How to Place an Area Rug With a Sectional Couch

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Unlike the traditional sofa styles, sectionals offer way better flexibility in configuration options. Area rugs are incredible for defining a space or highlighting an area, or as an extension. That helps organize the rest of the room with making it too challenging to draw down a décor. Let’s see how to place an area rug with a sectional couch. 

How to Place an Area Rug with A Sectional Couch

Simply having an area rug isn’t enough; you still have to decide which end to place it on, symmetrical or not. 

Materials Required

  • An area rug
  • A measuring tape 
  • A temporary marker 

Step #1: Select Your Rug

Depending on the type of sectional you own, you should select the right combination following your sofa, like:

  • Neutral Stripe Rug 
  • Colorful Pallets Rug 
  • Large Striped Rug 
  • Black and Beige Combo Rug 
  • Sheep-Wool Rug 
Man arranging a rug

Step #2: Take Precise Dimensions

You can select any area of your floor where you wish to place your sectional couch set.

After taking the floor dimensions, take the precise measurements of your sofa set. 

Taking the dimensions of your sofa without error is most crucial because the rug will be beneath your couch. 

First, you must take the length, breadth, and height measurements of your sectional couch. However, the height of the couch has minimal impact in determining the look. 

To take the measurement, you can take any measuring tape that shows readings in inches and centimeters. 

Round off the measurements to the nearest centimeter value and mark with a temporary marker. You can refer to this video guide for taking furniture dimensions correctly

Step #3: Place the Furniture Legs on The Rug

To put the rug below the furniture legs, you should keep the floor area empty. Place your chosen rug on the floor and remove all slacks and follow the below steps:

  • Place your sofa on top of the rug to keep the legs attached to its surface. Include the sectional couch and other small furniture such as a center table. 
  • After placing them on top of the rug, ensure that no front furniture leg crosses the rug boundary. 
  • If the area covered by your rug is densely put up by furniture, try to reduce the count. 

Keeping the sectional couch as the main piece of furniture, discard the excess ones. 

However, if your rug area remains vast, you can introduce a small center table. Manage such that the furniture arrangement looks spacious and neat. 

Rug Arrangement Tips for Sectional Couch

Tip #1: Only Front Seat Legs Above the Rug

This tip is applicable only when your rug arrangement lacks space. Try placing only the front seat legs of your sectional couch on the boundary of your rug. 

Living room with a sectional couch and a rug

If you like a combination, but it covers more area, this tip works. However, you can make the arrangement balanced only when the rug is set in a corner. 

You won’t like seeing the back legs of your sectional couch exceeding the boundary. This tip helps when your rug is too small to adjust a sectional couch. 

You can also set the arrangement at the center of your room if you set the couch facing the main entrance. 

Doing this will leave enough room to insert a center table in the middle, a great way to keep your Keurig coffee and snack trays in place. If that doesn’t help you, you should get a rug having wider dimensions. 

Tip #2: Balance the Space

The main principle of this tip is to make the arrangement symmetrical. 

Make the rug area spacious and neat at any cost. If you are not satisfied with the existing arrangements, rearrange the seats. 

Tip #3: Sectional Couch Is the Reference Point

Before you think of setting furniture like the center table, always put the sectional couch first. Your primary intention must be to display the sectional sofa, as it holds a larger area. 

Therefore, you should focus more on positioning your sectional couch before placing the rug. You can place other small tables and chairs left, right, or at the front of your sectional sofa. 

Place it on the rug well so that there isn’t any wrinkle on the fabric surface. Making your sectional couch as the point of reference also reduces your effort when displacing it. 

Tip #4: Place the Rug at The Center

Placing the geometrical rug in the middle of the pieces of furniture is a great idea.

However, the rug isn’t at the center of the sectional but the center of the chosen area. 

For anchoring the rug into the floor, you can set a coffee table or a center table in the middle. 

Rather than just providing anchorage, the center table creates perfect symmetry and design. 

If your rug is too small for extending below your sectional couch, get other pieces of furniture in. 

Setting other furniture will create room to make the arrangement symmetrical. 

Living space with brown leather sectional sofa and gray rug

Tip #5: Fill The “L”

If your rug perfectly fits your sectional couch and other pieces of furniture, fill the “L.” 

The “L” shape made by your sectional sofa takes a considerable amount of space in the room. 

Placing a center or a coffee table near the right angle gives a symmetrical and proportionate look. 

Things look more attractive when you close the gap above a ragged or shaggy rug.

Moreover, it provides better anchorage to the center/coffee table and is a smooth base. 

Close the gap between the angles so that you can sit comfortably on your couch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rug will be the best to put under a sectional couch? 

Go for a rug that covers the legs of all pieces of furniture, as that’ll open up new combinations. Smaller rugs can offer minimal varieties.

Will it be better if the rug goes under my sectional? 

Yes, it would be better if your rug goes beneath your sectional, as you can try many combinations. However, things get easy if you use clamps to elevate your sectional. You can insert your vacuum cleaner easy to get the dust out. This will help you thoroughly get rid of all the dirt and fur from dogs that shed a lot.

It can also avoid to stick with hair fall especially if you have a pet such as dogs who shed a lot.


You should also remember that there aren’t any strict rules you have to follow for your safety. Your main motive is to make the arrangement look symmetrical and geometrically satisfying. 

Choose the rug of your choice and follow these steps to show your creativity. 

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