How Long Do Curtains Last?

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Getting your hands on high-quality curtains can do wonders for your home. Besides providing privacy, good curtains make the most of the sunlight and improve the room’s look.

But how long do curtains last? Are some materials better than others for curtains? The answers are a little more involved than you’d assume.

How Long Do Curtains Last?

Curtains and draperies last between three and five years, as confirmed by the Fair Claims Guide for Consumer Textile Products approved by American National Standards Institute, Inc. Sheer curtains have the lowest life expectancy of three years. In contrast, lined or coated curtains tend to last for five years.

While the delicate look of sheer curtains may suit your room, they’re not the right curtains to buy if you’re looking for durability. Glass fiber curtains have a life expectancy of four years, and you can expect an unlined curtain to serve you for four years before wearing out. Lined curtains are durable and offer more insulation and privacy than unlined curtains.

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Signs that Indicate Your Curtains Need Replacement

Here’s a brief list of signs that indicate a curtain has served its purpose and needs replacement:

Irreversible Damage

It’s normal for curtain material to lose strength over time and tear. While minor damage can be repaired right when you find it, if the tear or warping is too severe that is hanging low from your blackout curtain rods, it’s time to replace the curtain with a new one.

Dangerous for Children and Pets

Many curtains will look luxurious with embellishments and delicate beading, which can easily be ripped off by a pet or a child and become a choking hazard. If you see that a curtain’s embellishments are falling off, it’s best to replace the curtains right away.

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