Enjoy Your Outdoors With My Allen Roth Patio Furniture Reviews!

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When you love being outside, then having a fully furnished patio can be a god sent. I personally could spend all my days outside in the fall, and that is the main reason I purchased my set of Allen and Roth patio furniture!

Enjoy Your Outdoors With My Allen Roth Patio Furniture Reviews!

These pieces are perfect for entertaining out on the patio because of their spacious designs and of course because of their durability.  Overall I think Allen Roth patio furniture is some of the best outdoor patio furniture, and you should definitely take a look!

When purchasing a set, there are quite a few different variations you can go with.  You can go with straight patio chairs, or you can mix it up and get a fancy patio love seat.  

My favorite set actually contains four outdoor chairs, and two love seats. This helps to give me a total of eight spots for people to sit and relax outside.  I think this is the perfect set-up with my allen and roth patio furniture that you should try!

Below I have gone through and created sections about each different piece so I can more in-depth about these various products.  In each page I give you my personal opinion and an honest review. But if you don’t want to read through all that content, and you just want to know what the best set is, then I’ll save you some time!

Allen Roth Deep Cushion Chat Patio Set

I first found this piece when I was visiting a friends new house.  He and his wife ended up buying this because they loved having people over and entertaining.

Generally there are two different types of patio sets, one with cushions which are obviously softer, and then there are the metal sets that are made out of aluminum or iron.  This particularly set was a soft cushion style, and I sat out there for about three hours and it was extremely comfortable.

As you can see, this set comes with two great cushioned chairs, that are made of polished steel, this makes them extremely sturdy and they also look great!  Along with this it include a great two person love seat (which include two accent pillows) and this fashionable tempered glass coffee table.  

All of the cushions and pillows are UV resistant and they will last you quite a while!  I personally love this patio set, and I think it’s one of the best on the market!

Allen and Roth Aluminum Patio Dining Set

This dining set is really a work of art.  It is made completely of aluminum and its metal work and style is absolutely brilliant!  

It is finished with an antique bronze colored primer.  This neutral tone is great because of how it looks, and because it is easier to clean.

This set has the following features:

  • 10 Piece Dining Set
  • Weather-Resistant Cast Aluminum Construction
  • “Spicy Chili” Colored Seat Cushions (Seats Can Be Stacked)
  • Lazy Susan Included
  • Features an Umbrella Hole (Can Be Covered For When You Are Eating)
  • Table Measures 64 Inch x 64 Inch x 29 Inch

Overall this is the patio dining set that I currently own.  I have owned it since the summer of 2015, and it has withstood all the heat and weather that it received last summer.  

It still looks great, and I still enjoy having meals out there.  I think this is a great investment for anyone that enjoys eating meals with family and friends outside.

Outdoor Cast Aluminum Swivel Barstools

If you are someone that loves entertaining out on your porch and you like having a relaxing atmosphere, or even some drinks, then I definitely think these outdoor swivel barstools would be great for you!

Although these aren’t produced by Allen Roth themselves, they are manufactured by “Best Choice” which is a very similar brand that shares the same values and style.  

I actually bought four of these chairs for my cabin in the mountains because I liked the antique design, and I thought it would look great in that scenery.  These chairs are great for relaxing and also for sharing some drinks with friends!

These chairs have the following specifications:

  • Made from cast aluminum, with an antique copper finish.
  • An elegant romantic european look.
  • Excellent swivel design, and it’s very easy to assemble.
  • The chairs are 29.5 Inches high, and 17.5 inches wide at the base.

Overall I have had these chairs for a few years, and I have left them out on my patio, and they still look great! If you are interested in a chair cover, I will be happy to recommend some for these chairs. But if you are looking for some chairs that will bring your family together, while providing a stylish and comfortable environment, these are the ones!

Allen Roth Outdoor Furniture

Being outdoors on a sunny, warm day is one of the little things in life that can just really make your day great!  This is exactly what I purchased my Allen Roth outdoor furniture for!  

In my new home I have this great big patio that would be great for entertaining, but I didn’t have any furniture out there for people to relax on, so I knew I had to change that!  I went to Wayfair.com, but I just didn’t find anything that really jumped out at me.

When I got home I started looking online and I found the perfect set of furniture!  I found it online at lowes.com and I found an excellent Allen and Roth Outdoor Furniture piece that matched the style I was looking for, and the price was perfect for its quality!

I ended up purchasing this piece, and I have had it for the past three years and I still have it!  To this day it has held up and looks great!

Allen Roth Gatewood

When you are looking for something a little more intimate for your patio furniture, I definitely suggest the Allen Roth gatewood collection piece! These pieces are definitely more of conversational pieces than they are for big groups for entertaining.

These sets are generally two seated love seats, and also include a coffee table or a footrest depending on the set.  If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors these are great for spending warm days outside with the person you love.

I think these are great pieces for nearly anyone’s patio.  They come in quite a few great patterns, and they are truly great craftsmanship.  Along with the craftsmanship the durability is a held to a great standard.  

I have had my Allen Roth gatewood set for the past two years and it looks exactly how it did when I bought it.  I can see these lasting for quite some more time to come!

Allen Roth Patio

Outdoor swimming pool with chairs and a table

The patio should be a sacred part of everyone’s home!  The patio is where great memories are made, such as family get together and eating outside on a sunny day.  There are many different styles of patios that are popular today, anywhere from brick-based walkways to greenways.

