Escape the Heat! – Allen Roth Gazebo [2023 Review]

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When you someone that likes to entertain, you definitely need something that will shield your guests from the weather!  Although it took me some time to find the perfect solution, I think my choice of getting an Allen Roth gazebo is the right choice for nearly everyone!

When you are outdoors entertaining, it is nice to have a place that helps to gather everyone in a close area that is comfortable.  This helps everyone have a place to talk and enjoy relaxing even if it’s raining, and even if it is a hundred degrees and the sun is burning down.

Gazebos come in various shapes and sizes, and it definitely depends on what exactly you are looking for.  When you are purchasing and Allen + Roth Gazebo you have a few different dimensions you can choose from depending on your needs.  I personally chose the largest of the options because I generally entertain around eight through sixteen people.  

Obviously, if you are someone that needs more space or less space then you can choose accordingly.  Gazebos go great with great patio furniture as well!

My #1 Choice for the Best Allen Roth Gazebo

I personally have tested quite a few different types of gazebos, and I have liked quite a few, but there is one that is just a step higher than all the others.  In the page below, I have included all my different subcategories of choices.  

But, incase you don’t want to read all that and you are looking for the quick answer then here it is. My favorite piece is the 10 x 12 Hampton Allen Roth!

Allen Roth gazebo canopy
  • This gazebo includes a 4 sided protective mosquito netting!
  • A durable weather resistance fabric that is also fire retardant.
  • Features a rust resistant powder coated steel frame.
  • The size is 10 ft x 12 ft frame and 11 ft x 13 ft with the canopy deployed.

If you are someone that truly enjoys the outdoors, and you want a comfortable place to entertain and to stay out of the summer heat, then this is the Allen and Roth gazebo for you! This gazebo is the default 10 feet by 12 feet which I have found to be the perfect size.  

You can comfortably fit four people underneath each with their own outdoor furniture.  I definitely suggest you take a look at a love seat and two outdoor chairs to truly create a comfortable environment for you and your guests.

Allen Roth Gazebo Mosquito Netting

If you are somewhere where mosquitoes are abundant in the summer, then you can imagine just how great a mosquito net would be on a gazebo. I personally tried quite a few different solutions for the mosquitos in my yard including torches and spraying, but eventually I just had to get a net.  Looking back, I should have just gotten a net in the first place because it was extremely easy!

I currently own the following gazebo bug net and all I can say is that it has served me and my family very well!

This Gazebo Net Has the Following Specifications

  • Weather Resistant and Fire Retardant
  • Designed for 10 x 12 Gazebos (But I’ve Heard It Also Fits 10 x 10’s as well!)
  • This actually not manufactured by Allen Roth but it fits perfectly and it’s great quality

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Parts and Installation Instructions

To keep your gazebo functional and enjoyable, you might need to make a few repairs and replacements every now and then. The fact is that just like any other thing, different parts of your gazebo are prone to wear and tear but when you make the necessary replacements, you will have it up and functional for your personal enjoyment.

Allen Roth gazebo replacement parts come in handy in ensuring that you maintain a functional gazebo.

The best thing about the Allen Roth parts is that they are high in quality and you therefore know you can trust every part to serve you for a long time to come before requiring a replacement. The downside to this quality, is that when something does break and you have to replace it, it sometimes can be tricky to find these pieces that you need.  

But since I have done various repairs on all my Roth pieces, I’ll help you as much as I can!

Allen Roth Replacement Canopies and Tops

It is a little known fact, that Allen Roth gazebo canopies often don’t last more than about three years. Although some people often think this is because of poor design, it’s actually pretty normal for a product of it’s material.  When you have canvas products that take a beating from the sun, there really isn’t much a manufacturer can do to protect it.  

Although some point blame at Allen + Roth for this, they actually state that you should take down these canopies during rain and storms. But either way, replacing an Allen Roth canopy is actually quite easy, and it isn’t too expensive.  Overall replacement parts can be tough to find, but I have been able to find a cheap replacement canopy.  

The brand itself is actually a secondary manufacturer for Lowes instead of Allen Roth.  So, don’t get thrown off by the company name, this will be perfect for your Allen Roth Gazebo replacement.

This Fits for the product Model # GF-12S004BTO!

