Best Swanstone Shower Base [2023 Review]

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In a lot of ways the shower is more important than it used to be. On the surface of course it does just act as a place to get clean but in reality it’s more than that. It’s a place to retreat away from the responsibilities of the world, to relax, unwind and let go of the stress of a busy day.

A functioning shower starts with a shower base. This is the bottom of the shower where I stand and the water flows down into. If I don’t get a reliable shower base there could be issues with leaking, overflowing, cracking or other damage.

All of these will essentially make your shower unusable so it’s important to choose a good shower base.  If you are interested in looking at some other shower pans, then check out my reviews!

I’m taking on more responsibility than ever so having a good shower is important for my mental and physical health.  In this Swanstone shower base reviews guide you will learn how all about Swanstone bases, their functions, and their warranty information!

Swanstone Shower Base Reviews and Tips

Shower bases are normally made out of ceramic or plastic like I’ve become used to. Occasionally they can be made from alternative materials but it isn’t too common. Shower bases differ from unit to unit and there are a number of features which are available in the better models.

One of the most popular shower bases is the Swanstone Shower Base. These shower bases are both fashionable and functional.  I have used Swanstone for years with my Grohe rainshower at home!

About Swanstone

Swanstone have an impressive history and have been operating for over 50 years. In that time they’ve not only dealt with any issues that have arisen but they’ve thrived in those conditions, showing their depth of understanding in the market and of the consumer’s needs.

They began with only a single shower as their product and from there they’ve grown and diversified. Now they’re a global entity, selling bathroom and kitchen accessories and features all over the world.

Swanstone specialise in bathroom products, specifically their shower range. They have a large collection of shower bases, shower heads, doors and full units to choose from where you can customise various elements to make them unique to you. Their product list grows year on year as the demand for their products increases.

Swanstone are an American company with their headquarters in Illinois. While they do outsource a number of their products their core lines are produced within the U.S. In their time operating they’ve shown that they aren’t afraid to try new things and they’ve created some innovative products. Check out their Swan-Stone FR-3260!

Swanstone are one of the most recognised brands in this industry because of their commitment to the users. Their ethos is very buyer friendly and it’s clear to see why they’ve gone from strength to strength as a company.

Swanstone Shower Bases

The Swanstone Shower Base is 32 inch by 32 inch by 5.5 inches which is a fairly standard measurement for shower bases. While most people tend to go for the classic white finish it is also available in bone and bisque which give a different feel to your shower unit. Check out their Swan-Stone SS-3448!

The drainage for the unit is in the centre of the base, which allows for consistent flow of water from the base to the drainage below.

Swanstone Shower Base Key Features

While the Swanstone Shower Base has a number of key features which make it useful in the average home:

  • Specialist Materials: The Swanstone Shower Base is made of Veritek which is a compression molded material manufactured exclusively for Swanstone and not used elsewhere. This specialist material is perfect for shower bases and means they need no outer coating. This means there is no risk or cracking or damage to the outer coating, a common problem with shower bases.
  • High Quality: The Swanstone shower base measures at 32 pounds. This is a solid weight and unlikely inexpensive, lighter units, means it will be able to take the strain of heavy use and have a longer lifespan.
  • Safe Showering: Swanstone have built their shower base to be slip resistant. This means it’s safe to use even for more vulnerable individuals or children. The central drain prevents the buildup of excess water which can lead to slipping.
  • Integral Tile Flange: A raised area between the edge of the shower base and the wall is used to help prevent any leaking of water while the shower is used. This is important to stop any water damage around the shower and in your bathroom.
  • Easy Fitting: The Swanstone shower base is designed to be easy to fit and remove. It’s always worth asking a professional to help fit the base so you avoid any problems down the line.

Overall the Swanstone shower base has been designed and manufactured to be simple but effective in the bathroom. The features aren’t incredibly outlandish but they show an understanding of what people expect from their shower base. All in all it seems like a reliable product.

Swanstone Shower Base Warranty

Swanstone offer a limited lifetime warranty on their shower base. This covers the unit for the lifetime of the product for any material defects but nothing outside of ordinary use. This can give you some confidence in the product that the company are happy to stand behind.

A bathroom with shower and bathtub

Final Thoughts on the Swanstone Shower Base

The Swanstone shower base offers a great deal of value as a product. It’s providing a sensible alternative to the ones offered by high end brands, with features that are useful and important to the average user.

Of course this shower base isn’t equipped with all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day it is a shower base. It has a job to do and this product seems to be doing it very well. The company are well experienced in this field and have shown it with this product.

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