Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Allen Roth Vanity [2023 Review]

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Vanities are something that every household needs.  They add a huge sense of style and functionality to your bedroom or bathroom.  

They will help you stay organized in the mornings with their cabinets for all your bathroom supplies, and they will help you get ready.  Not only that, they will look great doing it!

Why You Need an Allen and Roth Vanity

When you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or bedroom, there are a plethora of different items you need to consider purchasing.  You need to look at appliances like toilets and wallpaper, matching kitchen sink and new faucets, but you also need to think about getting a vanity.  

Back when I was redoing my bathrooms I had quite a bit of help from all my friends and family on picking these best pieces.  I was soon suggested to take a look at the Allen and Roth Vanity, and it as great!  I started looking at Lowes.com for these pieces and soon I found out that this company literally has a piece for every style I need!

Vanity bathroom with a tub and cabinets

Vanities help to transform a bathroom from something that is boring and plain, into something stylish and it also gives it a set of functionality.  These pieces are great because if they are found in a bathroom generally they have a sink built in along with cabinets.  This not only gives you some a mirror piece with a sink built in but, it also gives you cabinet space as well.  

If you are looking for an Allen and Roth vanity piece that is for your bedroom then this is just as great!  These are amazing because they have their tall mirrors along with pull out cabinets for all your accessories!

Allen Roth Vanity Designs

Vanity bathroom with mirrors and glass door

The good thing about Allen Roth is that they have a plethora of vanity design choices.  There is quite a few different styles they have, including modern and antique.  

This is when you really get to play with the idea of what you want in your home.  You definitely want the style to match the style of your kitchen sink and home faucets.

Along with design styles, you also want to go with functionality.  There is quite a few variations in vanities, and not all of them will fit your needs.  There are some with one cupboard for storage, and there are others with quite a few.  

Along with this there are some with sinks inside.  So if you are looking at a vanity for your bedroom, then you might not need a sink, but you could use quite a few drawers and room for storage.  

This really comes down to you taking some time to think about your needs, and then you can make an informed decision from there.  In the end, if you take these steps you will be able to find the best vanity for your needs.

Along with styles, there are quite a few different design materials. When thinking about material types for your new vanity then there are a few things to consider.  

When you are looking at materials for the base of the vanity, generally the best options are a type of wood, or ceramic/tile. There are small variances in quality when choosing between different types of wood, but a lot of of this comes down to personal preference as well.

Along with the body material, you have to think about the vanity top material.  I talk a bit about it below when I give my review of my quartz countertop.  But along with quartz there is also granite, marble, laminate, and tile tops.  

Granite and marble are often considered some of the best looking options but the price definitely expensive with the price being around 125$ – 250$ per square foot for granite and marble being around 50$ – 80$ per square foot.  Laminate can be a good option for vanities because the price generally only runs about 25$ – 50$ per square foot.  

Laminate can be done by quite a few different companies but the basic principle is the same.  It is generally little pieces of plastic overlapped and heated and then put together with pressure.  

Tile is also a good option with the tops only running around 10$ – 40$.  The major drawbacks of tiles is that grout lines can get dirty and mildew is also possible.

I personally love my Allen Roth Vanity, and I would never change my purchase.  I have owned both a bathroom vanity and a bedroom one, and I can’t imagine not having one.  Although there are so many different types of vanities I have decided to make pages for each of these different types so that I can provide unbiased, and informative reviews for these products.

Allen and Roth Bathroom Vanities

In my introduction, I told you that there are both bedroom vanities and bathroom vanities!  The main differences are that bathroom vanities generally have sinks built in and a mirror on the backboard.  Now, many other vanities do ave mirrors but most do not sinks unless they are created for the bathroom!

The bathroom vanities that I own in my bathrooms are currently Allen Roth Bathroom Vanities. These pieces are great because of their modern look and style.  They have quite a bit of different flairs and styles but you will definitely be able to find something that is perfect for your needs!

There is a lot to talk about with this pieces so I have made a page just for Allen and Roth Bathroom Vanities!  If you are looking for a tub to compliment the design of the AR bathroom vanity, then take a look at the Sterling Vikrell bathtub!

Allen Roth Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom with cabinets and a mirror

As I mentioned early, bathroom vanities are some of the great bathroom pieces you can have in your home.  It gives you a style that looks great, and it gives you the functionality of cabinet space!

