Red Apple Furniture Review

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Considering that the home is where individuals can feel safe from the daily hustle and bustle of the outside world, having a comfortable home is a big dream for many people. Therefore, you as a homeowner need to set up your home with furniture of the highest quality.

Today, there are thousands of furniture brands all over the world advertising their products; however, only a handful of them really offer the level of quality that you are seeking. One of these is the Red Apple furniture brand, and this article deeply delves into the brand, products, and other things to know.

Basically, it would be a comprehensive Red Apple Furniture review.

Red Apple Furniture Review

Red Apple Furniture is a brand that specializes in custom-made and bespoke furniture that suits a variety of personalities and individual styles. In this review, I will assess the store’s various aspects to determine if it is a good option to consider when acquiring furniture for your home.

A brown sofa with 3 to 4 seaters from Red Apple furniture
Image from Red Apple Furniture

While there are several factors to take note of when selecting the right furniture, the following are some of the most important:

Product Quality and Durability

When investing in furniture, it is important to consider quality and durability before any other thing. This furniture brand has made it its main priority to provide its customers with nothing other than the best quality furniture that money can buy. 

They ensure you get your money’s worth by providing various pieces of furniture that will remain standing and sturdy in your home for as long as needed.

Collection and Inventory

From bespoke sofas to dining furniture and even lighting, this furniture brand boasts a large collection of design categories and types to suit your specific purposes and personality. They do this by frequently updating new furniture designs and styles in their inventory.

This gives their customers multiple options to choose from when acquiring furniture and reduces the likelihood that any existing or potential customer walks out of one of their stores empty-handed or unsatisfied. It also makes it easier for customers to get their hands on the most trendy and classy furniture designs available at any given moment.

A blue armchair with blue footstool from Red Apple furniture
Image from Red Apple Furniture


When looking at this furniture brand, the prices of their products would be pretty steep. This is quite understandable due to their large collection and the product quality they offer their customers. However, this isn’t the case. Their products are, in reality, as affordable as quality gets.

The brand’s products cater to every individual’s financial capacity. This means that even if you are on a budget, you can still visit one of their stores to purchase a piece of quality furniture that falls within your budget’s range. At Red Apple, they deal in an appropriate mixture of aesthetics, comfort, long-lasting durability, and affordability.

Customer Service

Customer service is undeniably a crucial factor that contributes to the success of any brand, and this brand understands this well. Aside from selling furniture, this brand renders top-notch customer services that guarantee your satisfaction each time you interact with their customer care team. They provide customers with the best solutions and are always willing to help.

Unlike many other furniture brands focusing solely on sales, Red Apple also offers maintenance and repair services to their customers. This means you can easily get the best care for your furniture when needed. Additionally, they offer consultancy services if you need guidance on purchasing the best furniture. This can come in handy when replacing your old furniture with new ones.

For more information on their Customer service, you can visit the Contact Us page on their website.

Online and Offline Stores

The brand has numerous offline stores and showrooms all around the world. This brings to mind that the brand is well-established in various countries and continents; therefore, they have the ability to serve a great number of customers.

In addition, the brand also has an online database where customers can log in, search for furniture and make purchases. Furthermore, they help eliminate the stress of transportation by offering quick and safe delivery of your purchase. They ensure your purchased furniture gets to your preferred location within the stipulated period.

Previous Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are no doubt a goldmine for discovering what actual customers have to say about a brand. This is why in addition to the objective review I’ve done so far, I found it imperative to sample other opinions. Overall, other customers found the brand helpful and reliable, and quality is in check.

A black and brown coffee and side table from Red Apple furniture
Image from Red Apple Furniture

Related Questions

Does the Brand Have a No-Refund Policy for Faulty Products?

According to the Cancellation Rights Quality Guarantee, the brand assures its customers that its products will be free from defects and building errors. Therefore, it is likely that the brand will be unwilling to make any refunds regarding faulty furniture after the purchase has been made.

What Are the Design Categories Available for Red Apple Sofas?

With more than 800 different styles of contemporary and vintage collections, the brand boasts many sofa design categories. Here are the designs categories available for Furniture sofas:

  • Classics
  • Contemporary designs
  • First-class seat designs
  • Mid-century designs
  • Modern Classics
  • Modern Luxury designs
  • Ottoman designs
  • Rustics
  • Scandinavian designs

Does Red Apple Have a Good Track Record of Delivering Outstanding Services?

Yes, Red Apple has a good track record of delivering outstanding services to its customers, from dealing in quality and durable furniture products to its huge collection and quality customer services. Purchasing new furniture could be a great hassle; however, the furniture brand is willing to help in any way possible.


From this review, you can tell that the brand is not your regular furniture store. They can truly be categorized as experts in the furniture industry and for a good reason too! They take pride in providing quality products and services at reasonable and affordable prices.

Therefore, our final verdict is that this furniture brand is a good choice for your next furniture purchase.

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