Pfister Faucet Reviews 2020 – Kitchen Reviews

If your home is in need of a new kitchen faucet, or you are remodeling part of your home, then you have probably looked at a large number of faucets already. They have dozens of options available through local stores and from their official website, and with many to pick from, you are likely to find a few that catch your eye. However, knowing the quality that comes with this brand name is key.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet Comparison Table

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LG534-LPMC Arkitek  
LG529SAB Stellen  
LG264NYY Marielle  

Pfister has been in the faucet business since the early 1900s, and with decades upon decades of experience, they have become a household name among interior designers and house-flippers. With their unique solid builds and the signature industrial, sometimes chunkier, a style they have carved out a specific space for themselves in this industry.

pfister faucet reviews

Whether you are looking for an addition to your kitchen that will bring an older, more traditional style into the modern-day, or you want a vintage option that adds character to a sleek and contemporary kitchen, you can find beautiful choices to fit exactly what you’re searching for in the Pfister faucet product line.  Pfister offers both Touch Activated and Pull Down Faucets.

We have taken an in-depth look into a few of the best options they offer and used over Pfister faucet reviews to narrow the options down to the top five. We will show you the pros and cons, if any, for each faucet so you can determine which one would be the greatest choice for your kitchen.

Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek Kitchen Faucets

This Pfister LG534-LPMC Arkitek faucet is one of their chunkier options that has a geometric look with its blocky frame and minimalistic aesthetic. The contemporary style gives a kitchen a sleek and modern look without being too flashy, but the polished chrome finish allows for a bit of shine so that it is not too simple. The silver color will match stainless steel and silver appliances so you can have a complete look.  If you’re looking for a brass type look, then take a look at Kingston Brass Faucets.

This faucet comes with two different spray modes that you can choose between that include spray and stream. The spray mode is the normal flow of water, and the stream is a concentrated flow with more water pressure in one area. The stream mode is great for getting dried-on food off of dinner plates and cleaning the hard to reach areas of the sink. The spray mode is useful for just about everything else.

The handle of this option is located on the right side of the faucet and is the only one attached. This single-handle style allows you to save a little more space around the faucet and makes changing the water’s temperature with one hand much easier. The handle is also a front-only style so that it won’t need to be pushed toward the wall to change water temperature, which saves your backsplash from getting hit.

The LG534-LPMC Arkitek model is a single-hole installation option and is compatible with both single or three-hole constructions. The single-hole design makes for a very simple and quick installation that doesn’t require any special tools and won’t cause you to need a professional to do the job for you. Also, the deck plate for installation comes included with the purchase price.

This LG534-LPMC Arkitek faucet is not only beautiful, but it is also safe for use and complies with all ordinances for safe drinking water. This faucet has lead-free plumbing and abides by the laws of the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act. It also meets all requirements assuring that a disabled person will be able to access it without issue so it is usable by everyone.

Pfister LG529SAB Stellen Kitchen Faucet

The Stellen Pfister kitchen faucet is a modern option that works for kitchens that have a darker color scheme, or for ones that use black appliances. The matte black finish is unique and makes the deep black color look rich and expensive, even though this faucet doesn’t cost a fortune. The matte finish look is on-trend and will update an older looking kitchen style so it feels more contemporary or give the perfect finishing touch to a modern setup.

The faucet has a spray head at the end of the faucet that pulls out and can be used for cleaning the sink and washing dishes. The spray head comes with three different spray options that include, spray, stream, and pause. The button to hold the mode that you want is on the side of the sprayer so you’re able to set the mode with one hand and won’t need to hold it down while you are spraying.

The faucet has a high arch spout design that adds extra clearance for larger dishes and items so you can easily fit them in the sink without bumping into the faucet head. This also allows the sprayer to be farther away from the items in the sink, so if you are filling the sink to do the dishes, the water won’t bounce off the items and get in your face. This also helps to reach the farthest areas of the sink to clean.

The Stellen model comes with a single-handle design that allows you to change the temperature of the water with one hand, which makes it much easier to do when you have something in your hand and doesn’t take up as much space as a two-handled option. The handle is also a forward-only model, which means that it won’t go all the way back and bump into a close backsplash. This will prevent the backsplash from being cracked.

This model is only a single-hole installation and doesn’t require professional installation due to the ease of the process. With this design, you can fit this model with one or three-hole installation constructions. Also, the deck plate is included with purchase, but it is optional. The faucet head has a ceramic disc valve that doesn’t leak and will help regulate water pressure to save water and lower your utility bill.

Pfister LG264NYY Marielle Kitchen Faucet

The Marielle Pfister kitchen faucet is a traditional-style choice that will add distinct character and style to your kitchen and provide a sensible option for your sink. The Tuscan Bronze color is dark with golden accents that will fit with a regal looking kitchen and add a bit of shine without being too flashy. The curved faucet has an elegant shape that is vintage-inspired, but the gold accents add some modern flair.

This model includes both a detached sprayer, handle, and soap dispenser with the purchase price and all have the same color and style for a uniform set. The sprayer is able to be pulled from the base the hose allows it to reach the edges of the sink to clean every inch, and also makes it easier to reach around dishes to get them cleaned properly. The soap dispenser keeps your counter clear and gets rid of the need to have an ugly plastic bottle near the sink.

