How Long Do Power Recliner Motors Last?

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Most owners of power recliners always ask themselves how long do power recliner motors last. This is an important question given that the motors give the recliners the ability to recline.

After all, who wants to have a recliner that cannot give you the comfort you desire? Many factors determine the longevity of your power recliner motor and this article will delve deeper into this.

How Long Do Power Recliner Motors Last?

On average, power recliner motors tend to last for 10 years. However, the longevity of the motor will largely depend on how you handle it and how often the motor is used.

This is true especially adjusting the recliner position and the settings. When handled with care and with routine maintenance service, your power recliner motor will last for at least 5 more years.

Everything You Need to Know About Power Recliner Motors

A power recliner uses an electric motor that allows users to recline or adjust their chair. This is unlike manual recliner chairs that uses a release leaver, motion, and body weight to adjust.

Recliner models that have automatic features tend to be more relaxing and accessible and this luxury is offered by the powerful motor.

The motor or motors handle all the main motions instead of leaving the users to struggle with pushing back the backrests and closing the tightly coiled foot supports. Power recliner motors last long depending on how they are being used and whether they get regular maintenance services.

It is always a good idea to have the motor checked routinely by a seasoned electrician. You should have the motor checked if you are not sure how long they last for your specific model or if you notice any signs of damage or wear and tear that may interfere with the life of your power recliner motor.

An experienced electrical can help in diagnosing any damage or wear in the motor and provide appropriate repairs before the issue because more serious or causes problems that may affect the durability of your power recliner motors.

Factors That Affect the Durability of a Power Recliner Motor

The durability of power recliner motors depends on the brand quality and the individual assembly used. When you buy from the best brands or manufacturers, you can expect the power recliner motor to last for many years. However, you can expect the opposite from some brands owing to a poor assembly of the recliner.

The longevity of your recliner’s motor will largely depend on the weight it carries. Additionally, the frequent movement of the motor and other parts of your recliner will also lead to damage or wear and tear that can affect its durability. Therefore, you need to reduce any actions or activities that can cause such damages to the barest minimum.

Although there are factors that can affect the longevity of power recliner motors, a significant part of making the recliner last depends on you and your actions. Therefore, to assure the motor’s longevity, you need to know the ways of taking care of your recliner and all its parts.

Maintaining Power Recliner Motors

The durability of your power recliner motor will depend on quality routine maintenance. Below are some essential guidelines that you should follow to help your power recliner motor to last longer.

  • Always connect your recliner to the main power outlet
  • Inspect the cord and wires of the motor regularly
  • Keep the recliner seat in a dry and warm room
  • Always clean the lower part of the recliner’s base

Commonly Asked Questions

Do Power Recliners Utilize a Lot of Electricity?

Power recliners provide comfort and boost the aesthetic value of your home. However, they consume power because of their constant use.

If not watched carefully, power recliners can result in increasing domestic power bills. The amount of electricity largely depends on how often your recliner is used.

Do Power Recliners Break Down?

Power recliners tend to last longer when compared to manual recliners. However, their ability to work correctly tends to diminish with time.

Most parts of power recliners break down, for instance, the motors, electric plug, pinched wires, and transformers. With continued use, many components of power recliners will break down eventually.

Can You Operate Power Recliners Manually?

In the event of a mechanical failure of the drive motor or power failure, you can manually reposition the backrest or manually push the heavy recliner it to a fully erect position from the reclined position.


Power recliners usually last longer than manual recliners. However, both models have moving parts that experience wear and tear at different levels.

With power recliners, you can expect a smoother and easier operation that is more lenient to the integral joints and the frame. This is what you can’t experience on a manual recliner, which gives its value and price.

Moderate application and routine maintenance of your power recliner will ensure that its motor stays in operation for longer. Always remember that proper care and maintenance boosts endurance and durability. When you take care of your power recliner, you will enjoy many years of service.

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