best Wall-Hugger Recliners

Wall hugger recliners can provide another option to accomplish these ends instead of bulky, oversized recliners that can take up most of the livable area of a smaller or already-cramped space.

But while wall hugger recliners take up less space in a living room or sitting area, and can take up less space between the chair and wall when fully reclined, that doesn’t mean that their owners are sacrificing their comfort during the evening rest and relaxation time.

Most recliners in this class still feature top-quality construction and durability ratings, comfortable upholstery with as much padding for the back, seat, arm and footrests as the big, box chairs, and bevy of options to fit the size and shape you want as well as a price you can live with.

Here are just a handful of options to consider if space is a concern but you still want a quality, comfortable place to rest at the end of the day:

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Homall Recliner Chair PU Leather

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In the market for a low-priced recliner that doesn’t look like one? The No products found. has all of the features that a standard recliner offers. The Recliner Chair is definitely worth looking into.  Here are some of the top features of this recliner:

  • The pushback recliner allows its users to find the right area and level of comfort by providing multiple modes to stop on your way to a total recline. Though, this does mean that sitting with your back straight up but your legs lifted won’t be an option.  Some sitters who prefer this position while watching TV could be disappointed by this design.
  • The chair is upholstered with high-quality PU leather. This fabric is advantageous for cleaning and is gentle on the skin for most sitters.
  • Despite its small size (61 lbs.), the recliner features a durable steel frame construction supported by four feet with non-marking pads. This small feature helps to distribute the weight in the chair, protecting it from wear and tear, while also doing the same for your floor. This could be very important if you have hardwood or laminate flooring underneath the chair.
  • One more layer of comfort comes in the armrests, which have been widened from the chair’s previous models to be more supportive and comfortable. Thicker padding is also added to the back and the footrests to further support a comfortable seating experience.
    You might think that the recliner wouldn’t be an option for taller people, but buyer reviews indicate otherwise. The added padding in the footrest helps to support those who are a bit taller and might otherwise have difficulty finding a comfortable position in a recliner.

With an average buyer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, the Homall Recliner Chair seems a quality, cost-effective option for those that are looking for a reclining chair that won’t eat up a spending or the square footage of their living room.

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Handy Living ProLounger

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If you’re looking for an oversized wall-hugging recliner that doesn’t really act like it oversized, No products found. could be worth a longer gaze.

At 39” x 39” x 39”, the recliner is small enough to fit into the category. But it’s value-added features and attention to craftsmanship make it seem like a larger chair.  Check out some of the key features:

  • With only four inches of clearance needed from the chair back to the wall to recline, the ProLounger is truly a wall-hugging option. The chair also uses less floor space when fully reclined, giving more room to move in what could otherwise be cramped living quarters.
  • Covered with Renu leather, the fabric breathes easily and both looks and feels like top grain leather. It’s easy to clean and durable too adding further value and style to your decor.
  • The ProLounger features added support throughout – from overstuffed head and armrests to a full chaise pad between the foot rest and the chair’s base. Sitters are fully able to relax and rejuvenate while seated among cushions padded with high density foam and no sag springs. If you want a recliner that doesn’t skimp on support, this is a definite option.
  • While I’m thinking about the build of the ProLounger, let’s talk about it’s construction. Laminated hardwood supports the steel frame, while the reclining mechanism features insulated spring clips to prevent wear and tear. It’s a solid, sturdy construction design built to withstand lots of sitting down, standing up and laying back.
  • The chair is powered by an electric switch that triggers its recliner function. The push button is directly below the right armrest and could be a bit difficult to maneuver into position to move for some users. Be aware! Otherwise, the switch seems easy enough to use.

The Handy Living ProLounger is a more costly option, but offers users a power recline feature to go along with its comfortable style and solid construction.  If you’re looking for the best  wall hugger recliner, then this is your best bet!

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Rec Pro Charles Collection (Set of 2)

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One space that rarely gets attention when discussing high-end home furnishings is an RV. But, those that live or stay in one for an extended period of time each year know the importance of a maximizing space while also maintaining the need for comfort in an otherwise cramped area. The No products found. keeps both of these concerns in mind in the form of a 30” swivel glider. 