This is exactly what I have been introduced with when I purchased my Allen Roth bathroom cabinets! The piece that I ended up purchasing was a great oak cabinet that I was putting in my downstairs bathroom.  

This piece was fixed with a 36 inch vertical-oval mirror that sits on top of the cabinet piece.  Not all the cabinets I was looking at had these mirrors on the back piece, some didn’t have a back piece at all, so it’s up to your personal preference!

But overall, I love my allen roth bathroom cabinets, and I suggest that you should take a look if you are in the market for something similar!

Allen Roth Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom with a round mirror

If you are someone like my wife, then you can not live without a proper mirror in your bathroom and bedroom.  I on the other hand can get away with heading out the door without even brushing my hair, but I understand that I am a complete slob, and many people have better judgement than me!  

That being said, when I was renovating my master bedroom and bathroom, there was two things my wife said were absolutely necessary.  Those were a nice Allen Roth functional vanity and of course an Allen Roth Mirror.  That being said, there are quite a few different choices to look at when you are looking for mirrors.

Because Allen Roth has completely taken over the interior design market, they have a huge number of choices for mirrors.  They have certain mirrors that really are designed to be placed in certain rooms and for certain functions.  If you aren’t completely sure about it all, I have you covered!  

I will be going through and giving you some examples and explaining what type of Allen and Roth mirror is for.

As someone like my wife who loves to make sure she looks flawless as she is preparing in the morning, then I definitely suggest and Allen and Roth bathroom mirror.  These mirrors are designed to be a clean looking design and generally are all about their functionality.  

They are designed to give you the perfect space to be able to see you clearly and help you prepare for you day.  This mirror is 24 inches wide by 30 inches high so it gives you plenty of surface to use, without taking up too much of your space in your bathroom.

These come in a few different border styles.  I own the silver mirror that is featured in the picture and I have also seen a great antique brass colored border, along with a modern looking metallic color.  

Along with the different colors and looks, they also come in a few different sizes and shapes. I have seen some Allen and Roth bathroom mirrors that are quite large and can quite literally take up a whole wall, and I have seen some smaller than mine.  So that also is up to you in figuring out how much mirror you actually need.

Allen Roth Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom with a cabinets under the sink

Although a medicine cabinet is technically not always a mirror, I thought they were close enough, and it was definitely worth mentioning.  I went to Lowes the other day to look at mirrors, and the employee there asked me if I would consider an Allen and Roth medicine cabinet.  

At first I was extremely skeptical because all I could picture was this old medicine cabinet that my grandma had when I was a kid.  But as I walked over to the aisle, I realized that these weren’t what I was envisioning, these were something I could actually see in my bathroom!

I walked down the aisle and these cabinets were amazing.  They had quite a few that were of a modern style, and actually looked great!  They all were featured with a great sized mirror on the front panel of the cabinet.  

When you swung the cabinet door open, there was plenty of space to put any bathroom items that you might have.  Not only did these look great, but they were quite functional!

Overall, there are a huge amounts of different types of mirrors available with all different sorts of types of and sizes, but me and my wife finally narrowed it down to one, and I am extremely happy with my Allen and Roth mirror!

Allen Roth Quartz Countertops

Similarly, Allen and Roth vanity quartz countertops are something that can really spice up your house!  When considering about upgrading your countertops, you really need to do your research because there are simply so many different types available!  I personally had this problem, but I finally found my new personal favorite, Allen Roth quartz countertops!

These countertops are made from a spectacular quartz material that really has a special sparkle to it!  I love the shade that this countertops has and it’s simply stunning!  

Every time I have someone over to hang out they always compliment me on my countertops and they always wonder where it’s from!  I am the first to recommend these Allen Roth Quartz countertops because I love them, and everyone should have the opportunity to love their countertops!

What Options Are There For An Allen Roth Vanity Top?

Vanity bathroom with cabinets and lights in the mirror

When you are looking for you new Allen vanities, there are quite a few different variations and choices you have to make.  A big decision is what type of Allen Roth Vanity top do you want?

Generally this means what type of material do you want the top to be made of, and along with this you also need to pick what layout you want for the top.  For example, do you want a sink?  Or do you want a mirror attached?

These are choices you need to make to help choose an Allen Roth Vanity Top. There are quite a few choices for vanity material, so make sure you do your own research and make an educated choice.

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