Where Should a Hand Held Shower Be Placed?

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The best hand-held showers make rinsing the body easier and offer improved accessibility. Furthermore, they also make washing pets and cleaning the shower easy.

But where should a hand-held shower be placed? The answer is quite straightforward.

Where Should a Hand-Held Shower Be Placed? 

Hand-held showers should be placed between 72 and 78 inches above the ground. This makes the shower most accessible for both kids and adults. However, many homeowners prefer measuring themselves and placing the shower in the perfect position for maximum accessibility. 

Hand showers work best mounted on vertical bars since they ensure the shower’s height and angle are always adjustable. If the shower will be used by children, pets, the elderly, or the disabled, it’s best to mount the hand shower at a lower height. In showers with benches, the hand-held shower should be within reach of anyone sitting on the bench. 

Where to Install Hand-held According to Shower Stall Size

If you have: 

#1 A Small Shower

If your shower is small (around 36” x 36”), installing the hand-held shower on the wall opposite the shower valve is the right way to go. It ensures maximum accessibility and minimum water wastage since the showerhead will always point to the wall behind you and not shoot to the side of the stall and directly to your shower system, like the Swanstone shower base

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To determine the ideal spot to mount a hand-held shower holder, sit on the shower seat and reach across the stall and up the opposite wall. Install the showerhead holder at the highest point you are able to reach comfortably. This will ensure:

  1. You can put away the showerhead whenever you’re finished using it during bathing.
  2. You will still have water running over you when you sit on the shower bench, and you will not get cold.

#2 Shower Inside a Bathtub

If the shower resides inside a bathtub, instead of a shower pan, installing the shower head holder on the wall adjacent to the seat is the best way to go. Ideally, you will need a holder that allows you to adjust where the showerhead points. Look for showerhead holders with a ball and socket joint.

The ideal height to install the holder is between five and ten inches above you when sitting on the shower seat. It’s best to mount showerhead holders 12 inches ahead of the seat. Before mounting, make sure your hand can easily reach the point you’re installing the head at.

#3 Large Shower Stall

In large shower stalls, showerhead holders like the Schluter shower systems, are typically installed on the wall adjacent to the shower seat. Find the right height for the holder by sitting on your shower seat and measuring from the floor to your head. Add between five and ten inches to this measurement, depending on how far your arm can reach comfortably.


Hand-held shower holders are typically installed between 72 and 78 inches off the ground, making them easy to access for people of all sizes. But if the shower has a seat, you must measure how far your hands go when you sit on the seat and mount the showerhead holder there. 

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