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Allen Roth has been a company that has quite a few different products to their name.  They have done such a great job at building a brand that they seem to have excellent products in nearly every niche!  I think this is fantastic because I love Allen Roth, and that is why I thoroughly suggest Allen and Roth flooring for your next flooring needs!

My first encounter with these floors was actually in someone else’s home, as I mentioned before.  I was touring their home and I found their hardwood floors absolutely beautiful, and I needed it in my next house.  So, after some careful planning, that is exactly what I did.

Why Should You Pick Allen and Roth Flooring?

Allen Roth’s name is just about enough for most people in convincing them to get a product they have.  They have a trusted credibility and durability that will guarantee that their products are the best they can be.  As someone who has owned hundreds of their products, I have never had a serious problem with any of the pieces I have owned.  And if I did have a slight issue or needed more clarification on something, their customer support worked hard to make sure I was satisfied.

Laminate flooring

Along with this trusted credibility and brand recognition, I definitionally enjoy the look of their product.  The laminate flooring that  I currently own in my house has a distinctive style that really looks like a great  deep, dark flavor.  They have quite a few different types of wood that you can pick from including oak, mahogany, teak, and other exotic woods.  

I personally own the mahogany version because I love the reddish looking color that flows from this wood.  It was actually quite difficult choosing which floor to go with because all of these colors are really smooth and they look great!  Overall you will have great success if you pick Allen Roth flooring, but there is one thing you need to know!

What Type of Allen Roth Flooring Are You Looking For?

In this marketplace,  there are quite a few different flooring solutions from this company, and it is important to know your options!  Since there are so many different options, I have chosen to create separate pages for each of these options.  This will help to give you an insightful review on each of these products without having to sort through all the other options you might not be interested in.  So, low and behold, your Allen and Roth flooring options!

Allen and Roth Hardwood Flooring!

Typically, when you are looking for a new type of flooring, you always seem to hover towards hardwood flooring.  I know this because I did the exact same thing.  I went to my local lumberliquidators and started looking around.  

There were a lot of great pieces, but they all didn’t really catch my eye like one of them did.  I walked over to the corner of the store, and they had a display set up of Allen and Roth Hardwood Flooring, and it was beautiful! This Allen Roth flooring had to be the best floor in the store, and the price was good!  

They had a few variants of this Allen Roth hardwood flooring and they all looked great. They had some that were mahogany and a typical reddish cherry color that was brilliant, and they also had the classic dark brown which I was looking for.

If you are someone considering replacing your floors, I would definitely suggest you take a look at these pieces!  They are marvelous!

Allen Roth Laminate Flooring!

As I told you earlier, there are quite a few different types of Allen and Roth flooring options.  I mentioned hardwood earlier, but another famous option is Allen Roth Laminate Flooring!  

Laminate flooring is also called Floating Wood Tile, because of how it looks!  It is generally wood or sometimes stone that has a synthetic coating over top.  This gives it a clear protective coating over it compared to hardwood which is just the wood.

This synthetic process actually makes it a little easier to install than hardwood, which also makes it a little cheaper.  Now some people prefer the elegance of hardwood, but I think laminate flooring looks great, and its cheaper and it has a little protection to it!  

Along with this, it is actually pretty easy to maintain because of this layering on top, and some of these floors actually have anti-microbial resin on top to help kill germs that come in contact with the floor!

Why People Prefer Laminate Flooring Over Other Types

Allen Roth laminate flooring lets people to have their cake and eat it as well. When people want the appeal of a stunning hardwood or tile floor, but not interested in spending a lot of money, laminate flooring is exactly what they require. Laminate flooring consists of fiberboard layer, various sealants and balancing layer and thin fiber material layers.

An image a grain or stone tile of hardwood will be imprinted on one of these layers for giving a realistic look. The layer on the top is a protective sheet which will prevent damages due to usage, giving a brand new look to the flooring.

It is as if people have giant laminated pictures of usual flooring mounted on their floor. Once people have decided to have Allen Roth laminate flooring in their homes, they may think that hard tasks are over. However, they have several other things to be concerned about.

If people can visualize something attractive or beautiful in their mind, then they can have the same on their floor. They have various designs and colors to choose from when it comes to Allen Roth laminate flooring. There is a difference between direct-pressure and high-pressure laminate in terms of layers.

The more layers people have, the better the durability of the flooring will be. More layers can provide people with more protection from kids and the elements.

So, people can choose the Allen Roth laminate flooring that will suit their needs in terms of design, color and number of layers.

Easy-to-Install Laminate Flooring Adds Value To Homes

Laminate flooring can be a great choice for do-it-yourself kinds, because it can be very easy for installing. People can even buy a product which already has glue on the edges and simple wet the flooring for activating the glue. A lot of people these days do the laminate flooring installation on their own.

If the area to be covered is large, then people can take the help of their friends and family. Also, for details instructions with video people can go online.

Some people may wonder as to where they can install Allen and Roth laminate flooring. It is pretty simple that they can install the laminate flooring wherever they want. The main thing that people will have to remember is that when they get to install it kitchens or bathrooms, then they have to clean splatters and spills for avoiding warping.

