How Much Does a Recliner Cost?

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Recliner chairs have additional features that provide added comfort for their users. The recliner chairs come in different types that range from simple chairs with reclining ability to more sophisticated ones that have extra features. From that, how much does a recliner cost?

Depending on the experience you are going for, you will not lack an ideal recliner for your sitting area.

How Much Does a Recliner Cost?

Recliner chairs cost ranges between $300 to over $2300 depending on the type of recliner you want to purchase. These chairs fall into four categories with the lowest category consisting of the simplest form of recliner chairs.

As you go up the categories, you will find sophisticated chairs designed with extra features that are more expensive.

Basic Recliners

The recliner chairs in this category are low-priced and fall in the price range of $300. You may even find recliners from this tier with a price tag lower than this amount.

The recliners in this category will just offer the reclining option, and the core material for these simple recliner chairs is microfiber.

Low-Mid Range Recliners

The recliners in this second category are average and fall in the low to mid-level category of recliners. They are at a price of $400 -$1200 and come with additional features that make them worth this price tag.

Apart from just reclining, you will find options such as massage and heating, making them a favorite for many consumers looking for something extra.

Mid-High Range Recliners

These are luxury recliners that take the comfort and delight of the lo-mid level recliners to the next level. They are usually made of genuine leather and provide long lasting effects.

Their price falls at $1300 – $2200 and are worth every additional dollar that you spend on them, with guaranteed comfort. The recliners in this range will combine style and comfort for a luxurious product.

Higher End Recliners

Recliners in the higher end range have more customization that add to the comfort of users on a more enhanced level. They are also more stylish and classier to the personal preference of users. You will find them at a price that is above $2300.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Recliners?

A number of factors will influence the price of a recliner. The more you pay for the recliner the more comfortable you can expect the recliner to be.

A lot more will therefore go into the creation of the recliner that costs more. The brand will also distinguish the price you will find between recliners in any of the given category. Some of these factors include the following:

Quality of Material Used

Materials on recline chairs range from micro-fiber, faux leather and real leather among other materials. The more expensive the material used then the more likely the cost of the chair.

The construction of the recliner frame can also influence its cost with more low-priced options made from hollow tubes as opposed to solid steel that most high end recliners have.


You may opt for customized recliners that will cost more compared to average mass-produced recliners. With customization you choose the type of material used, its dimensions, the features and adjustments you want on the recliner as well as the design.

For this privilege you can expect to pay more especially if you want a comprehensive list of options for the recliner.

Recliner Design

The style of the recliner will depend on the design. High end designed recliners are stylish in the final design. They will have sleek designs that makes the chair blend well in different decors.

Low priced designs may not give the sophisticated style that the other recliners have. The more stylish the design, the more you can expect to pay for especially if it has a high number of upgraded features.

How Do I Choose the Ideal Recliner?

Consider Your Budget

If you have a tight budget, you need to look for a recliner that fits within this. While low priced recliners may not offer the same level of comfort or features as a high-end recliner, you should not break your budget to pay for what you cannot afford.

To be safe, budget for a mid-level recliner as you will get more at just a slightly higher cost than getting a cheap recliner that does not offer anything extra.

Your Available Space

The space where you will place the recliner will influence the one you go for. A large recliner will make your room cramped.

The good news is that recliners come in different sizes and style therefore you will have an option that fits your available space comfortably. The style of the recliner should also blend well with the existing furniture in the room.

Recliner Durability

You want a recliner that will last long. A durable recliner will handle the constant use and weight before it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

A recliner constructed with weak materials may start creaking after a short time of use. Consider the number of people that will use the chair as this will require you to look for a heavy duty recliner.


Recliner chairs are available at a wide range of prices. Aside from knowing how a recliner works, you need to take into account the style and comfort that the recliner offers before making the decision for purchase.

The ideal recliner should be within your budget, fit in the space you have and offer you service for an extended time. If you have an existing recliner, it is also a good consideration to reupsholster it.

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