4 Best Swanstone Kitchen Sink Reviews – Durable Heat Resistance

The kitchen sink is the cornerstone of any home. It’s where all of your food is prepared, where your pans will soak and where your dishes are cleaned. Your kitchen sink will see more use than any other kitchen fitting and studies have shown that over 75% of the time spent in the kitchen is over the sink.

Kitchen sinks are vital for keeping your home clean and safe. They don’t just allow you space for cleaning, but they let you keep your kitchen hygienic so you can keep dirty dishes away from work surfaces. Alongside the practical side they also offer to the overall look and feel of your kitchen and the right sink will complete the room and tie it all together.

Swanstone Sink Comparison Table

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QZ03322LS Double  
KS03322SB.053 Single  
KS03322DB.037 Double  

Your kitchen sink should be tailored to meet your needs. While there’s a lot to choose from you need to find one with matches your existing set-up and style. If you’re starting from scratch of renovating entirely then this is your opportunity to really define your kitchen, and that all starts with the kitchen sink.

On top of aesthetics you need to consider the functionality of the sink. The technology behind sinks is always evolving and every year we can see new features being incorporated into designs. You’ll need to think about what kind of features might make life easier (two bowls, fast draining etc.) and find a sink which has them.

swanstone sink reviews

The construction process is also improving, allowing new materials to be used more effectively. You need to consider what materials look and feel right to you, and whether they offer enough protection and longevity. After all, a good sink is an investment and you want to know your sink will stand the test of time.

Finally you need to think about the size and shape of the sink. This will largely be determined by your kitchen size, but if you have a large household then your sink should be large too to reflect it. This will mean that even at busy times of day there’s enough space to leave dishes or soak pans as needed.

As you can see, there is a great deal to consider when it comes to kitchen sinks and it isn’t always an easy process to locate the right one. There are so many different makes and models out there it can be hard to know where to start. Our advice is to find a brand you know you can rely on and go from there.

Swanstone is a US company who have been creating sinks for over 50 years. They specialize in crafting high quality, but affordable products and this has led them to continually innovate and develop their offering to improve their product range. They now have a vast array of sinks which are some of the most durable and reliable in the industry.

If you want to find a sink which offers a balance of style, utility and longevity then Swanstone are a great place to start. In this article we’ve reviewed some of the most popular Swanstone sinks to help get you started.

Swanstone QZ03322LS Granite Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink

The first sink on our list is the Swanstone QZ03322LS which is one of the most popular sinks in the country. It has a simple but stylish look which works well in modern or transitional homes. The even Quartz gives a clean cut look that makes people take notice and you can choose from a range of different colors/finishes.

At 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 10 inches deep there is a lot of room in this single bowl sink. It’s deep enough to deal with a large number of dishes or soak large pans completely. You can choose for a simple drop in fitting, or undermount installation which allows the sink to merge seamlessly with your work top. Well built, large and stylish, this sink is a great asset for any size home.

Swanstone QZ03322LS Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from 80% Quartz, this is a sink that is designed to last. Swanstone have used advanced construction techniques which have created a precision piece with no weak edges or corners that might degrade over time.
  • Easy Maintenance: On top of the solid construction, Swanstone have designed this sink to be easy to maintain. The materials are almost entirely stain proof and as it isn’t metal it won’t rust or corrode. You can clean it with soap and a cloth with no need for specialist products. Plus the Quartz is robust and won’t dent or chip even after prolonged use.
  • Easy Installation: Unlike most sinks, this sink has multiple options for installation. You can go for the undermount fitting which will mean there are no exposed rims on your surface top, however this can sometimes be more complicated to do on your own. The drop in fitting makes it easier to install but the rims are exposed on the top. This is the best option for those who aren’t as experienced with DIY projects.

Swanstone QZ03322LS Reviews:

As part of any home purchase you should always consider the feedback from those who already own the products. For a sink this is even more important as it’s a piece of kitchen equipment that will have a lot of use. Swanstone are a very popular brand so there’s a lot of reviews online you can use to help you choose a sink.

This sink is one of Swanstone’s most popular and there is a lot of positive feedback. Users seem impressed with the durability of the materials and construction, but also with the style and aesthetics of the sink.