Whether you are completely redoing your patio or just thinking of ways to spice up your own patio, you are looking in the right place!  I have been through the whole situation, and I have learned an incredible deal about patios, and my job is to help you design the patio of your dreams! 


Allen Roth Patio Cushions

The color scheme and design patterns are all the rave this year, and one of the most important things to take into account with your design, is the patio cushions!  Many people will freak out and have a very difficult time when making the hard decision to purchase new patio-ware.  

But don’t you worry!  I am here to help you with the whole ordeal.  It can be a hassle to research the new trends for this year, and try to figure out what styles are popular or what brands are hot.

Now your worries are all gone!  Just follow my suggestions and I promise you that you will have a complete patio that your neighbors will be envious of!

Allen Roth Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoors with three chairs and a fireplace

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing in outdoor decoration and design.  And I can confidently say that there is one piece that has been in style for many years and will remain in style for many more years to come. And that piece is the outdoor fireplace.  

It is something that is drastically fought after, is provides the home with a hint of elegance and it is a very popular option in many new homes. When I first started thinking about adding a fireplace to my backyard, I was afraid that it would be an incredibly expensive process.

I am incredibly happy to say that I figured out a way to make the whole process incredibly affordable, and not just affordable, I figured out a way to make the whole process unbelievably quick.

Allen Roth Patio Chairs

Outdoors sofa and chairs

The whole process of reconstructing the patio area of one’s home can be incredibly strenuous. There are many different things and parts that go into creating the perfect backyard area.  One of the most important things to consider is the patio chairs.

There are always new styles that are becoming popular and different brands that are becoming popular in different areas. I have seen many different people struggle with figuring out what kind of chairs would fit their setting.  

So I decided to use my years of experience in order to make a complete guide that will help every single person who is struggling with the whole process of choosing patio chairs.

Allen Roth Patio Table

Outdoor sofa and round table

Similar to allen roth patio chairs, when you are creating the perfect patio environment for your home, you also need to think of purchasing an allen roth patio table to go with your set!

As with chairs, when you have a gathering and you decide to take it outside, then you need furniture to keep everyone comfortable. Generally, you can get away with just patio chairs or Allen and Roth patio furniture, but if you plan on eating meals outside on your patio, then you definitely need a table!

There are quite a few types of allen roth patio tables available, and they definitely will fit your fancy! I could talk for days because there is just so much available information on the subject.

Allen and Roth Replacement Cushions

Pillows and cushion

After you have owned a patio piece for so long, eventually you need to get some replacement pieces without having to replace the whole furniture piece. Generally, for furniture the first things to go are the cushions. This doesn’t imply poor craftsmanship, it’s just how it usually goes.  

I have had this problem a few times, but thankfully it is made very easy with Allen and Roth Replacement Cushions! With some companies, it can be near impossible to buy simple replacement pieces without having to buy a whole new product.

But thankfully Allen and Roth patio furniture is a lot easier!  With these pieces I am able to purchase the replacement pieces for a really low price without having to spend hundreds on a whole new set!  This has saved me countless hours of hassle and quite a bit of cash!

Allen Roth Canyon Ridge

Outdoor fire pit

When you are looking for some comfort for the cold and dry winters, but you still like being outside, then there are a few products you can look at.  You definitely need a fire pit or a heater of some sort to help make your patio a nice and cozy environment.

I have gone through quite a few over my years, and I can tell you there is only one piece I would thoroughly recommend, and that is the Allen Roth Canyon Ridge pit.  This is a stone fire pit that is three feet high with a pit of around two feet in diameter.

Not only is this stone fire pit extremely stylish, it’s also an incredible piece to gather around with family and friends during a cool night.  I have had all my friends and family over, and the Canyon Ridge piece was a huge hit, and the kids even used it roast marshmallows!

Overall if you are looking for a fire pit that not only is stylish and goes along with the style of your patio, but also will keep you warm during the winter, then the Allen + Roth Canyon Ridge pit is the fire pit for you!

Protect Your Patio Furniture

I’m sure most people can relate, if you buy something nice, you’ll take precautions to help keep it in good conditions. This is exactly how I feel when I buy patio furniture. Because patio furniture is typically outdoors, they really can take a beating with the summer sun baking upon it, and then rain and snowstorms as well.

Thankfully if you are interested in protecting your patio furniture when you aren’t using them, there are a few different options.  The first option would be to take a look at some patio furniture tarps.


Is Allen and Roth a Good Brand for Patio Furniture?

Allen and Roth offers high-quality patio furniture so they are a good brand. It is handled by Lowe and you have multiple options for customization with excellent durability. 

Is Allen and Roth a Lowe’s Brand?

Allen and Roth is a signature brand of Lowe’s. In fact, they sold exclusively at Lowe’s. However, don’t expect to get extreme quality excellence This signature is on the cheaper side of things so you can’t expect it to compete against expensive products. 

Is Allen and Roth Good Quality?

As said before, for its pricing, Allen and Roth has good quality compared to its competition. However, you can’t expect it to compete against other products that are much more expensive. 


Allen Roth Patio Furniture is a great option if you don’t want to spend too much. They are affordable and the quality is good. However, don’t expect it to last the same as high-quality expensive patio furniture. If you know how to maintain them properly, they could last for a long time. 

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