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If you’ve never heard of a bathroom vanity before you’ll soon realise how crucial it is to your bathroom and home. A Bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and bathroom storage, generally a cabinet. Essentially a bathroom vanity is a large cabinet which has a built in sink and all the plumbing associated with it.

It’s the centrepiece of a good bathroom and the look of your bathroom is defined by it.  If you are looking for a recommendation the best place to buy bathroom vanity, then hold on and read below! If you are looking for a recommendation for a bathroom vanity then I suggest the allen roth bathroom vanity!

What to Look For In a Bathroom Vanity Retailer

When selecting your bathroom vanity there’s a number of factors to consider. Each of these will be contributing factors in the process of finding the right bathroom vanity for you.

  • Shape and Size: There’s pretty much no limit to the size and shape of bathroom vanities. They’re designed to use the space available to maximum efficiency so you’ll need to be very aware of the space available before you start looking. Some bathroom vanities will offer modern options like double sinks and copper sinks. These can be useful to some homes so be sure to look out for them.
  • Material: Material makes a big difference to the look of your unit, and you have to make sure it’s water resistant/water proof as it’s in the wettest area of your home. Traditionally you can choose from stone, laminate, cement and wood but some retailers will offer you some more options.
  • Style: Bathroom vanities are made for every home and to fit in with your existing decor they have a number of styles available. Choose from traditional, French provincial, art deco, modern, country style, minimalist or explore the other ranges available.
  • Price: You’ll find the prices vary for toilet bathroom vanities greatly. It really just comes down to your budget, the more you spend generally the more you’ll get of course, but there are loads of affordable options out there. It’s about finding some great value whatever your price range.
Vanity bathroom with shower and mirror

A Bathroom Vanity is like a sofa to a living room, or a dinner table to the dining room. It’s the heart of your bathroom and as well as being one of the most useful pieces of furniture in your home it also needs to look the part.

All of these factors above should help you to find the best bathroom vanity, but you need to pick a supplier you trust. There’s a lot of choice out there but I’ve identified what I think is the best place to buy a bathroom vanity.

Home Depot – First and Best Choice for Bathroom Vanity

My first choice for buying a bathroom vanity is home depot. Now Home Depot might not be your first thought when it comes to bathroom furnishings but bear with me, I think they’re offering some great products at a great price.

Vanity bathroom with round mirror and sink

I’ve based my recommendation on my experience with the company and browsing user reviews online who seem to rank them highly. Home Depot was founded in 1978 and is a really well known name in the industry.

What began as a small hardware store in Georgia has ballooned and now they have stores throughout the U.S and beyond. They have a well stocked online store too so they can reach even more people.

Home Depot is built on the values of respect, doing the right thing and being accountable. They stand behind their products and believe each line they make is perfect for bringing value to the customer.

Home Depot Products

Home Depot make products for the whole home and as America’s largest home improvements retailer I’ve probably bought something from them before. They have a truly diverse product range, supplying everything from tools to lawn furniture, but they don’t compromise on the quality.

The Bathroom Vanities come in lots of different sizes. Choose your height and width and you’ll see the vanities available. You can fit vanities in a lot of different spaces and Home Depot let you use that space efficiently.

Home Depot Bathroom Vanities

Home Depot have a range of bathroom vanities so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. The main types include:

  • Single Vanities
  • Double Vanities
  • Bathroom Vanities with Tops
  • Bathroom Vanities without Tops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Vanity Side & Backsplashes

If you aren’t sure which type of vanity is for you then have a look around their online shop or visit your retailer. They have detailed images to show which is which and you can find the best fit for your home sink and faucet.

Depending on your bathroom layout you can select from 3 different positions for your vanity. Corner, floating and standard. This lets you maximise the space in your bathroom so you can fit your vanity where you want it.

Bathroom vanity with mirror and cabinets

Home Depot Bathroom Vanity Styles

Home Depot bathroom vanities come in 6 different styles:

  • Rustic
  • Traditional/Classic
  • Transitional
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Cottage
  • Vintage/Antique

Each of these styles uses unique materials and colours so that it will fit into your style of home. The traditional bathroom vanities are more likely to use some dark hardwood while modern bathroom vanities will lean towards laminate. The choice will mostly be dictated by your personal preference and your home.

Home Depot Bathroom Vanity Materials

Home Depot has a variety of materials for the tops of your unit. Popular choices include laminate or ceramic but with Home Depot you can select glass, marble, quartz or stainless steel. In total there are 18 different materials to select from giving some of the most diverse choice on the market.

Home Depot Bathroom Vanity Price

Home Depot offers bathroom vanities for all different budgets. With units from as low as $40-50 and as high as $5000. As you can imagine the products change a lot with price. The lower end will have less durable materials and fewer design choices but at the top end of the market you can customise pretty much everything and be sure it’ll stand the test of time.

Home Depot Configurable Vanities

Home Depot offer a selection of configurable vanities. This is the most customisable option and allows for a practically tailormade vanity. Choose the shape and style and then you can go on to customise all the different elements. With Home Depot you are able to personalise the front, back, sides, storage and detailing so you get exactly what you want.

You’re then free to add a top to the vanity and build it up. This configurable collection is a great way for those without a custom made budget to get custom made furniture for their bathroom.

Home Depot Bathroom Vanity Reviews

People seem pleased with Home Depot for their bathroom vanities because of the price and build quality.

“Lots of storage and good value for a cabinet and countertop! Updated our old bathroom without a complete remodel.”

– Terry D.

Home Depot have built an impressive business from understanding what their customers want. They’ve put this into their bathroom collections and by using the same construction quality as their other furniture they’re making some good units.

Common criticisms of Home Depot are around their more budget lines:

“the really low end at both the depot and lowes is pretty crappy. middle to high end there can be pretty nice if you’re careful in your selections.”

– Jeff Y.

As ever with home furnishing there is a compromise between quality and price. The lower end units will generally use less durable materials so upgrade wherever you can. If you’re shopping in store then discuss all the options with your sales agent and see what’s the best choice at your budget.

Overall Home Depot are surprising people by being a hardware store that makes great bathroom fixtures. If you have doubts about any of the plumbing then you can always find a local expert who will advise you on the fitting of the units, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Vanity bathroom with mirrors

Home Depot Bathroom Vanities Reviewed

Home Depot are offering some great selection and variety in bathroom vanities. They have affordable ranges for all budgets but if you’re looking for the quality then the mid to high range is where the real value is.

Bathroom with shower and bathroom vanity

Home Depot excel in making their quality affordable for customers and with the size options you’ll be able to make the most of your space for your bathroom items.

That isn’t to say Home Depot is the best bathroom vanity producer out there, in fact custom made furniture is always going to be the best, but they are offering the customer great value. You’ll be able to get a solid piece of attractive furniture at a great price.

So obviously if money is no object you can look at a higher end brand, but I’m looking to make every dollar count so Home Depot could be a great option for fitting out your bathroom and adding value to your home.

Brett E.

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