People who are interested to install laminate flooring at their homes can search the internet for Allen Roth laminate flooring.

Allen Roth Laminate Flooring Installation Guide

There are laminate flooring kits which people can buy and use them for installing the laminate flooring. Also, there are essential materials which people may need while examining flooring installation instructions. The barrier sheeting, end molding or quarter-round, the underlayer, adhesive tape, laminate glue and wall base or baseboards are items that are particular to laminate flooring.

Also, people may require plastic sheets for the covering the furniture items or closing rooms which are subject to dust at the time of Allen Roth laminate flooring installation.

Allen Roth flooring

Dust is one of the worst side effects when it comes to laminate flooring installation and it can be avoided by using power tools that come with dust collectors. Based on the style or type of flooring, the instructions for installing will vary a little.

Generally, people need to start at the rooms’ left end and work their way to the right. In order to set up their expansion zone, people should use spacers.

After people lay down their first tile or board, they have to keep moving to the right. Once they get to the right end, they will have to measure the space between the end wall and the last board. They need a pull bar for installing the last piece of the flooring to make sure that the joints of the tiles are tight.

Laminate Flooring Installation Becomes Easier With Proper Preparation

When people are cutting their laminate pieces, it is quite important for them to make sure that the decorative side of the flooring is facing up, so that they can avoid chipping and major damage to the laminate flooring.

At the end of the day, it is important for people not to forget using spacers, as they can help them in Allen Roth laminate flooring in an easy manner. If people are sure that they are going to do the installation job, then they need to know the fact that it may cost them some time along with tears and sweat.

They should go through the installation manual carefully, but they should not read the manual for one manufacturer’s product and use the instructions for a different manufacturer’s product. For further and a more detailed Allen Roth laminate flooring installation help, people cay search the internet.

What About Allen Roth Rugs?

When you think of Allen Roth flooring options, you tend to think of just putting in new floors completely, but there are other options.  When I need a change in my flooring I like to think of Allen Roth Rugs!  Now generally rugs aren’t a complete solution if you want a brand new floor, but it can definitely help you to gain a new style in your home!

Generally rugs as I’m sure you know, are put in critical parts of the home, like entryways, and as you walk into a room.  They can also be used to be placed in the middle of a room to help create a center piece for you and your guests.  I love placing my rugs in the middle of my rooms with hardwood floor because it gives you some comfort from the hardwood, and it blends into the style greatly!

There are a few different types of Allen and Roth rugs, and I have owned quite a few of them.  I personally love my Allen Roth area rugs. These are great because I put them in the center of my living room over the hardwood.  It provides a great color contrast to the room, and it makes the room that much comfier and homey.  

Overall you should definitely be on the look out for rug sales because occasionally Lowes will have a few seasonal sales.  There is so much information on this subject that I needed to create a separate page.  So take a look!

Does Allen Roth Tile Have Its Place in Your Home?

When you are talking about flooring options, a lot of people like hardwood floors like I talked about earlier, but another option is Allen Roth Tile!  

Tile is generally made from either stone or ceramic and it is often used in bathrooms and places where water can be splashed.  Although tile is great for water prone locations, it is also used quite a lot in places instead of hardwood floors like living rooms and dining rooms.

A floor that has wonderful tile designs, then it will be noticed for sure and it will not fail to leave an impression in their mind. If they go to kitchens, the presence of a good Allen Roth tile will also be noticed. This is because; when someone enters a kitchen the first thing they will notice is the counter-top not the other things like the refrigerator, oven or pans.

Also, if they tend to get into the bathrooms, even there they won’t miss to notice the tiles. All these things prove that good tiles can definitely make a good impression. So, people may consider Allen Roth tile when it comes making their floors and walls attractive and elegant.

Tiles are brilliant house ornaments that exist for accentuating homes. They also have purpose, which why people choose tiles according to how and where they are going to be used.

Tile Adds Value to Your Home!

When people install tiles, it is quite important for them to determine the kind of Allen Roth tile they use and the area where they are going to put it.

Different materials have different tools and procedures for installation. Mostly, the instruction instructions will be provided by the tiles manufacturers. However, it is people’s responsibility to ask for instructions for installation when they purchase tiles.

If people are thinking about installing Allen Roth tile in their homes, then it is better for them to perform an illustration. Now, when people are flooring their homes, tiles can offers them the flexibility they need for creating uniqueness in their homes. Choosing the right type of Allen Roth tile matters a lot, as tile comes in different sizes.

Most people prefer using large tiles in living rooms and small tiles in their bathrooms. It is a better option for people to choose different sizes, as it will help them in creating a particular effect. If you are a homeowner who is willing to add beauty to your home by installing attractive tiles, then you can search for beautiful Allen Roth tile on the internet.

What Can You Do With This Tile?

You can do a whole lot with tile.  You can use it nearly every room in your house in its own unique and stunning way.  I personally love, and I always suggest using this tile for your countertops and also you can use it in your shower and your bathroom!  I have seen a home where the owner implemented Allen Roth glass tile along with Allen Roth Mosaic wall tile.  

This was put in their bathroom, and the glass tile along with the backsplash looked amazing!

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