Influence Your Interiors Mood With Allen Roth Lighting & [2023 Review]

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Choosing the right type of lighting for your home can often be a confusing and it can also be extremely expensive.  Thankfully, ever since I was introduced to Allen Roth Lighting I didn’t have that lighting problem anymore.

Allen Roth has been around for quite a few years and they have a beautiful selection of lighting. They have built a huge following with their modern lighting styles and their excellent craftsmanship. I found them a few years ago, and I have slowly transferred nearly every light in my house to Allen and Roth

Why Should You Pick Allen Roth Lighting?​

Allen Roth has been around since the 1980’s and although they started predominately as a lighting company, nowadays they provide all sorts of home decor products.  Their lighting success really started to take off as they built themselves a reputation of their modern lighting style and having some of the highest quality products on the market.  

I can fully attest to this craftsmanship as well! I have owned quite a few Allen and Roth products and I haven’t had to return or make major repairs on any of these pieces.  They truly just hold up to casual wear and tear very well!

Along with all this, Allen + Roth also comes with an extremely reasonable price tag for their products which is a great deal, especially with the quality you are receiving.  

When you are looking for Allen Roth lighting options for different types of rooms, then it might be a good idea to have an understanding on how many lumens you will need for different sized rooms. Along with this, I would suggest getting some closet lighting, because it will make your morning routine that much easier!

What Material/Finish Are You Looking For?​

When you are looking at different Allen Roth lighting fixtures, you will start to notice that there are quite a few different materials and many different finishes that are being used. Generally these include copper, bronze, woods like oak and maple, and even steel and aluminum.  

Generally speaking, with Allen and Roth lighting you are going to receive a good lighting product no matter which finish or material you select, but it really depends on the style your home is going for. Thankfully, you have quite a few lighting options, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your needs!

Types of Allen Roth Lighting​

Allen Roth originally started producing pendant lighting and other lights that really focused on being used in the kitchen, but recently they have been expanding their lighting lineup to include lighting for all over the house.  I have listed all the different types and brief descriptions of all the types of Allen Roth lighting.

Allen Roth Chandelier

Chandelier above dining table

If you have ever seen a chandelier then you might be envisioning a large elegant ball room with forty foot ceilings.  Although these are a great use, that doesn’t make them the only use for a chandelier. To get the full effect of what you could do with a chandelier, I suggest you take a look at an Allen Roth chandelier!  

Allen Roth started producing their lighting chandelier to be featured in a living room and in the entry of a home without having to have an enormous ceiling height. I love the style of the chandelier as it provides an extremely stylish and sophisticated feel that can truly transform a room!  

There are a few different styles for these chandeliers along with different lighting numbers.  Allen and Roth makes the following chandeliers:

  • Allen Roth Bronze 4 Light Chandelier
  • Allen Roth 9 Light Chandelier
  • Allen Roth 18 Light Chandelier​
  • Allen Roth 8 Light Chandelier
  • Allen Roth 14 Light Chandelier

Allen Roth Chandeliers are made of different materials, shapes and sizes. They also come in different colors. Neoclassical motifs carved in wood used to be more prominent but with the advent of crystals, many Allen Roth chandeliers are made of lead crystals, where light bursts out in small spectacles.

Some Allen chandeliers come with a bronze finish which is full metal as brace and ornately designed with the most amazing crystal drops. This lighting chandelier placed in front of the main door is a beauty that none can resist.

Along with this, for your bedroom needs, there are many lighting fixtures that are perfect. A good example is the six light Allen Roth chandelier which has a nickel finish.

Your bedroom will look more modern. A major advantage of this is that it is dimmable if incandescent bulbs are used which is great if you are relaxing in bed and want some light!

Allen and Roth Lamps

Man holding pen while reading with lamp

If you are someone that enjoys reading at night then of course you are going to need some Allen Roth lighting.  That being said, if you are looking for reading light, then you can’t rely on just plain old ceiling lights, you need a standup type of lighting.  

