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Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets – Reviews and Comparisons

A kitchen is often one of the biggest selling points of a home. Everyone wants a nice, sleek and organized kitchen. The focal point of that kitchen is often the skink and faucet, which are two of the design features that can be most attractive.

The kitchen sink is also an area that sees a lot of usage. It is used every day whether for food preparation or dish washing. Many contractors understand the significance the kitchen sink area has on the overall design of the faucet, so they ultimately start their kitchen layout there and design around the faucet.

Given that your kitchen faucet is likes one of the appliances you are going to be using most, you want to make sure you choose the right one.  There are plenty from which you can choose and they remain from the most simplistic of designs to the most technologically advanced.

One of the biggest advancements in faucet design within the last few years has been the pull down kitchen faucet which allows you to pull the faucet’s head out of the docking station so that you can extend its hose. This lets you use more water pressure when needed, which can prove handing when washing dishes. When you are through, simply return the head back to its docking station.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Comparison Table

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Delta Essa Pull Down


WEWE Single Pull Down


​MOEN Arbor Pull Down


10 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Here, we take a look at this newer technology and highlight the pros and cons of each of the models. If you are in the market for the best pull down kitchen faucet for your kitchen, you’ll likely find it here on our list. Check out our reviews to find the best model for you. Once we’ve reviewed each of the models, we will also give you a snapshot of exactly what to look for in your next pull down kitchen faucet.

1. Delta Essa 9113T-AR-DST

Delta is quite the household name and is known for producing reliable products. This model from Delta is no different. You can expect high-quality in a sleek and sophisticated design that will match nearly any kitchen design.  This is a high quality touch activated kitchen faucet!

The Essa model has the pull-down sprayer so that you can get a strong and powerful water pressure when washing dishes. The hose has a twenty-inch reach and you have the option to make the water come out in either a spray or stream. This allows you to move through tasks much quicker.

The swivel on the faucet is a full 360 degrees and the spout offers a high arc so you shouldn’t have any issues with it reaching over the top of your sink. Some of the best pull down faucets still do not offer a full 360 degrees of swivel so this is a major positive with this model. With that said, it would be great if the 360 degree swivel was standard with all models because it really does make chores a whole lot easier to complete.

In addition, the amount of maneuverability you get with this faucet really helps make it a great option if your sink space is limited but you still need the power a pull down kitchen faucet provides.

The Essa boasts what is known as the Magnetite technology. This is basically an internal magnet that keeps your spray wand in its intended place. So, you can access it whenever needed and you don’t have to worry about it dropping over time. There is an LED indicator light that lets you know when its time to change the batteries and there is an option A/C adapter available.  Given that this model is battery powered, it does come with six AA batteries and you can expect a two year battery life.

Another piece of innovative technology is the touchless feature, which has become pretty standard on Delta products. You can touch anywhere along the faucet’s base and the water can be turned on or off. This is another great feature to help with accessibility especially when you have your hands full.

You can get this model in four finishes including Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Chrome and Matte Black. You also get a five-year limited warranty and the sink is compatible with both one- and three-hole sinks.

There are not a lot of drawbacks with this faucet, but it isn’t perfect. Some of the parts on this model are made from plastic, and then wrapped in a thin sheet metal, which makes those areas seem very cheap. In addition, the hoses and button are both plastic. Secondly, the touchless feature can sometimes be unreliable. That touchless feature is one of the most attractive technologies included with this model so you’ll likely want to it work properly.


  • Comes with a warranty from Delta
  • Really beautiful, elegant design
  • Magnetic docking system prevents drooping


  • Some parts are made of plastic rather than metal
  • Touchless feature sometimes needs to be recalibrated. 

2. WEWE Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

This option from WEWE is the perfect combination of affordability and quality. It can easily be considered the best pull down kitchen faucet for those reasons and you can purchase it even if you are trying to stay on a limited budget.

This faucet comes in a tulip design which offers an aesthetic that most will appreciate, and which will match nearly any kitchen décor. With that said, this faucet is not all design. Its practicality and functionality are also quite impressive.

You get three different spray settings with this model and you can switch between them pretty easily if you are multitasking. There is a spray option that is good for rinsing dishes, a stream option that suits filling containers and glasses, and a pause option which can help prevent any accidents. There aren’t a lot of models on the market that offer all three spray options, so this is a major positive for this model.

