How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Sectional?

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Sectional sofas provide convenient seating that suits different spaces. Over time, the sectional upholstery may wear out and require you to change it to freshen it. I ask, how much does it cost to reupholster a sectional?

You may also want to introduce a new look for your living area without having to incur the additional cost of getting new furniture.

How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Sectional?

The cost of reupholstering a sectional falls in the range of $1500 – $5000. The cost will depend on the size of the sectional sofa, how many sections it has and your choice of upholstery fabric. Other considerations are any additional features it may have such as built-in recliners. 

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What Contributes to the Cost of Upholstering My Sectional?


Reupholstering the sectional allows you a choice on the type of material you want. You gain freedom to change the color and even the type of material you will use.

You will find expensive options such as sectionals made from genuine leather. Other materials that fall under average cost include microfiber and synthetic leather. The more expensive the fabric, the more you will pay for it.  

Existing Number of Sections

You will realize that as the number of sections increase, so will the average cost of reupholstering your sectional. The least number of sections a standard or small sectional has is 3.

You can expect to spend on average $1500 – $3000. A medium size sectional with 2 longer sections will also cost you on average $1500-$3000.

For large sectionals that have 5 sections and a recliner, you will spend $2500 – $3500. Reupholstering a very large sectional will cost $3000 – $5000.


If you want additional features for your sectional, the cost of reupholstering increases. Customization such as tufting will incur higher labor charges.

Material quantity also increases in such instances with options like skirting and cording introducing more elements to the sectional. The cost of reupholstering will therefore increase with any additional features that the sectional will have.

Can I Reupholster the Sectional Myself?

If you want to save on labor costs, you can do the reupholstering yourself. You will only need to buy the materials and tools to make this possible.

If you are skilled at this and have the time, then you can go ahead and do this yourself. However, you need to be good at it to ensure you do a presentable job. 

You can find online tutorials that will help you know what to do if you are a fast learner. The tutorials will guide you on the tools you need, how to cut the fabric, how to insert padding and any other information you need to do a good job.

If your sectional has a simple design that does not require specialized knowledge, you can successfully finish the reupholstering project.

If you are not good at it though, it is better to have an expert do it for you. This way, while you incur expenses, you will have an assurance of a professionally done job. This is more so if the sectional has complicated elements that would require an expert hand to handle.

Why Can’t I Just Buy a New Sectional?

Looking at the cost of reupholstering, you may just opt to get a new sectional instead of reupholstering. There are so many great brands in the market, classic pieces from Benchcraft furniture, stylish home furnishings from Four Seasons and comfortable living room items from Homestretch furniture are readily available for everyone.

Before making a decision as to whether to buy new or not, consider the value of the sectional. If the cost of reupholstering is close to or more than the purchase price, then you can just buy a new sectional.

If the sectional has a steady frame, its springs are still intact and the padding is still good, you can opt to reupholster the sectional. The reupholstering project will not cost much as you have a solid frame to work on.

You will only need to purchase the fabric and meet the labor cost of fixing it to the frame. If you have to do a full restoration, then it makes better sense to buy a new sectional.

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Considering the internal frame of the sectional also allows you to make the decision of whether to buy a new sectional sofa or just repurpose the existing one. The average sectional sofa of good quality will last between 20 and 25 years.

If your existing sofa still is functional but its springs are loose, and the padding show signs of starting to wear out, then you should just get a new sectional as the reupholstered material will last longer than the existing internal structure. 


You can save some money by reupholstering your sectional sofa instead of getting a new one. Also, if you want to add a small but significant element to your sectional sofa, an area rug is the way to go.

The cost of this project will depend on the size of the sectional, the number sections it has, the fabric you will use and other additional customizations it may have or that you would want to add.

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