Allen Roth Gazebo Replacement Struts and Legs

They are the pieces that fit around your canopy area and hold the gazebo roof up.  Broken struts can be an annoying problem to deal with.  It makes it difficult that the manufacturer actually doesn’t sell these pieces separately so you will have to get a little creative.

Generally what I do when I have a broken strut, is head down to my local home renovation shop like Lowes or Home Depot and just start browsing their aisles.  

If you look in the aisles that have various metal clips and small pieces you can often find something that will do the job.  I generally take a picture of the broken part on my gazebo, so that when I get to the store I can compare the pieces I find, to see if any of them will work.

It can definitely be a little annoying, but I have had pretty good success with this.  You just have to be a little creative, and you can definitely find something that fixes your problem for only a few dollars.

Allen Roth Replacement Carrying Bags

Carry bags offer protection to your gazebo especially when you drag it in and out of your truck or car. How you use your gazebo really dictates if you need a carrying bag or not. I personally have mine set up, and I have no plans on moving it in the future.

That being said, I have tried my best to find replacement carrying bags that are actually made by Allen Roth, but I haven’t had much success.   There are quite a few 3rd party carrying bags on online marketplaces that I have heard good things about, but personally I haven’t used them.

Replacement Allen Roth Gazebo Legs

It can be common to have wonky gazebo legs and they need to be replaced as soon as they start showing signs of weakness. An accidental crash can lead to this but with the wide range of legs from Allen Roth, you should have an easy time getting your gazebo back to stability. You will find them in different heights, materials, designs and sizes so every one of your needs is met.

Other replacement parts and gazebo accessories you will find under Allen Roth are bolts and screws, pegs and ropes among others. Allen Roth gazebo replacement parts are affordable but very high in quality.  I hope you have found the allen roth replacement parts you were looking for!

Allen Roth Gazebo 10×10 Reviews

When looking for a gazebo for your backyard you definitely need to consider the sizing. There are quite a few different sizes of outdoor fixtures, and one of the most common sizes is the 10×10. 10×10 generally means 10 feet by 10 feet.

This means that it is ten feet wide and ten feet tall. When talking about gazebo’s  this 10×10 sizing is generally the most default and common size.

When you see gazebos in stores or online, generally they will be around this size. This size is pretty much ideal for most 4 or 5 person parties because it is small enough to move around easily, and set up isn’t much of a hassle, but it’s also big enough to keep your party dry and away from the sun.

Along with this, these sized gazebos give you enough room to set up some chairs and really have a comfortable get away from the summer sun, and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Allen Roth Canopy: Installation and Tips and Tricks

Everyone knows the most important part of a gazebo is that it has a roof.  If your home is located somewhere hot a roof will protect you from the sun. If your home is located somewhere windy, a roof will keep your guests protected from the wind. Now if you are in need of a canopy or roof for your gazebo then you are in the right place.  

Canopies can be similar to gazebos except generally canopies have a steel or metal frame and then a fabric canopy top while gazebos generally are wood or metal. This makes them slightly different, but the concept is still the same with the roof and then no walls around the structure!

An Allen Roth Canopy is great for outdoor events either at your home or somewhere else!  The great thing about these canopies are that they are pretty mobile.  When you think of a gazebo, you obviously can’t move that around where ever you go, but with a canopy you just pack it up and it comes with you!  

This is great for outdoor events like sporting events or even a picnic at the park! I suggest everyone who loves being outside to look into these! They are great because they look great, and they give you a must needed break from the sun!  I wrote an entire page dedicated to my Allen Roth canopy just for you to gain more information!  Enjoy!

Allen Roth Gazebo Installation (4K Resolution)

Allen and Roth Pergola: Pergola vs. Gazebo

If you are interested in gazebo’s and other similar structures, then you need to take a look at an Allen and Roth pergola. Pergola’s are very similar to gazebo’s except they don’t always have a solid roof. They generally have a slotted roof so that sun doesn’t always shine right through, but rain water will.  

So, unlike gazebo’s these won’t stop all forms of weather.  A lot of these structures are built for shade and are great for walk ways and lounge areas.