The design is a single lever which is quite simplistic and allows you to have control over the volume of the water flow and the temperature all at one time.  Some people really prefer a single lever while others do not. You’ll need to decide if your preference is to have a single lever design in your pull down kitchen faucet.

The arc is high so you should have no issues moving around and beneath the faucet and there is a swivel of a full 360 degrees. There aren’t that many faucets that offer the full 360 degree swivel. When you partner that with the three spray settings, this could easily be considered the best pull down kitchen faucet currently available.

The spout head retracts so you shouldn’t have many issues with space either. The finish is rust- and corrosion- resistant to help the faucet last as long as possible. Overall, it offers some really unique and reliable features with a design that is built to last.

There aren’t a lot of issues with this model and even the ones reported are quite minor. For example, the pressure can sometimes fluctuate unexpectantly and the model is known to have a bit of a tilt outward. That tilt can make the water flow direction a bit unpredictable at first. So, if you are standing right in front of the faucet, you may get a bit wet. However, this is something you can easily manage once you get used to the faucet’s water flow.


  • Convenience of three different settings
  • Great control through the single lever
  • Swivel of full 360 degrees
  • Very affordable for the quality you receive


  • Minor outward tilt
  • Sometimes fluctuating pressure

3. Delta Leland 9178-SP-DST

The Leland option from Delta is another high-quality product put out by the manufacturer. It offers plenty of unique features and very few drawbacks.

To start, this Delta model comes with a ShieldSpray feature which eliminates a lot of the potential splatter you can get when cleaning up big messes. You can still adjust the nozzle to clean off stuck-on debris from your plates, but you don’t need to get drenched while doing so.

This model also comes with the MagnaTite Docking that is now pretty standard with newer Delta models. That docking snaps the sprayer right back into place and it also prevents any unsightly drooping that could take place over time. So, you won’t end up seeing a big gap between the sprayer and the rest of the faucet. Use the sprayer and then magnet docking mechanism will snap it right back to its resting location until you need to use it again.

The Leland model comes with DIAMOND Seal Technology, which is patented to help reduce leaks for the full lifetime of the faucet. This model is quite easy to install and will fit both one- and three-hole sinks.

This model is easy to clean and it also has Touch-Clean spray holes. This makes wiping away any build-up quite easy. Unlike some other models on the market, you really shouldn’t see any mineral build-up that would eventually take away some of the power from your water flow. 

The concerns with this model are the same with other Delta faucets and that is the use of plastic in some areas. With this model specifically, that plastic is used in parts that are considered to be important. Overall, this is sometimes expected in more inexpensive models. However, this option from Delta is not one of the more inexpensive, which makes the use of plastic in key areas more disappointing.

With that said, no one really wants plastic pieces when they spend good money, but those plastic pieces seem to hold up to wear and tear just fine. It will be a matter of preference as to whether or not you mind having the more inexpensive parts as part of your kitchen faucet. If based solely on performance, those inexpensive pieces do not seem to inhibit the faucet’s functionality.


  • Easy installation and clean-up
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology for leak reduction
  • ShieldSpray feature for splatter elimination


  • There are a few plastic pieces used, but they seem to hold up great!

4. Moen Brantford 7185SRS

Moen is a household name, known for its durability of products. The Brantford model offers a stainless-steel finish which will match any kitchen look and décor and is quite easy to keep looking new and clean. It has a sleek design which can be a really selling point as it is pretty versatile in its aesthetic.

The spray head on this model is retractable so you have quite a bit of flexibility. Along with that retractability, you also get a reflex system that lets you store the hose securely when it isn’t in use. You won’t find the nozzle drooping or gaping over time. It will stay taut and looking as it did when you first purchased it. 

This model comes with Power Boost technology, so you can get added power and a boost of water when you need it. You can do all of that by just touching a button. This feature is great for activities such as filling vases or pans. You no longer have to wait patiently for your pot to slowly fill up with enough water. You can also use the feature to give you some extra power when trying to clean up caked-on or larger messes. You can pull down the hose and give yourself a bit of a power boost to get some of that caked-on mess off of dishes and out of pots and pans.

It is also nice to have the push button feature, which you can easily hit even when you have your hands full or when your hands are dirty from chores.

There are three different flow options with this model. You get a stream which is most useful for everyday activities and cleaning as well as a boosted stream that you can use when you need a bit more power. That boost is the best for cleaning caked-on messes that weren’t cleaned right away. Then, finally there is a rinse flow option that is suitable for heavy messes.

