Barter Design Acquires

BarterDesign, the premier online resource for home furniture and products has acquired With such similar audiences, BarterDesign saw an opportunity to provide additional resources for its readers through an acquisition. The official acquisition date is August 16, 2021.

ThomasWold features the creative works of Thomas Wold, a well-known independent multi-disciplinary designer and furniture builder based in San Francisco. His studio focuses on custom furniture designs and installations as well as interior woodwork for interior designers, architects, homeowners, design stores, and individuals. is the go-to resource when it comes to providing reviews on high-quality furniture for all parts of the home. The website serves as a platform for guiding homeowners on how to decorate and furnish their personal space. The website also provides specific tips for bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

Including resources from a distinguished figure in interior design allows a new platform to educate on.

A representative said “Our recent acquisition of strengthens our commitment to provide more reliable content to our audience.”

With this acquisition, has become one of the most trusted resources in the home furniture category. The company has absorbed all content and resources from ThomasWold, and will expand on the already large platform that ThomasWold has created. This will serve as the landing page for previous ThomasWold content.

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