A great example of this is are Allen and Roth lamps!  Allen Roth lamps provide you with table lamps and standup lamps that are both stylish and provide you with a relaxed dim lighting environment.  

Most homeowners might know this, but lamps can be divided into several lighting categories. Choosing one that best suits your needs should be easy if you know which type of light can illuminate your spaces appropriately. You can choose between the two main lamp categories which include:

  • Table lamps –mostly used to create ambience, they can easily create soft and diffused glows. Note that the best table lamps happen to be the ones with opaque or translucent shades. They can reflect the light above or below with ease.
  • Floor lamps – they serve pretty much the same purpose as table lamps. The only thing that sets them apart is the fact that they make grand statements. That is mainly because they come in strange shapes. Then there is also the fact that they can be hung at different heights.

​Thankfully with their recent releases, Allen + Roth has come out with quite a few different choices for lamps, and I’m sure they have something that will cater to your needs.  They have quite a few different colors that all fit their traditional modern type style that Allen & Roth is known for.  

I personally love the Allen Roth floor lamps like in the picture above. These provide quite a bit of light but keeps the mood in a nice and relaxed setting.  I personally own the Allen + Roth Latchbury model floor lamp and I keep it in the corner of my living room for when I want to sit in my recliner and read the night away.  

Two lamps beside two chairs

The great thing about these lamps are there versatility. Allen and roth lamps can be used to highlight a room’s focal point or even become the focal point itself. Alternatively, one can create a balance between these two options by having conventional lights and complementing them with Allen Roth lamps.

It does not end there. Allen roth lights can also be used as accent fixtures. For this to happen however, one must be keen not to overshadow and completely mask the focal point of a room.

Note that the focal point in this sense can mean the main source of light. Balancing all these features and determining which lamp goes where will help you to create a unique lighting environment impeccable reflection, minimal shadows and appealing diffusion.

​Allen Roth Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights

Anyone who wishes to decorate their yard must put some thought and effort into arranging the best Allen Roth lighting. Landscape lighting helps illuminate your home, but at the same time, it contributes to increased security by enabling you to see animals and intruders easily.

It can be difficult to select the right kind of landscape lighting, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Switching over to Allen Roth landscape lighting can prove to be the greatest decision you have ever made for your yard as well as your family.

A yard without lighting can be dark and eerie, giving your home a haunted look. If you find that this is the case with your yard, you should definitely consider Allen Roth landscape lighting. Allen Roth is exclusively available through Lowe’s, so all you need to do is visit its website and find something that suits your requirement.

If you can’t figure it out, visit the Lowe’s retail outlet nearest you and take advantage of the expert advice of its staff, who will help you find the landscape lighting that best suits your needs.

When you are looking at purchasing some landscape lighting, you need to take a look at the different styles of outdoor landscape lighting pieces.  The style of outdoor lighting you will want to use really depends on the layout of your yard along with how much lighting you might want.  

Types of Allen Roth Landscape Lighting

  • Large Stand-Up Posts:  I’m sure you’ve seen something similar to these.  They are about six feet tall and have a glassed in bulb on the top.  These are great for key points in your yard, like near the porch or along the driveway. 
  • Small Stand-Up Posts:  These are generally under a foot tall, and are great to be used to line your driveway or walkway to provide a lighting path for your visitors.

In the end I definitely suggest you take a look at some options for landscape lighting.  It not only provides you with a great lighting style to your home at night, but it also helps to deter intruders and animals as well. Along with this, it also livens up your home and emits a different aura about it.

Allen Roth Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights above dining table

Allen Roth ceiling lights can be a very significant design element in any space. Not only do they provide illumination to a room, but they also contribute to the overall feel and look of the space. They are one of the most efficient and practical ways to fill a room with light.

The right type and style of Allen Roth lighting will accentuate your home and get you more from each space, whether it is working, cooking or relaxing. There are various types and styles of ceiling lights, which has made it quite hard to decide which one to buy.