Some reviewers seem to have had issues with the size of the predrilled holes in the unit because they were too big. This doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, but you should definitely check the whole unit when it arrives to make sure it isn’t going to be an issue. Overall this is a very well rated sink that gets over 90% user satisfaction, which is very high in this industry.

Swanstone offer a lifetime limited warranty on this sink. This covers all the materials and the construction work but not daily wear and tear. It’s worth checking the full terms and conditions before purchase and do be aware that any errors when installing could void the policy.

Priced at under $250, this sink offers a lot of quality without the large price tag. The materials are durable and it has a minimalist style that will really add to your home. Overall it’s great value and definitely one to consider if you’re in the market for a new sink.

Swanstone KS03322SB.053 Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink

Swanstone have created the KS03322SB to combine the traditional look with all the qualities and features you would expect from a modern sink. The solid grey granite is simple, but provides a robust durability that will stand up even in the busiest kitchen.

The Swanstone KS03322SB is 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 10 inches deep giving an impressive space in the basin for lots of dishes. The drain is ideally located to the side of the sink allowing for optimal drainage and giving you maximum usage space. Despite being solid granite this sink is still fairly easy to install yourself. The whole kitchen sink represents the merging of old and new in a way that makes it attractive in all homes.

Swanstone KS03322SB Key Features:

  • Heat Resistant: The solid granite used in this sink is incredibly durable. It’s heavyweight and won’t scratch, dent or scratch easily. Plus the sink is also heat resistant and can handle temperatures upwards of 500 degrees fahrenheit. This means you can slide hot pots and pans straight in there without risk of damaging the surface.
  • Easy Clean: The granite used in construction isn’t only durable, it’s intelligent. The porous surface means that it won’t stain, so you can clean it easily. Do be aware that strong chemical cleaners and bleaches can mark the sink and you should stick to soap and water.
  • Drop In Fitting: The drop in installation makes fitting this a breeze. It’s not as heavy or bulky as some granite sinks and if you’re comfortable with DIY it shouldn’t be difficult. The sink even comes with a predrilled hole so you can hook it up and get going in under 30 mins.

Swanstone KS03322SB Sink Reviews:

With 91% user satisfaction this is another very popular sink. There are a lot of positive reviews which praise both the look and feel of the product, but also how easy it is to install and maintain.

There aren’t many negative reviews of this product at all but a few people have commented that the sink has scratched when dealing with heavy pans. While the sink is resistant you should still take care with cast iron, or other heavyweight, pans that could impact the surface. Generally though this is a very popular product and the high levels of satisfaction should give you confidence in the product.

Swanstone also offer a lifetime limited warranty on this sink which protects it for the life of the product. If buying online or from a different seller you should also check their policy so you know exactly where you stand if anything goes wrong.

Priced at around $300 there is a lot of value to be had here. It has premium materials and features which means it will last a long time. This makes it a great long term investment at a fraction of the price of high end brands. Definitely a great option for any home with a busy kitchen.

Swanstone KS03322DB.037 Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink

The first double bowl kitchen sink on the list is the Swanstone KS03322DB. It has two basins, one larger than the other, to allow you more flexibility. You would typically use the second bowl for washing food and the main bowl so soaking but you have a lot of different options.

This sink is 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 9 inches deep giving ample space for dealing with dishes. It’s built to be durable and made entirely out of durable granite. This is another simple Swanstone product that’s designed to be affordable and durable and offer great value.

Swanstone KS03322DB.037 Key Features:

  • Reliable: This sink is made from high quality granite. This makes it durable and resistant to any impact damage or scratching. Swanstone have made this sink to last and it should last you several years at a minimum.
  • Versatile Style: Unlike some of sinks, Swanstone has designed this sink to be versatile and work with lots of different styles. It works in traditional, transitional or modern homes and won’t overpower a room. There are also more than 12 different colour palettes to choose from when buying this sink so it can really match your specific tastes.
  • Convenient Space: A dual bowled sink is always really useful, especially in a busy kitchen. You can save a lot of time by using both bowls and as this sink has two bowls of equal depth it makes them both very useful. This means less time washing dishes and more time doing what you want in your spare time.

