How Often Does Lazyboy Have Sales?

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Are you looking to purchase a new Lazy Boy recliner or sofa? The best time to purchase all types of things, including Lazy Boy recliners, is when they are at a sale. When you know when Lazyboy has sales, you can get the best furniture and save money.

This way, you will get quality furniture pieces at highly discounted prices. On average, most Americans replace their furniture every 7 to 10 years. This simply means that for most people furniture shopping is not something they do frequently.

How Often Does Lazyboy Have Sales?

Lazyboy has sales several times a year. Consumers who want to buy a new Lazyboy recliner or sofa or want to replace their shaggy and old furniture can purchase them at discounted prices during:

  • President’s day in February
  • Memorial Day in May
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day on the first Monday of September
  • Holiday sales during Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
  • End-of-Year and New Year Sales

Take Advantage of Furniture Sales Promotions Throughout the Year

Whether you are searching for a new recliner, sofa, or looking to redo your entire living room, you do not have to spend exorbitant prices at Lazyboy to find whatever you are looking for.

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Lazyboy runs promotions year-round to encourage their existing customers and new customers to visit their store locations. This means that you can get great furniture deals every day of the year when you take advantage of these great sales promotions.

Most sales advertisements for Lazyboy promotions are around the holidays. However, sometimes this reputable furniture brand will have promotions running even if it is not advertised.

If you shop for furniture before the big Lazyboy holiday sales, you will have a better inventory selection because the store locations have not been picked over yet. Here are a few times when you can get the best prices when shopping for Lazyboy furniture.

Presidents Day Sales

Lazyboy will offer furniture sales in February that coincides with Presidents Day. Most furniture brands will offer a sale on this day and LazyBoy is not left behind. Owing to the sheer number of sales held by different brands, it is easier for you to get a good deal from Lazyboy.

This is the best time to purchase your living room furniture. This is because you will have an easy time finding good prices on recliners, sofas, love seats, and many more.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day furniture sales are usually held during the last weekend of May. This is a great time to find great deals on Lazyboy recliners and other living room furniture owing to the approaching Father’s day.

Fourth of July Sales

Fourth of July Lazyboy furniture sales are also big. This is because summer is the perfect time for celebration and also the brand is moving old furniture collections from their showrooms to make room for new and trendier furniture.

This is the time of year when you will get clearance prices on lots of furniture items as Lazyboy stores try to make room for trendier and new furniture.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day usually falls on the first Monday of September and Labor Day furniture sales tend to take place over that weekend. This is one of the biggest furniture sales events of the year.

This sale is usually close to the holiday season and is the best time to purchase items that will add aesthetic value to your home and people will enjoy the upcoming family reunions.

Holiday and End of Year Sales

This Lazyboy furniture sale starts right after Thanksgiving and is the best time for consumers who want to buy quality furniture pieces at clearance prices. Most brands like Lazyboy start off with Black Friday sales and then Cyber Monday for online shopping.

End-of-year sales takes place even at furniture stores that never hold sales all year round. The only advantage of this sale is that you may get unique pieces, discontinued furniture, and floor samples at highly discounted prices. The disadvantage is that you may not find exactly what you want, especially if you wanted something specific.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are Lazy Boy Recliners Worth the Price?

Most customers believe that Lazy Boy recliners are pricier than many discount stores. However, they offer a higher value compared to most stores for the price. Overall, consumers have positive things to say about Lazy Boy recliners’ perceived quality, comfort, and delivery.

How Long Will a Lazy Boy Recliner Last?

On average, a Lazy Boy recliner will last for approximately 10 years when used regularly. A recliner that is infrequently used will last longer than one that is exposed to continuous use in a home where there are children and pets.


As you can see, there are several Lazy Boy recliner sales offered by the company all year round. Reupholstering recliners or renewing couches may be costly.

Also, furniture is a major purchase, so if you cannot find the perfect sofa or recliner at the perfect price during a Lazyboy sale, you need to exercise patience.

If whatever you are looking for is not on sale now, it may be on sale in a few months. Be sure to constantly check for Lazyboy sales on their website or social media pages. This will help you to find the best Lazyboy furniture prices and deals and get a unique aesthetic for your home.

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