To choose the right Allen Roth lighting option for the ceiling of your space, you need to consider the type of room, how much light you need, the use of light for design or functional purpose and if it is going to fit in the space. Once you think about these factors, it becomes apparent what type and style are more suitable than the other.

Thankfully for you and me, although there are quite a few different choices for these Allen and Roth ceiling lights, they are all extremely great lighting options and you really can’t go wrong with any of them!  I personally own the Allen Roth Castine ceiling light which I have in my living room.  It has an absolute brilliant bronze finish that looks great, and it truly can light up my room!  

Allen Roth Pendant Lighting​

Pendant light with light on

Pendant lights are one of the most beautiful lightings from Allen Roth as they are the original Allen Roth Lighting piece!  They can also be called a suspending lighting or a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a cord or metal chain. Pendant lights present the idea of a pendant hanging from the ceiling and are usually used as the main lighting for any room.

They are mostly utilized over kitchen countertops, dining rooms, or bathrooms. The idea of pendant lighting originated from the concept of lanterns back in the old times, which evolved over time and were utilized differently in different ages.

In fact, the pendant lamps on old town streets became a trademark of so many famous cities in Europe and gained a lot of attention and popularity from this lighting not only by the locals but also the tourists.

Although the pendant lights are a little low in brightness, they still look modern and graceful. Pendant lights could be utilized in almost all capacities from the kitchen and living/drawing room to the bedroom and balcony. Home designers prefer to put it exactly above a subject that is to be focused on.

For example, it could be placed right above the dining table, above the kitchen counter, on the ceiling of the balcony focusing on the seating arrangement, or in the drawing room just over a portrait or painting. Although Allen Roth has a wide variety of lighting ornaments, pendant lights are one of a kind.

Allen + Roth Valleymede Pendant Lighting

After owning and trying quite a few different types of pendant lights, I have finally found my favorite, and that is the Allen + Roth Vallymede Pendant Light!  This barn jar pendant light is perfect lighting for in your kitchen where it will provide you with a calm modern design while providing ample light!  It is 25.47 inches long which gives it just the right amount of room between the ceiling and the table/bar.  

This piece comes in both an aged bronze finish or a brushed nickel finish. I personally chose the aged bronze finish because I liked the look of it, and it went perfect with the rest of my kitchen.  I believe getting this lighting piece was one of the best and least expensive options you can get to really transform your kitchen!  

Allen Roth Lighting Service

When you’re looking to purchase some Allen Roth lighting, then you need to be sure that the service is solid in case anything needs addressing.  Thankfully since Allen Roth lighting is fulfilled through Lowes, then you’re in pretty good hands.  

I’ve always been able to get someone on the phone whenever I’d call with an issue about lighting products.  So thankfully when you’re looking for Allen Roth lighting you won’t have to worry because they’ll have your back!

Allen Roth Lighting Collection

Thankfully for us, Allen Roth does a great job of upping their lighting collection and coming out with great new lighting pieces.  This is great for us because it means I am constantly given new lighting products that could fit the needs of my home!  These new updates include new lighting fixtures or chandeliers.  If you’re in need of a new lighting fixture, here you go!

Final Thoughts on Allen Roth Lighting

Thank you for getting this far into my Allen Roth Lighting Review.  I know I covered a lot of different topics but I hope it’s been helpful for you.

Allen Roth offers quite a huge range of lighting products and thanks to them teaming up with Lowes, it means I can all enjoy these products conveniently and at a great price.  So whether you’re looking for a new chandelier or even just a lighting fixture, go on over to Lowes and check out Allen Roth for a low price!

Brett E.

Brett E. is the Owner of  Brett comes from a long line of craftsman and foreman, and has been involved with the construction and renovation world ever since he was a boy while working for his families construction and remodeling company.  After graduating with a a degree in Interior Design, Brett is the go to guy for any interior design or remodeling questions!