Best 3 Ariel Sink Reviews – Durable + Reliable

Whether you are remodeling, updating, or building your kitchen from scratch, one of the biggest decisions you may have to make is your choice of sink. A well designed, high quality, convenient sink will improve your cooking and cleaning experience tremendously, as a majority of kitchen time is actually spent at a sink. Although there are many types of sink options with various pros and cons, stainless steel sinks are known for their durability and low price point. Stainless steel itself is a metal alloy made up of steel and around 10 percent chromium, which gives the material its stain resistant property.  

Ariel Kitchen Sink Comparison Table

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18″ x 18″ Single  

They are an excellent choice regardless of the color, style, or décor of your home given their neutral color and ability to hide scratches or stains. One main consideration when choosing the best stainless steel sink for your kitchen is the gauge, or thickness of the metal. The thicker the steel is, the lower the gauge number. As a rule of thumb, 18 or below provides a high quality, thicker sink that should hold up for years to come. If you enjoy stainless steel sinks, then you can also check out our stainless kitchen sinks guide!  Ariel sinks are built to last, contain high quality materials, and come in at a very affordable price point. They are available via Amazon, so delivery is speedy and convenient. Check out our top 3 Ariel stainless steel sinks below for more details!

Ariel 18 x 18 Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen

This sink is a durable, 16 gauge (1.5 mm thick) stainless steel sink that is built for extensive usage.  With modern slightly rounded inside edges, this sink is a classic and trustworthy choice.  The dimensions of this product are 18” x 18” on the outside, 16” by 16” inside, and 10” deep. This provides extra depth and bigger bowl capacity than regular sinks to account for extra dishes, pots and pans. Here are some top features of this option:

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Brushed Stainless Steel Finish: Perfect match to most professional appliances. Whether you have stone, quartz or other solid surface countertops, this will complement the look of your existing kitchen beautifully.
  • Heavy Duty Sound Deadening: Noise reduction can be important when various metal pots and pans will be colliding regularly in the sink. This option will give you the added benefit of a quieter kitchen experience.
  • Standard Drain With Garbage Disposal Support: Keep your kitchen design options open by knowing you can add a garbage disposal mechanism to your sink if you choose this model.
  • Sink Strainer Included: Prevent food pieces from clogging up your drain by utilizing the included strainer piece.
  • Can Be Top Mounted or Under Mounted: Versatility of installation and included brackets allow for an easy add to any kitchen remodeling project. Choose the method that works best with your cabinet setup.

Ariel 42 Inch 16 Gauge Undermount Triple Bowl Package

This unique triple bowl sink is a perfect fit for a larger kitchen that may be cooking and serving a larger than average crowd.  It is made up of three compartments, a 15.5” by 18” left bowl, a 7” by 18” middle bowl, and a 15.5” by 18” right bowl, combined for a 42” by 20” exterior measurement. 

This is an excellent design if you’d like to separate dirty dishes from clean ones, collect compost scraps while cooking conveniently, or simply have more space for multiple tasks involved in your cooking process. Crafted from 1.5 mm thick 16 gauge stainless steel, you can expect a high level quality of construction for this item.  Check out some of the details below:

Ariel ARL-R4220 Triple Bowl Key Features:

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish: True premium 16 gauge stainless steel construction that makes for a vibrant finish. An excellent match for a variety of kitchen cabinet and countertop materials.
  • Sound Dampening System: Heavy duty soundproofing pads and coating makes for a quieter sink that will enhance your kitchen experience. Especially with the larger design of this sink, a sound proofing element is critical for this option as it helps maintain a quieter kitchen experience.
  • Drain Supports Garbage Disposal: Enhance your sink by adding a garbage disposal feature. Even with the triple bowl design, this sink will support this important feature central to many existing kitchens.
  • Bonus Kitchen Accessories: This sink includes a protective grid covering all three bowls, making it easy to catch food and easily dispose of it. It also comes with a basket strainer, a silicone dish rack, and a silicone pot placement trivet. With these items included (a 25$ value) your entire sink setup will be ready to go as soon as you install the sink using the included installation materials.
  • Undermount Installation: Cutout templates and all mounting hardware is included for an easy install experience.

Ariel ARL-R1818 Premium Sink

This is a perfect fit for a bar or kitchen island. Like the previous two sinks, this one is again made from high quality 16-gauge stainless steel. It comes with a variety of accessories and a protective grid to cover the base of the sink.  The measurements of this sink are 18” by 18” on the exterior, 16” by 16” on the interior, and a depth of 10”. Once again, that extra depth provides the added space needed for even the busiest kitchens. Even with a variety of kitchen items stacked up, this sink is roomy enough to hold them all. Check out the details of this option below:

Ariel ARL-R1818 Key Features:

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish: High quality, shiny, brushed finish that will be an excellent addition to any bar or island setup.
  • Sound Dampening System: Prevent loud banging of various kitchen items with the soundproofing features included in this option.
  • Drain Supports Garage Disposal: A garbage disposal is a very convenient kitchen feature that many prefer to include in their kitchen remodel.
  • Bonus Kitchen Accessories: Includes a bottom grid, a basket strainer, a dish rack and a silicone pot placement trivet to set up your kitchen with. These items are all high quality and well designed, included at no extra cost.
  • Undermount Installation: Easy and clear install instructions with all required equipment included.

Final Thoughts on Ariel Sinks

ariel sink reviews

There are many choices out there for stainless steel sinks, but Ariel makes some of the most trusted, high quality, and affordable options. You can count on the design and craftsmanship to last you well into the future due to its 16-gauge stainless steel construction and modern design. Choose the classic 18” by 18” size, either with or without the extra included accessories, for a traditional kitchen setup or home bar.  

Opt for the larger three bowl Ariel sink if you’ve got a larger space or plan to serve a bigger crowd regularly. Remember to plan accordingly for your space and preferred style when choosing any of these fantastic sink options! If you are interested in other types of kitchen sinks beyond stainless steel, make sure to check out our other articles covering a variety of different sink materials and brands like Blanco, Elkay and Franke. Happy kitchen remodeling!