Here are some of their key features:

  • The first of the Charles collections numerous selling points is its ease of install. The chair comes packed in one box and Rec Pro claims it can be assembled in less than five minutes. This also means the chair can be disassembled and reassembled somewhat easily as well. So, if you’re using it in your RV in the summer, it could come inside for the winter, if you’d like it to.
  • The faux leather upholstery is easy to maintain and breathable for those hot summer days when a cool RV or camper is a better option for an afternoon nap.
  • With a base of just 24”, the swivel glider can sneak into tight quarters and only needs 9 inches of clearance from the wall to fully rock back and forth. The chair also turns a full 360 degrees on the circular base.
  • Users can enjoy two reclining positions operates by a recessed, low-profile handle. Pull once to recline to 54.5” and lay back further to a full 64” of snoozing satisfaction.
  • The slim design doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, however. In fact some reviews point to the head and armrests offering too much padding – a problem that rarely gets pinned on recliners.
    This doesn’t really seem like a “buyer beware” sort of situation, but another reason to consider the Charles Collection of wall hugger recliner from Rec Pro if that fits your usual considerations for support when relaxing after a day out and about.

Buyers rate the recliner with 4.6 out of 5 stars making the Swivel Glider a serious option if you’re looking to furnish your living room or revamp a cramped camper.

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Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair

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Often when considering a new piece of furniture for an otherwise tight area, options are limited for upgraded features. That isn’t the case with the No products found..

The fact that the chair is compact enough to fit into the wall-hugger category while still allowing users the benefits of an electric power lift function suggests how unique the recliner is.

  • An attached two button remote control is easy to use and situated in a pouch on the chair’s right-hand side. Simply press one button to raise the chair to a near standing position, or the other to recline the chair to its full capacity.
  • Because a power lift chair is often the best option for older or elderly friends and family, it’s important to note the manufacture of the Domesis chair considered ergonomics in its design to further support these users. 
    This recliner actually made my list of the best recliners for seniors and elderly!  Laminated hardwood and a steel frame on the inside combine with fully-padded, plush, high-density foam to add further comfort and support to the seating experience.
  • Renu leather is a more cost-effective alternative to real leather, while still looking great and feeling like top grain leather. The durable material is easy to clean and breathes well, giving you or your loved one an even more comfortable rest and relaxation time.
  • Perhaps the most notable selling point of the Domesis chair is its ease of assembly and re-assembly, which is somewhat surprising for a power recliner.
    The chair was designed to be able to be put together in under ten minutes with no special tools required and its design allows it to fit through any size doorway making moving easier and less of a hassle.
    However, it does run on the heavier side for a wall-hugging recliner because of the power motor. Keep this in mind if you plan to move the chair much or often.
  • The chair’s dimensions – 33” x 30” x 28 3/4” mean it can comfortably support sitters of most sizes and shapes – including those up to 300 pounds.

The Domesis Power Chair offers buyers the full features of a high-end power recliner with the extra caveats of a wall-hugger. With a reasonable price, it’s a viable alternative to solve your living space issues.

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ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner

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The No products found. combines comfort and functionality while also saving you space while the chair is upright and reclined.

The chair’s comfort derived from a couple of factors.

  • First, the chair is covered with polyester khaki microfiber, which is provides extra durability and a stain resistant finish, while also feeling comfortable to the touch.
  • The high-density ultra padding of the arm rests and head rests have the power to turn any rest into a full blown nap. The full chaise pad between the seat bottom and the foot rest adds another layer of comfort to the seating experience thanks to the independently wrapped pocket coil system.  This recliner is so good for naps that it made it on my list of the best recliners for sleeping!
  • The ProLounger Recliner is constructed of laminated hardwood and sinuous spring seating. A steel reclining mechanism supports the reclining function of the chair, while the chair’s spring clips are insulated to provide defense against wear and tear.
  • The recliner is operated by the traditional lever system and it reclines to a full 68 inches. The wall hugger needs only to sit four inches off the wall to be able to be fully reclined while also saving room in your living area.
  • The chair ships in one box and can be easily assembled in under fifteen minutes.

The dimensions of the ProLounger Recliner are a concern for some users, who point to a tight fit, as the chair is only 17” across in the seating area. However, at around $250, the chair is definitely an option for those looking to save some room while not sacrificing style and comfort.

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Features to Consider for Best Wall Hugger Recliners

The best wall hugger recliners have certain features that make them great for small rooms. Your wall hugger recliner should feel comfortable despite being able to fit into a small space. Here are some of the features to consider for choosing the best wall hugger recliners.

Living room with chairs and round table - Wall Hugger Recliners

Body Size

Wall hugger recliners are generally smaller than your traditional wall recliners. This can pose a problem if you are big or a tall person. You want your wall hugger recliner to be comfortable so you have to take into account your body size. You should take note of the following measurements:

  • Length between your heel and the back of your knee
  • Length between the back of your knee and tailbone
  • Length between the elbow and the palm
  • Your body width

These measurements should be applied to your wall hugger recliner with a bit of length allowance. The wall hugger recliner will feel comfortable and right for your body and you can account if it’s gonna be a space saver if you want a space saving small wall hugger recliner.  