Along with its usability and functionality, this model is sleek and stylish, fitting in with really any kitchen.  There are not a lot of negatives that come with this faucet. The biggest one is that the model seems to perform based on its environment. For example, users who have hard water may experience a less impressive performance. That performance could also include lower water pressure. These issues seem to be contained to areas that have existing hard water problems. If you don’t live in an area with hard water, there aren’t really any drawbacks to note.


  • Retractable head
  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Very easy to clean


  • May not be the best option for areas with hard water
  • Can tend to lose water pressure in some areas, especially those with hard water

5. Moen Arbor 7594ESRS

The Moen Arbor is another sleek looking option from this manufacturer. The finish and the curvature of this model really grab your attention. The lines are smooth and you can easily see that this model was created with detail in mind. Given its aesthetic, it could easily be considered the best pull down kitchen faucet to have in your home if you plan on putting it on the market sometime soon. It is attractive and eye-catching for buyers.

In addition, most kitchens want clean and sleek lines now, especially since the trend is toward a more timeless look. This pull down faucet fits right in with that trend.

The finish is also a spot resistant stainless steel which means that you can keep it free from unsightly fingerprints and water spots, making it a great option for families with smaller children. Stainless is such a beautiful and timeless look but with other pieces, you can get those fingerprints that are really obvious and very hard to remove. You shouldn’t have that issue with this faucet.

This model comes with the Power Clean technology you will only find with Moen. That technology gives you an extra boost when you need it most, such as when filling up vases or pots. You no longer have to be annoyed waiting for a big pot to fill with water. You can simply get it done more quickly and you can do so by just touching a single button. This works great when your hands are full.

The Arbor model also comes with the reflex system that allows you to move the spray hose flexibly and easily and you can dock it when you aren’t using it. This lets you maintain a sleek and organized kitchen sink area without a nozzle hanging down from the rest of the faucet.

This model does come with a limited lifetime warranty. Any time you can purchase an appliance or accessory it’s a good thing. Even the highest quality products can have issues eventually. Having them covered means you can end up saving yourself some money in the long run. 

One drawback with this model is that the motion sensors don’t always perform flawlessly. What this means is that you can sometimes get a water flow that is not consistent. However, if this happens, it is an issue that is covered by the warranty, though having it happen at all can be a hassle. It is one of the more attractive features of this faucet model, so you don’t want unpredictability when it comes to the sensors. Since its covered, we recommend having the issue handled under warranty as soon as possible if you were to encounter it.


  • Reflex system for easy docking
  • Power Clean for a boosted water stream
  • Limited lifetime guarantee from Moen


  • Motion sensors can be a little finicky sometimes.

6. Delta Cassidy 9197-AR-DST

This is another long-lasting option from Delta, a name very well-known when it comes to kitchen accessories and appliances. The Cassidy also has the DIAMOND seal technology which helps to reduce leaks and helps the faucet to last twice as long as the standard set by the industry.

The docking is magnetic, using the MagnaTite Docking technology. This means that a magnet keeps your sprayer in place when you aren’t using it. This prevents the drooping that many other faucets experience over time. That drooping can look really unsightly, causing an expanding gap between the faucet nozzle and the rest of the unit.

The spout is high arc and swivels a full 360 degrees. That full range of motion makes it a whole lot easier to navigate within and around the sink when doing chores. You’ll have plenty of space to move pots and pans around and to wash dishes.

The wand can be used for two different functions and you can switch between them quite easily. The two options are spray and stream.

This model also comes with the ShieldSpray technology for other Delta models. That technology gives you the boost of water you need to need to clean bigger messes without all the splatter you get with a more traditional spray. Usually when you get a bit of a boost using other faucets, you will likely get debris off of your plates, but you’ll also be wearing some of it given the trajectory of the splatter. That splatter is really reduced with the technology in this faucet.

The Cassidy model is easy to install and can fit one- or three-hole configurations. If you choose the three-hole configuration, you just need to purchase the deck plate separately. This model also comes with a lifetime limited warranty from Delta.

The Cassidy has soft rubber holes where the water sprays so you should not get much mineral residue built-up. You can simply wipe away the residue for an easy clean-up. Given the lack of build-up, you shouldn’t really experience any issues with water flow or trajectory.