The faucet has a swivel spout that enables it to be moved from side to side so you can control what area the flow of water will come from. This is great for filling up pots of water for pasta and for cleaning small areas of the sink from food crumbs. The spout can easily be moved with one hand or with your arm so you can do so easily when washing dishing or cooking when your hands will likely be full.

The faucet has a high arch design that allows for more room and clearance. This allows you to keep more dishes or larger items in the sink without it reaching the faucet. The soap dispenser and the handle also have similar curved designs that mimic the high arch of the faucet which adds an extra element of uniformity between the entire set. The single handle design allows you to heat or cool the water with just a twist of the handle for easy use.

This set abides by the highest standards of quality and safety and is known as lead-free plumbing. This set also meets both the standards of the NSF and the ANSI and is safe for the whole family to use. For the price of this set, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Pfister G13310SS Pfirst Series 1 Kitchen Faucet

The Pfirst Pfister G13310SS kitchen faucet model is a stainless-steel option that is no-nonsense and made for utility. This classic design is a simple choice that will fit in any kitchen, whether in a household, restaurant, or hotel. This faucet is for those who value functionality over style but don’t want to sacrifice all design elements for use. With the perfect mix of elegance and function, this faucet checks all boxes.

This G13310SS faucet is made from stainless steel and is durable and stylish at the same time. The steel construction will ensure that you will not have issues of rust or corrosion prematurely and the silver color gives a bit of shine to your kitchen. The sharp lines of this faucet don’t curve like the other options, which gives it a contemporary look and feel. The high arch of the faucet also allows for large items to be placed in the sink without bumping the faucet head.

This option is compatible with both three and one-hole installations which allows you to use this model in multiple areas. Whether you have a double-sink at home, or you have a restaurant with multiple sinks for cleaning, you will have the ability to use this model anywhere you want. With the integrated sprayer head, the faucet pulls out of the base and extends to reach the farthest part of the sink.

The sprayer head has a round shape that allows it to fit right in your palm to make washing dishes and rinsing glasses easier. To use the sprayer, you simply turn the water on, pull the sprayer out from the base, and press the button on top of the head. This will switch the mode from regular water flow to a more concentrated stream that is great for washing off dried-food and tough to clean dishware.

There is also a stream mode available on the sprayer head if you only need a regular flow of water for the task at hand. The modes can be switched using the same button on the top of the sprayer head so it is easy to do with one hand.

This Pfirst G13310SS faucet model meets all CalGreen requirements for water conservation, which will help lower your water use by around 20% for the household. This option is also lead-free and meets both ANSI and NSF standards of safety and quality. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality product possible, and one that is safe for use for the entire family and is even pure enough to drink.

Pfister G136-200S Pfirst Series Model 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

This Pfister G136-200S Pfirst model Series option is a stainless-steel option that is a classic style that will fit in just about any kitchen. The high arch design of the faucet is great to use for large sinks where you can wash serving plates and other big dishes because the high clearance won’t cause the dish to bump into the faucet head. With matching stainless-steel handles and a deck plate, you get a complete set.

The classic style of this Pfister G136-200S Pfirst model is a traditional choice that doesn’t stand out on its own and blends in with the other elements and appliances of the kitchen. This is great for those who already have their statement pieces for the room and don’t want a flashy faucet to take away from them. However, the stainless-steel build does give you a nice shiny surface so it does add a touch of glamour.

The Pfister G136-200S has a two-handle design that allows the hot and cold water to be connected separately. You can choose to use either side, or you can turn both of them to have a warm option in between both extremes. Though the classic two-handle look is nice, the ease of turning one handle to get warm water is an addition to other options that work well for many users. Although this is not a big deal for most people, some may want to go for the single handle options.

This option has a three-hole installation that fits with most kitchens designs and makes installing the piece very easy. With the ease of this installation, you won’t have to worry about paying for professional help and spending more to get this faucet put in. The faucet also comes with a deck plate, which is decorative and optional, and can be placed on if you want more silver but can be removed whenever you want.

This option comes with ceramic disc valves that are designed to prevent leaks from occurring and also help conserve water use. This ceramic disc will regulate the water flow and keep water from being wasted and will also help you save some money on your water bills by saving more than you did before. Also, with the leak-free protection, you won’t have any water wasted by unwanted leaks or spills.

This faucet meets all safety and quality standards of the NSF and ANSI and ensures the accessibility for the disabled. It also meets the requirements that allow it to be considered a lead-free plumbing product that is safe for everyone in the house to use.

Final Thoughts on Pfister Faucets

No matter what type or kitchen faucet style and design you are looking for, with the different options on this list, you will be able to choose one option that will fit with your color scheme and design. Whether you have been wanting a stainless-steel option that won’t take any focus away from your other statement pieces, or you want a polished chrome option that will work as the main design element, you are sure to find it here.

pfister faucet reviews

With the reviews that you just read, you can feel confident that these faucet options are made by a trusted brand that is known for its high-quality products and long-lasting capabilities. For all the years that this company has spent making their products, you can be sure that you are getting a kitchen faucet that will last you through years of use without rusting or corroding on the inside.

Even if you don’t love one of the favorites that we chose to review, you may find another option that fits better with your kitchen décor on their website. However, if you do happen to like one of the options above, you know have all the detailed information you need to make a final decision about whether you want to spend the money to purchase it.  If you’re looking for a bit of more technological style then check out our great Brizo kitchen faucets review page!

Whichever option you choose, just make sure that you love it, and that it will be the perfect final touch to the heart of your home.