Size of the Room

Wall hugger recliners are perfect for small spaces. However, you still need to measure the space especially the floor space even if you’re planning to put the wall hugger in a small space. When you determined both the size of your wall hugging recliner chair

You also have to take into account the measurement of your door so your wall hugger recliner can get inside the room. You might even need to measure the wall clearance just in case you make adjustments to your wall hugger recliner. 

Weight Capacity

Most wall hugger recliners can support around 250 to 300 pounds of weight. Some wall recliners can even have a maximum weight capacity up to 400 pounds of weight. If you’re a heavy person, you might want to consider getting a wall hugger recliner with high weight capacity. 

This will ensure that your wall hugger recliner work for a long time and that parts like pocket coil springs won’t get damaged for going over the weight limit. 

Reclining Position

If you want the best wall hugger recliner, you have to choose the one with the best reclining mechanism and features. Some recliners can open  or fully recline so you can lay down almost in a flat position. Other wall hugger recliners only open halfway which is best for reading or relaxing and watching with your gadget. 

Personally, if you choose a chair reclines that can fully recline gives you better versatility. Although it might not be a great space saving idea and won’t probably good if you’re putting the wall hugger recliner in compact spaces.


The wall hugger recliner should be comfortable to use. A comfortable recliner should have a comfortable chair. A seat cushion is also great for your bottom. The seat should also have thick padding for added comfort. 

Other comfortable features that a wall hugger recliner can have are leg rest, pillow top arms, and overstuffed padding. 

Living room with chairs and table


The best wall hugger recliner should use high quality materials. You also need to have a sturdy hardwood frame if you want to have a durable and long-lasting wall hugger recliner. A laminated hardwood frame is the best option to have. 

Tips for Selecting the Right Wall Hugger Recliner

If you are in the market for a space-saving recliner, then you already know the parameters you are working with.  You have probably already measured the area you’ve considered for your new recliner, but if you haven’t that is a great place to start.

Consider the width of the chair while positioned upright, but also the length you are willing to live with when the chair is fully reclined.  Most wall hugger recliners on this list are able to extend to a full recline position with just three or four inches of clearance from the wall when in the upright position.  

Then, you simply need to calculate the total distance, usually in inches, that the chair’s footrest will extend into your living space.  This may be easier to accomplish if you’re purchasing the chair for a modular home or a RV or camper, as many of the fixture will not be able to be moved and there will only be one spot for your chair.

From there, many of the other considerations when bugging a wall hugger recliner are similar to those of any other armchair:

Does the style of the chair match that of the other furniture and furnishings in the living space?  This does not make or break your search, however some buyers can’t imagine buying a chair, no matter how comfortable or cost-effective, if it doesn’t fit the general pattern of the room.

How is it upholstered?  Depending on where you’ll be putting your recliner, this could be a bigger concern. Some faux leather chairs on the above list are quite breathable and cool to the touch, while the microfiber cloth could be an issue for some skin types. 

Others who live in warmer climates might want to truly test the leather’s breathability, as sometimes it can get a little sticky in more humid areas. And of course, the quality of the fabric should also be a consideration too. Will it hold up to repeated sitting down and standing up without cracking or discoloring?

How is the chair padded? This really comes down to personal preference, but you need to be aware of the kind of support you’d like before committing to a recliner.  Do you like to sink into your catnap and be surrounded by soft padding in the seat, arms and head?

Or do you prefer a bit of a firm support, with less head and arm padding, but more cushion in the lower back?  The above wall hugger recliner models all offer a wide range of supports to fit your comfort needs fully.

What’s on the inside?  While wall huggerrecliners can run a bit less because of their size relative to the full reclining armchair, that usually doesn’t mean that their constructed with any lesser materials, but you should do your research just to make sure. 

Often, I get what I pay for, and the more solidly built and well-constructed the recliner, the more wear and tear it can withstand.


What Are Wall Hugger Recliners Called?

Wall hugger recliners are also called wallaway recliner or wall saver recliner. They are called so because they can be placed close to a wall.

What Is a Zero Wall Recliner?

Zero wall recliners or also called wall hugger recliner or zero clearance recliner is a reclining chair which you can place close to a wall and will still retain its reclining features. The great thing about zero wall recliner is that they can save space and can even fit in smaller spaces. 

Final Thoughts on Wall Hugger Recliners

As space becomes an ever-more present concern for homeowners, renters and travelers, wall-hugging recliners can still offer the comfort of a supportive, relaxing place to “take a load off” while not eating into your overall living area.  If you’re in the need for a recliner for back pain, then view my guide on back pain recliners!

Hopefully, the recliners above and the list of considerations included here give you more clarity on your path to an ever-more-relaxing rest and relaxation.  

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