You can get this model in five different finishes which helps you to match it to nearly any kitchen décor. It is available in Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Champagne Bronze, Polished Nickel and Chrome.

The biggest drawbacks with this model have to do with the flow restrictor and the spray function. The flow restrictor can make it painfully slow to fill pots or vases. The spray mode can give off a type of mist when in use. This can ultimately get you a bit wet when you are standing right in front of the sink.


  • Very easy installation
  • Multiple beautiful finishes available
  • Magnetic Docking is very reliable and prevents drooping


  • Slow to fill pots given the flow restrictor
  • Spray mode is known for giving off a mist which can get you wet

7. KOHLER K-596-Vs

There are few names, if any, better known in this industry than Kohler. The manufacturer’s products are known for being not only attractive aesthetically but also functional and practical. This model is both stylish and sleek and can be used to match really any kitchen. It also has some really attractive features to make it a contender for the best pull down kitchen faucet.

There is a high arc which leaves you plenty of space to work in and around the sink in comfort. One of the best features of this model is the fact that it comes with three different spray functions. The three options are boost, sweep and stream. The boost feature lets you increase the flow rate of your water by up to 30%. This helps speed up projects that require a lot of water, such as filling up pots or vases. The sweep option gives you nozzles that are angled which makes for a powerful flow of water for cleaning and rinsing dishes.

You can switch easily between the spray modes and the pull-down functionality allows you to maintain complete control of the water’s direction.

Another selling point of this model is the DockNetic docking system. This function uses a magnet to keep the spray head in place when you aren’t using it. You can just grab the spray head when needed and then it will snap back in place when you don’t need it. Without this technology, the nozzle would likely start to droop over time, which could end up being very unattractive.

You shouldn’t experience much in the way of leaks with this model since Kohler makes use of disc valves to try and reduce the chance of any leaking. In addition, the finish is resistant to both tarnish and corrosion so your faucet should stay looking new for quite some time.

This model could easily be considered the best pull down kitchen faucet and it really does have minimal drawbacks. However, one issue it does tend to have is that over time the tap can start to drip. When this happens, it usually requires the replacement of a valve which is often covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It can be annoying to have to replace a part, but it is really nice to have it covered by the warranty. The look of the faucet is timeless so if you can take advantage of the warranty, you’ll likely have this faucet for quite some time.


  • DockNetic technology keeps the sprayer in place
  • Three different spray functions: Boost, Stream and Sweep
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Tap can start to drip and need valve replacement

8. Hansgrohe Talis S 14872001

Many consumers consider this model to be the best pull down kitchen faucet currently available. It does offer some rather unique features when compared to other more traditional models. It is available in steel or chrome and the design is quite simplistic so as to match really any kitchen aesthetic.  That simplistic design is timeless, which is ideal for the current style of most kitchens today. There are brass accents that add to the otherwise minimalist design to give it just a bit more in the design department. 

This product is really built to last, starting with the M2 ceramic cartridge used to ensure the best when it comes to internal mechanics of the faucet. You should not experience leaks with this product, which also serves to make it last longer and stand up to wear and tear.

This faucet also uses a magnetic system known as MagFit which holds the spray head in place when you aren’t using it. This makes the faucet both easier to use and also makes it last longer. With the magnet assistance, the sprayer is less likely to droop over time. You shouldn’t see any gapping between the faucet nozzle and the rest of the unit.

The spout swivels and provides 150 degrees of movement so that you can get around larger pots in the sink. While there isn’t a lot of negatives with this model, many others do offer a fill 360 degrees of swivel which you do not get with this model. Having 150 degrees of movement is still good, but the full 360 degrees obviously gives you better range of motion. You may end up finding that you’d like just a little more maneuverability, especially when you have a full sink and are trying to move through your chores quickly.

In addition, this model only offers a single stream. It does not come with the two or three spray options that you will find in a lot of the other options for best pull down kitchen faucet we’ve highlighted here. This is by far the biggest drawback. You can’t fill up pots or vases more quickly and you can’t get a boost to clean away bigger messes, like stuck-on debris. You are simply stuck with the one mode.

While this is just one negative for the product, it is a fairly large one and it detracts a bit from the otherwise really impressive features offered by this faucet. Most other pull down faucets do offer at least two spray settings and several even offer three. Only having one really does take away a lot of convenience, as well as the ability to get multiple chores done quickly.