Swanstone KS03322DB.037 Sink Reviews:

With over 80% user satisfaction this is a very well thought of sink. Positive reviews from users praise the simplicity of the sink and how well it stands up to heavy use. There’s also a lot of good things said about the value for money offered at this price point.

As with any product there is some negative feedback regarding the quality of the sink. While it is durable, it is worth bearing in mind it’s also one of the most affordable on the market and you shouldn’t expect the top end quality that you have to pay extra for. That being said, if something breaks that shouldn’t then you should absolutely use your warranty to get it replaced free of charge. Overall however, this is a well rated sink that gets almost entirely positive reviews.

Swanstone offer a lifetime limited warranty to give you extra reassurance as a customer. This will cover the full unit and you can send off for a replacement part or a whole unit if needed. Make sure you read the seller’s policy on this before buying from a third party so that you know exactly where you stand if something goes wrong.

Priced at under $150 this is an incredibly affordable sink. It might now have all the bells and whistles of a high end product, but at this price point it offers a lot of value. If you’re looking for a good quality, simple and well priced sink then this is almost certainly the one for you.

Swanstone QU03322AD Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink

The Swanstone granite QU03322AD kitchen sink is made for kitchens that see a lot of use. The shape and style are all built around utility and maximizing the sink space but it keeps the minimalist look and feel that you would expect from a Swanstone sink.

It’s 32 inches long, 22 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep allowing you to rest even your deepest pans. It has a built in side rack for drying plates and the whole sink is made from tough granite. Durable and effective, this sink is made for heavy use and perfect for busy kitchens.

Swanstone QU03322AD Raised Sink Key Features:

  • Innovative Raised Platform: Swanstone have built in a raised platform to this sink which is ideal for food preparation or resting various dishes. There are built in grooves which help the water drain more effectively from the platform and out of the sink quickly.
  • Deep Bowl: At over 10 inches deep this is one of the deepest basins you’ll find on the market. It’s perfect for those with large baking trays or pans that need to be soaked, and you’ll be able to fit all your kitchen utensils with ease.
  • Robust Quartz: Made from quartz, this sink is durable and resistant. It’s very difficult to scratch or mark and it’s heat resistant up to 450 degrees fahrenheit. All of this means it’s difficult to damage and will keep looking brand new for a long time.

Swanstone QU03322AD Reviews:

With 86% user satisfaction in the product Swanstone are obviously doing something very right. Positive reviews generally all speak about the style and design of the sink, as well as the durability of materials. There’s also a lot of positive feedback about how easy it is to maintain day to day.

In some isolated incidents there seems to have been shipping damage with the sinks. This is always disappointing and you should make sure you fully check the whole product on arrival so you can report any defects as early as possible. Overall though this seems to be a very small minority of cases and generally users seem happy with the sink. 

Swanstone offer a lifetime limited warranty on this sink which protects all the different components within it. Swanstone are proud of their craft and if there is something wrong then they should replace it fully without any hassle. Be aware of the seller’s terms and conditions before purchase as these may impact the warranty.

Priced at around $350 there is some value to be had with this sink. The materials are well chosen and the build quality is high, giving you a sink you can rely on in the long run. It’s not the most stand out style but it is premium quality that should stand the test of time. Definitely one to consider if you have a large family or a particularly busy kitchen.

Final Thoughts on Swanstone Sinks

Swanstone have been around for a long time, and when you look at their range of sinks it’s fairly easy to see why. Over the years they’ve developed their craft and year on year they’re putting more of this innovation in to their products to make them better suited for the home.

Swanstone undermount sink

Despite the advances in features, Swanstone have elected to keep it simple. They’ve focused on minimalist style which accents the sink, but doesn’t overpower the room. They’ve put a lot of focus on using the right materials to give a more robust sink that lasts longer than alternatives.

If you look at other sinks in the same price category then Swanstone are offering a lot more. Their sinks are made to last and work well in any style of home. They’re also accessible to almost any budget. If you’re looking for a new sink then Swanstone are a solid brand and any of the sinks here will serve you well.