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Choosing the right furniture isn’t always easy. There’s more choice than ever before with lots of different furniture created to solve solutions all around the home. There’s also more designs and styles than any other generation had, this gives a real depth of choice. 

In this Huntington House Furniture reviews guide you will learn all about Huntington House as a brand, the types of furniture they produce, the quality of this furniture, and their warranty policy!

When choosing furniture you need to be sure of one thing, the quality. This is important for a number of reasons as it will determine whether your furniture works, whether it’ll last and ultimately it will affect the other users, be that your family or guests. Quality is something you can’t afford not to have and is a must in your furniture.

Quality is decided by the manufacturer of course but when you’re selecting your manufacturer it’s important to look at their history and who they are.

Huntington house are a fairly well established name in the home furnishings and upholstery world. They have numerous dealerships and sell across the U.S. Their products can be seen in thousands of American homes and beyond.

Huntington House have been operating for over 30 years and in that time they’ve grown, diversified and honed their craft. What began small in North Carolina has expanded quickly and consistently, now with more staff, warehouses and products than ever before. 

There’s something to be said about the craftsmanship of North Carolina furniture companies, with Simmons furniture, Klaussner furniture, and Bernhardt all being founded and manufactured in good ole North Carolina.  That being said, you can find a whole bunch of other furniture manufacturers in NC here.

Huntington House take pride in each of their products which are designed and crafted by their skilled workers. They strive to perfection and to amend any potential errors before they’re sent off the production line.

Their mission from the beginning was to create a quality of furniture that adds value to your home and each of their products is designed to bring something beneficial for you and your family.

Still based in North Carolina, but with 30 years experience under their belts, Huntington House still follows the same ethos. They’re still growing and becoming more popular year on year, let’s take a closer look at what they’re offering.

Huntington House Furniture Reviews

Huntington House are specialists in creating seating solutions and in manufacturing upholstery that fits well in every home. They have a wide selection of products including sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, sectionals and ottomans. This means that whatever you’re after you can probably find it in their showroom.

Huntington House Furniture summary review with a featured image of a brown sectional sofa with 4 gray chairs and dining table with two gray arm chairs facing the window

Huntington House allow the customer to keep the design process in the hands of the customer by offering a range of choices and some customisation options.

You’ll be able to select from a range of different materials that make your furniture. Solid wood is the most popular option of course but there are different varieties and shades which give a unique look.

Alongside the raw materials you’ll be able to select the fabrics used in the upholstery. There’s a pretty wide selection with different colours, densities and feels available.

There are also a number of leather options available which allow for a more classic look. This is of course a personal choice but you should familiarise yourself with the range before deciding.

Huntington apply a range of unique finishes to their wood and you will be able to decide which fits your preferences the most. Finishes bring out the natural colours of the wood and can influence the final colouring of your unit. They also add increased protection from the hazards of daily life.

You can choose from:

  • Beachwood
  • English Saddle
  • Espresso
  • Nutmeg
  • Old World
A purple sofa and cabinet with paintings

Each of these has been specifically designed to give a unique look and feel to your furniture, ask your local dealership for more information.

There are also a number of reclining options to choose from. Different mechanisms can be built into your furniture to give various ranges of motion.

The swivel and recline mechanisms are the most popular, while lift is perfect for those who have difficulty standing. Getting the right mechanism is how you get maximum comfort from your chair so be sure to see what’s on offer.

Overall Huntington House offer a variety of products, but it is more condensed than some other product lines.

That being said they’ve focused their ranges so that they offer some incredible designs and beautiful features which make them pretty innovative and an asset to your home. With styles to suit a traditional or modern home, the product line offered by Huntington House is pretty impressive.

Huntington House Furniture Quality

Huntington House don’t just strive to create beautiful and effective pieces, they build with the future in mind. A sturdy piece of furniture can last a lifetime and that’s just what Huntington House aim for when each of their products comes off the production line.

It begins with the materials. Huntington have a long history of working with wood and in that time they have developed a number of strong relationships with suppliers. This means they have access to reliable materials which are perfect for their construction. This means more consistent reliability and durability from their units.

A living room with two sofas and pillows

The decisions then made from design to construction are what impact the overall quality and lifespan of the pieces. Industry experts have analysed the different methods available and have determined which work the best for their product lines. Huntington House furniture is built with the following features:

  • Hardwood Frame Construction: Each frame begins with kiln-dried hardwood which is used for the foundation. These frames are measured and cut precisely and then assembled by hand using select 5/4” hardwoods which are attached with double-dowels. These joints are regarded as some of the most effective in the industry and provide unparalleled strength and support. Corner blocks are used to support the corners of the frame, attached with glue, screws, and staples to make the frames much stronger. The final step is sanding the edges of the frame to create softer lines and eliminate all rough edges, these can be damaging to an upholstery.
  • Eight Way Hand Tied Support: Steel bands are stretched under strips of webbing and are double nailed to the frame. This is the foundation for the spring chamber which adds incredible strength and eliminates the possibility of any future sagging. Eight-way hand-tied double cone coil springs are securely nailed to the hardwood frame and offer the ultimate in firm support and long lasting comfort. This process is an old tradition which has been tried and tested. It creates sturdy units which provide ultimate support and comfort for the user.
  • 360 Degree Tailoring: Each frame is upholstered by a skilled craftsman who know a lot about their craft. Layers of cotton batting and pre-formed rubber are used throughout the frame for unseen form and luxurious comfort. The worker then evaluates the entire product to make sure there are no problems or issues.
  • Finishing Touches: Before being released to be sold every unit undergoes a scrutinous quality check. This is carried out by experienced workers who can detect any anomalies or issues with the furniture. This stage is what keeps the level of quality so high in the Huntington House range. The materials, processes and construction choices used by Huntington House are all well thought out and add a lot of value to their furniture. It’s not just about making a great unit, it’s about ensuring that every unit has that same consistency and this is where Huntington House excel. The company definitely demonstrate that they understand their craft well and how to make great furniture.

Huntington House Warranty

Huntington back their products by offering a lifetime warranty. This covers all workmanship and material defects in the furniture as long as you own them. Certain elements within them may have a shorter warranty so be sure to check with your local dealership before purchase.

My Final Thoughts on Huntington House Furniture

When you look online for reviews of Huntington House you find a lot of positive feedback. This includes positive reviews of the style, design and the craft of the products. Overall users seem incredibly pleased with the quality on offer which seems to be unmatched by other similar furniture providers:

A sofa with pillows and a painting

“Huntington House really make very nice furniture. They still build their own solid hardwood frames and 8-way hand tied spring seats.”

– Darius B.

In their product lines and in their construction processes they’ve shown how dedicated and knowledgeable they are with their craft. The systems they have in place allow for consistent quality and this is backed up with some beautiful designs and products.

Overall Huntington aren’t the cheapest brand in the world, but they are one of the most reliable. I believe the reliability is up their with Rowe and Arhaus.  

With stunning and durable pieces which are innovative they offer exceptional value and are certainly a brand you should consider when you’re shopping for new furniture.  If you are considering other brands of similar quality, then definitely take a look at Hooker as well.

Brett E.

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