  • Very stylish
  • Magfit technology to keep sprayer in place
  • Reputable brand with quality material


  • Single stream
  • Only 150-degree swivel

9. Hansgrohe Allegro 04076860 Pull Down Faucet

The Allegro is a single lever system faucet. It has a spout that can reach up to ten inches and that spout has a height of eight and five eighth inches. This is a German engineered and designed kitchen faucet and is built to last, with a construction of solid brass.

There is an M2 ceramic cartridge included and it is considered one of the very best currently available on the market. It helps ensure an operation that is free of leaks, which also serves to make the faucet last longer and stand up to wear and tear better.

The spout swivels up to 150 degrees so you can move around rather easily. The spray head has two different spray modes, which are needle and full. You can change between them with just the touch of a button. There isn’t a base plate included with this model. However, if you want the 3-hole configuration, you can purchase the optional base plate to make that work.

Installation is quite easy, especially given that the connection hoses are included. You should be able to install this kitchen faucet on your own and without too much trouble. You’ll also find just about everything you need to get the job done right in the box.

There are only two colors available with this model, which can be considered a drawback if trying to match your kitchen look. It comes in chrome and steel optik. In addition, the spray path created by the faucet is a bit at an angle forward. So, the water does not flow straight down. This is something that you can likely get used to rather quickly, but it can be a nuisance, nonetheless. Part of that nuisance has to do with the fact that you’ll likely get fairly wet the first few times you use the faucet.


  • Swivels smoothly
  • Beautiful look and design
  • Very easy installation


  • Only available in two colors
  • Water sprays at an angle and not straight down
  • Only swivels 150 degrees

10. American Standard 4175.300.075

American Standard is a fairly well-known manufacturer and they are known for producing products that are more affordable for the average consumer. This option is one of the more inexpensive when it comes to the best pull down kitchen faucet. You can get it in two different colors, either stainless steel or polished chrome. There are also two different design options. They are the classic design and the slim design. Both options give you soft, clean lines that will complement really any kitchen look.

You can choose the design that not only matches the look of your kitchen but that also suits the space you have available. The spout does swivel and its made of brass. The spray is pull-down and offers an adjustable spray pattern as well as a pause feature. So, you essentially get two different spray options.

One of the best features of this model is the memory position valving. With this feature, the water will remain at your preferred temperature without you having to adjust the handle at all. This is a really great feature and isn’t found in many other faucet models. It is nice to not have to search for the ideal settings every time you want to wash dishes or fill a pot.

There is an escutcheon included with this system and you can choose to mount it with or without it. The hose measures twenty inches long and with compression connectors that measure 3/8 inches. This should give you plenty of space to get the job done.

This model does come with a ceramic disk calve to ensure a performance free from drips. The finish is resistant to scratches, as well as corrosion and tarnish.

This is a great option for anyone looking to get a long-lasting faucet for an inexpensive price. This model isn’t going to break the bank, but it does still offer an elegant, expensive look. It basically looks like you will have spent more than you did. However, that look will only last so long given this model’s primary drawback.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this model is that it does not include the magnetic feature you’ll find in the other models we highlighted here. That means that the nozzle does droop over time, since there is nothing holding it in place when it isn’t being used. This is actually a rather large drawback. It is rare to find a pull-down faucet without the magnet. While this is only one drawback, it is a rather large one and can really impact the longevity of the faucet overall.


  • Very easy to install
  • Memory position valving
  • Reputable brand with quality material


  • Nozzle tends to droop overtime

Final Thoughts on Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

A pull down faucet can make kitchen chores all that much easier to perform. You are better able to ensure you have enough power to complete your task and with many models, the nozzle and hose will snap right back into place.

The kitchen is the focal point of the home and you want it to look nice. So, functionality is not the only consideration when choosing the best pull down kitchen faucet for your needs. You also want to ensure you choose one that matches your kitchen decor and overall look. Many models offer a number of colors and finishes to ensure that you can find one that matches perfectly.

When choosing the right faucet for you, keep a couple of things in mind before purchasing. Consider your existing plumbing when doing your research. While we highlighted the top choices here, you want to ensure they will work for your set up.

You also want to consider the flow rate of water. Finally, you really want to think about how many spray modes you’d like to have in your new faucet. This can be one of the biggest differences in the models highlighted above. Some have just one while others have two or three.

Regardless of your final decision, we believe you can find your best pull down kitchen faucet here on our list of the top ten currently available.