That being said, many people get confused between pergola’s and gazebos.  To make it more clear, Allen + Roth Gazebos are the movable structures that you can setup and take down by folding and moving the structures, while pergolas are much more permanent and mainly made of wood and stone.

Types of Allen Roth Pergolas:

  • Wooden pergolas – They are made from wooden materials and create a natural elegant look for the backyard. You can find pergolas that are complete with kits that have precut and predrilled pieces so that you face less hassles when installing the structures on your area. Wooden pergolas are great for patio shading or garden sheltering and are very useful and durable.
  • Steel pergolas – They come with steel beans as support for the pergolas and are therefore extremely strong long lasting and durable. They are easy to work with in terms of achieving unique designs and styles compared to timber.
  • Sail pergolas – This style has a stretched sail that is usually suspended between posts to create the main roofing structure. The pergolas offer a modern sleek look and are very popular amongst homeowners.
  • Gabled pergolas – This type of pergola features a peaked or ridged roof and the triangular shape is what makes them easy to recognize. The style allows better water runoff from the roof and they are very attractive and offer extra height.
  • Pitched pergolas – They are different from pergolas that have flat roofs because they incorporate angled or pitched roof. The angles roofing makes then easy in running off water from the roof and you can also find very interesting design to add unique touch of beauty in your area.
  • Open top pergolas – Just like the name suggest, these are pergolas that are do not have any roof cladding. They are great in improving the outdoor area look and to increase privacy and channel airflow into the pergola.

I personally bought my first Allen and Roth Pergola a few years ago to put in between the walkway from my patio to my Allen Roth gazebo. This helped to provide a little bit of comfort from the beating sun as me and my guests walked from the house to the comfort of the gazebo. Not only does this help provide comfort but it really gives a great sense of style.

Allen Roth Steel Gazebo: Extremely Durable and Lightweight

Because the term gazebo is actually pretty broad, there are huge variances in the different types of gazebos!  They can be different sizes, like I talk about earlier with the 10 x 12, and the 12 x 12, ect.  But along with this, they often can come in different building materials.  

I have seen quite a few Allen Roth gazebos that are made of aluminum and even a few made out of wood.  But there are also quite a few made out of steel.  I do enjoy these steel frames because they look just as good as other AR gazebo, but they have a great foundational strength to them!

One of the downsides to having them made out of steel versus aluminum is that they often are heavier which can make them a little bit less mobile and harder to move around.  But if you aren’t too worried about moving it about and it’s going to be stationary, then I definitely recommend you take a look a steel!

Allen Roth 10 x 12 Gazebo: Gazebos For Large Parties

The 10 x 12 gazebo by Allen + Roth is one of the larger gazebos.  It can fit a few more people than the 10 x 10, and it really is great if you have a large family or often have gatherings.  These sized gazebos are quite convenient for people that enjoy spending large amounts of time outdoors.  

The added square footage is nice because it allows you to fit larger outdoor furniture under the gazebo for added comfort and more relaxation!

As I mentioned previously, these gazebos are really designed for parties that are at least six people, and you can comfortably fit at least eight people in here depending on the types of chairs and tables you want inside as well.  

That being said, because they are larger, they are also slightly heavier and bulkier than the 10 x 10 gazebos. To be expected, they can be a little more difficult to setup and move around, but at the end of the day, if you are purchasing this type of gazebo, then you should have more than enough hands to help you install it!

If you fancy Allen + Roth products, check out my ultimate guide!


Who Makes Allen Roth Gazebos?

Allen Roth’s are made by American Woodmark Corporation. They are exclusively sold by Lowe’s. However, you can also buy their gazebo replacement canopy at Apex Garden. 

How Do I Install My Allen Roth Gazebo?

Upon buying Allen Roth Gazebo, it comes with an installation manual that includes where the parts should go in and the actual size of every piece of hardware. Using tools like power drills and stepladders will make the installation faster. 

How Hard Is It to Put a Gazebo Together?

Putting a gazebo together isn’t hard and time-consuming if you have some helping hands. Following the installation manual will make your time easier and some power tools also will make some tasks faster. 


Adding an Allen Roth gazebo to your home would enhance its beauty. Gazebos can have multiple uses like backyard parties, shade for your kids when playing, and other stuff. It’s a nice addition if you just want to lounge at your own place. 

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