Bionaire Window Fan Review – Keep Cool in the Hot Months!

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If you live in a hot place or have been on holiday somewhere warm you’ll know that the heat can be a killer. This is why it’s important to have the proper ventilation before any heatwaves strike in Summer. In this Bionaire window fan review I will share to you why this window fan is an excellent choice to keep cool on the cheap!

Bionaire Window Fan Review – Keep Cool in the Hot Months!

It’s not just about heat though. Without proper airflow in your home you’ll quickly find that the place becomes stagnant.

It’s important for home comfort because it prevents any bacteria or air pollution from building up in the air you breathe. Without the correct flow of air in your home you’ll also find that moisture can build up. This isn’t just bad for my health but can damage my furniture and walls.

Staying Cool In the Heat​

Basically, lack of proper airflow can make life pretty difficult and it’s an important thing to get right to enjoy your home life the most. Now, you can have a ceiling fan which can improve airflow, or you can use a window fan!  

Now obviously if you want to do things right then you’ll be looking at full air conditioning. These units work by keeping the temperature levels constant and ensuring there is a constant flow of air. Unfortunately, these require a lot of different complicated machinery which takes up a lot of space and is extremely expensive.

More affordable and practical options include home fans. These succeed in providing air flow but are often quite limited. A standard desk fan won’t spread the air very well, it’ll focus on the area it’s based in and not do much more.

Along with being ineffective they can also be very loud. This means you have to make the choice between sleep and comfort, which isn’t something anyone should make.

Thankfully there are now some practical solutions to solve this problem for everyone. Bionaire have created an innovative window fan which is able to help regulate temperature and ensure your home has the airflow it needs.  Along with this, these types of fans can also help to maintain a correct humidity level in your home.

About Window Fans

Unlike regular standing fans which live on your desk or in the corner, a window fan is built right into the frame of the window. It’s the next stage of evolution for windows so you don’t have to open them anymore to let the air in.

These window fans are remarkably useful because they allow for the flow of air without opening up a room to the elements. Instead of having to open the window and allowing rain inside you can just operate the window fan instead. This makes it practical for those who live in less pleasant environments.

There are a number of different styles of window fan available but the majority are built with two functions. They’re able to draw in the air and expel it depending on what you need at that moment in time. This makes them a lot more useful than traditional fans.

An arm reaching out of the window

Bionaire Window Fan Review

Bionaire have developed a smart window fan that is one of the most effective on the market. It allows for simple cooling in any room and can be operated easily by anyone. The advanced design uses twin 8.5 inch fans which allow for maximum utility without taking up any space.

The Bionaire window fan can be fitted into almost any type of window with ease. This allows you to completely revolutionise even old rooms which are in need of some fresh airflow. Bionaire has put a lot of time and energy into the twin reversible airflow window fan and the result is a window fan with more features than almost all the competition.

Twin Reversible Airflow

Bionaire have designed their fan to be extremely effective at what it does by providing it with two key functions. Firstly it is able to operate the fans so they draw cool air into the room. This allows for fresh air to flow freely through any room and be evenly distributed.

They also allow for the fans to reverse, this causes them to draw the old stale air from the room and expel it outside. Bionaire has designed their window fan so that it is able to do both at once. This allows you to expel stale air and bring in the healthy cool air from outside, instantly refreshing your room.


In creating their intelligent window fan Bionaire also installed a thermostat. This can be programmed using the LED control panel so that when the temperature reaches a certain level the fan will begin to operate and cool the room. This is a perfect feature when you’re sleeping on a hot Summer’s day.

3 Speed Setting

To make the window fan as effective as possible they have 3 different settings for the Bionaire window fan. You can set the blades to rotate slowly, quickly or very fast depending on how quickly you want to aerate and cool the room.

Remote Control

Bionaire have allowed for easy operating of the window fan by including a remote control. You can flick it on or off and change the settings from across the room which means you don’t even have to get out of bed to cool down.

A small circular window fan

5 Year Warranty

Bionaire are offering a pretty impressive 5 year warranty on their window fan. This can give you at least some peace of mind that if it does malfunction you can get it replaced.

Bionaire have certainly jammed a lot into this small little fan and it’s resulted in a very smart and effective piece of kit. Despite being small it works quickly and creates hardly any noise, even on the fastest setting, so you might forget it’s even there.

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan User Reviews

The Bionaire window fan is proving one of the most popular solutions around and there’s a lot of positive feedback regarding the brand and products:

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the options on these fans. I was considering installing a whole house fan to cool down the house at night but opted for the easier route.”

Richard H.

People seem really pleased with the simplicity but usefulness of the product and how it replaces the need for a complete air conditioning system.

Negative reviews of the window fan seem to indicate that it won’t necessarily last as long as you’d hope:

“This fan worked amazingly the first 3 summers, and it was near perfect.  But on the fourth summer we tried turning it on and it simply didn’t work.”

Grant S.​

Bionaire do offer a fairly generous warranty for their products but if you should be vigilant and if there are any issues over time then try to talk to whoever you bought it from.

Overall Bionaire is a popular product and seems to be doing exactly what people expect and more.

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My Final Thoughts on the Bionaire Window Fan

Window fans came about as the cheaper solution to home air conditioning. Bionaire have taken this a stage further by creating an intelligently designed system which can effectively control the airflow in any room. By incorporating a lot of modern features they’ve made it more effective than ever.

That being said if you are looking for a more mobile option then I’d suggest you take a look at a Honeywell Tower Fan so you can move your fan in whatever room you need!

While they’ve advanced the product they’ve still managed to keep costs low. This makes Bionaire’s Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan one of the best value products on the market and definitely one to look out for if you want a fresh room.


Does Window Fan Really Work?

Window fans work. They are especially effective when used in pairs in two different windows. One fan works to draw in cool air from outside into your home. The other fan push out hot air from your indoor out onto the outdoors.  

How Do I Turn On My Bionaire Window Fan?

It depends on the model. You should refer to the manual it comes with to know more about switching your Bionaire window fan on or off. 

Do Window Fans Let Bugs In?

If you use 2 window fans for blowing cold air in and pushing warm air out, bugs generally don’t get inside your home. This is because the 2-fan system creates a slight positive pressure inside your home that bugs don’t like. 


Bionaire window fans are great to keep your home cool in the hot summer season. If you want to save money from high-maintenance air conditioning, the Bionaire window fans are a great alternative. 

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