How To Adjust A Lazy Boy Recliner

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When you need to relax, what is the one place that you go to? There are high chances that you have a Lazy Boy recliner that comes to your rescue at that hour on need. This article is about how to adjust a Lazy Boy recliner to enjoy its comfort as much as possible.

How To Adjust A Lazy Boy Recliner

If you don’t know how to adjust a Lazy Boy Recliner, here is a guide on doing it.

Step #1: Gather the Required Tools

First, I’ll adjust the tension. The initial step towards doing the job well is gathering the right tools. Therefore, you should have the following:

  • Pliers or multi-tool: If you are lucky enough, the multi-tool or plier may not be necessary. The hands can as well serve the purpose of turning the spring wing nuts.
White leather Lazy Boy recliner

Another scenario is the nuts being too tight to turn with your bare hands since they tend to tighten more and more as time goes by.

  • Flashlight: Again, this is not mandatory, especially if the lighting is excellent. So, only grab it if you feel that the available light isn’t enough for the job.

Step #2: Flip Your Lazy Boy Recliner

Flip your recliner in such a way that it is sitting on the leg rest or backrest. This move will help you locate the recliner’s pair of tension springs and thumb wheels or wing nuts since they are usually found under the seat.

Each one of them is on either side of your reclining seat. Look for the nuts at the center or the back of the recliner’s bottom side.

Whether you find thumb wheels or wing nuts depends on your model. For instance, if you have the Recline Glider Swivel, you will see a pair of thumbwheels for a recliner to swivel and move.

On the other hand, the likes of Relina-Way and Recline-Rocker have wing nuts. Regardless of what you find, the adjustment process is the same.

Step #3: Adjust the Thumb Wheels or the Wing Nuts

Now it’s time to put the pliers into use. However, how you adjust depends on the problem you had to begin with.

  • If the recliner wouldn’t recline smoothly on your wall, you must decrease the tension. To do so, loosen the thumbwheels or wing nuts by turning them anti-clockwise.
  • After doing so, pushing your recliner will get easier, reducing stiffness and increasing comfort.
  • On the other hand, if it is reclining too much, go ahead and increase the tension. In this case, tighten the thumbwheels or wing nuts by turning them clockwise or left.
  • Consequently, it will become pretty hard to push your recliner back hence restoring its comfort.

However, there is one thing you should never forget when adjusting your wing nuts or thumbwheels. Never loosen or tighten them all the way.

Here is a video on how to adjust the tension of a Lazy Boy recliner.

Step #4: Test It

After every half turn, test if your recliner is working to your liking. You will have to flip the Lazy Boy recliner back to its normal position.

Sit on it and test if it is still too hard to push back or goes back too much.

If that still the case, repeat the process and do that repeatedly until it works. Again, only do a half turn every time you adjust it, then test.

How To Adjust A Lazy Boy Recliner’s Pitch

Now comes the pitch. If the pitch is too high or too low, adjusting the pitch is the only way to solve it. It depends on whether it is too low or too high.

In case it is too high, this is how you adjust it:

  • Flip your recliner. It allows you to find the cam bolts since they are usually at the bottom of the recliner.
  • Loosen those cam bolts
  • Slide its frame up and back so that the chair goes closer to the floor
  • Test it to confirm if it is now right by you.

However, if it too low, you will have to slide its frame both down and forward. It will make the chair go further away from the floor.

Similarly, test and confirm that the pitch is now excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If The Adjustment Doesn’t Work At All?

Sometimes, even adjusting will not solve the issue of your recliner going down too much. If that’s so, checking if the recliner cable is the problem should be a smart move. Upon confirming it, pull it until it is tight, and the recliner will be good to use.

What If I Can’t Find My Thumb Wheels Or Wing Nuts?

As long as you are using a Lazy Boy recliner, it has wing nuts or thumbwheels. However, sometimes they fall when they become too loose. Look whether they are still on the floor and if you can’t find them, replace them with new ones.  

Preferably, contact your manufacturer to specify the best wing nuts or thumb wheels for your model.


Even doctors believe that a recliner is an oasis of relaxation. But if the tension is too much or too little, don’t expect it to feel too comfortable. The same case applies when if the pitch is too low or too high.

With this guide handy, you will be able to adjust the tension and pitch of the recliner and enjoy the optimal comfort it offers.

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